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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Dear Xiwen --- A Letter from The Younger Me

Dear Xiwen,

With all the epidemic diseases and crimes going around, I am really glad and thank God that you survive through this mangled world until where you are now! Every breath is a blessing, isn't it? This is the first letter I have ever written to you, even though it is a bit late (the letter should be written 3 years ago so that 3 years later you can read it, but, nahh it's ok you won't mind, just assume that this is another procrastinated work of yourself, haha), I hope that you are in whatever colour you prefer now. 

Life was tough during high school time. Waking up at 5am, taking the bus at 6am, reaching the school at 7am, prefect duties, school works, cocurriculum activities, meetings, reaching home around 7.30pm, and maybe having tuition at 8.15pm. Yeah it sounds crazy, but that was the life you had for 5 years! Every Jit Sinese living in Nibong Tebal should be crowned as survivors, hahaha. We do all these so that one day we can get into the public university. The aim is crystal clear and everyone is fighting for it, and probably fights for a scholarship as well so that we can go overseas while securing a job upon graduation. Your life slows down after SPM, gets better during matriculation time, and hits the laziest ground in university.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Once Upon A Time...

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.
--- 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
A few years ago, I found God, I found my soul mate, I found the kindest people in this world, I found my best buddy on Earth, I found the way to love my family and people around me. Love is really something that adds spices to my life. It can be sweet, sour, bitter and spicy at the same time, making me feel complete in my life. Everything was good. Eventually, I got into the university of my choice, found my passions, and had a close relationship with God. Life had never been so wonderful before.

One of my favourite photos, taken in 2014 at Penang Butterfly Farm.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Georgetown Exploration Day Out - Cupido Cafe

Although I have been a Penangite for 21 years, you have to believe that this was the first time I explored Georgetown, a renowned heritage site in Penang (don't be surprised, for those who are living in mainland of Penang, we will even say that we are going to Penang when actually we are just going to the Penang island). Georgetown is well-known for complicated one-way streets, limited parking space and also busy traffic. After gaining some confidence in driving, I think it was time to challenge my driving skill there. So I parked the car at the parking area beside Fort Cornwallis and walked under the sun with Cho Sing all the way into the centre of Georgetown (hahaha yes I cheated by walking instead of driving).
After some walk, I found that Georgetown is a great place for backpackers if you can endure the scorching sun as you can find cheap accommodation, rend bicycle and get nice food in this warm little town. One of the main reasons that I invited this lady to accompany me here was to hunt down this cafe - Cupido Cafe in Love Lane (feeling all lovey dovey when you heard of the names of the street and cafe, right? Haha).

Monday, 24 August 2015

Family's Day Out - Purrfect Cat Cafe

Finally I am here - The famous Purrfect Cat Cafe in Penang!!! I rarely come to Georgetown even though bloggers and friends on Facebook have been taking photos in various cafes with unique themes in Penang because of the super crowded streets, limited parking space, blahblahblah... BUT, surprisingly, on last Sunday late morning, everything went smoothly as my dad was driving with quite some parking spaces available. The reason? People had headed to the shopping malls for free air-con instead of visiting the heritage sites on a typical Malaysia weather (which was proven true as we went to the Queensbay Mall and could barely get a parking space, but the weather was gloomy by then - shopping malls are suitable for sunny and also rainy days!). This was my first time walking along the streets in Georgetown and I was surprised by the concentrated number of cafes and inns found there! Definitely a good place for cafe hopping, you just have to park your car and start walking!

Monday, 17 August 2015

KindMeal.my - Your Tasty Journey Begins Here!

I believe that there is always some compassion towards animals within a person, regardless of his or her diet preference. Even though many of us eat meat, we will still squeak with excitement and get drown in cuteness when we see videos of adorable kids (kids here refer to young goats, hahaha) leaping around the lawn. We feel that we want to protect them, love them, but still it is so hard to change our diet to a fully cruelty-free ones because we were raised with the diet which our parents were raised with too. Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, saying that I love animals, but doing the other thing, consuming animal products which contributes to the animals' suffering. Shutting our mind off away from animal welfare issues is easy, but when you can make a little change, will you do it?

Have not heard of KindMeal?

KindMeal.my might not be an animal-rescue organisation, but it is a platform run by PetFinder.my (if you didn't know about it yet, PetFinder is an organisation that facilitates pets adoption) to encourage meat-free dining among Malaysians. So far they have reached over four states and one federal territory: Selangor, Melaka, Perak, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

The webpage of KindMeal.my. The first step you have to do is create an account, if you are really that lazy just like me, just sign up using your Facebook account and enjoy a wide variety of meal deals you can find there!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Girls' Day Out - Penang Hill

A painting-like scenery of Penang from the Penang Hill! #nofilter  It was kinda fogy in the morning and it got better in the afternoon. I am glad that you can still find greeneries among the cities. Photo credit goes to Xin Yi and Vikee.
A real semester break rest is the one with no laptop.   --- Xiwen, 2014
Ok I quoted my own saying, please don't judge, haha. After some putting in some serious determination, I made it to the second trip of this semester break with Vikee and Xin Yi (the first one was with my family to Taiping) to the Penang Hill! This was my second visit to Penang Hill for the past 21 years and I think it is one of the best places to go in Penang to escape the scorching hot sun. Well before you go, you should check out their official website and fell in love with it before falling in love with the actual place!

'Bukit Bendera' stands for 'Flag Hill' in Malay. When we mention Penang Hill in other languages such as Malay and Mandarin (not sure about Tamil and other languages), we don't call it Penang Hill. For Mandarin, with direct translation it is 'Raising Flag Hill', hahaha.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Small Matter Cafe - Nibong Tebal

Yay all of us know that there are lots of cafes in Penang, but......most of them are located at the island or Butterworth, which I will rarely go due to inconvenience as I used to hide at home throughout the semester break (somebody please jio me out!!!). Recently two cafes popped out in my hometown, Nibong Tebal, and this time I am blogging about Small Matter Cafe, which is pretty new compared to Mr. Gee Bakery Cafe (hopefully will cover it next time).

I like the design of the signboard, clean and neat! The cafe is located not right beside the main road, so it is kinda hard to detect it without going into that street.
I LIKE THIS WALL IT'S YELLOW =P. The light bulbs in a diamond shaped frame are unique!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Binding of Issac Review (18+)

I swear that I didn't purposely search for bloody and gory games during exam week  but by chance I came across this game on Ocean of Games website (lots of free download games there). Without hesitation I just hit the download button and I am obsessed about it until today. Even thought I enjoy its platform type gameplay, there is a bit controversial about the storyline of this game (ahh usually this is the thing that attracts people's attention). Compared to Catherine and The Witch's House, the storyline of this game is relatively unimportant, in my opinion.

This is the image that caught my eye. I have no idea what it is about until I downloaded it.

The main character, Issac (obviously it's him) was a little boy living happily with his mother, until one day, his mother heard god's voice saying that he was sinned. Eventually, Issac was deprived from his toys, his freedom and finally his mother wanted to kill him. He ran and jumped into an open trapdoor. That's where you begin the game. You kill monsters (tons of them with different characteristics and difficulties), collect weird stuffs that enhance or degrade your power (you will feel surprised that Issac will have a different look according to the stuff you collected), gamble (hahaha yeah, literally gamble), trade with the devil and lastly, defeat the bosses. If you die, you will have to start allllllll over again, but no worries, you won't feel like you are replaying the same stuff because the map arrangement will be different, so does everything. Unless you have died many times, or else you won't feel that frustrated, hahaha.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

You're The One And Only - Mayday [Happy Early Father's Day!!!]

你是唯一 - 五月天
You're The One And Only - Mayday

雨林 通往雪景
我變成專機 帶你 前進
Rainforest leading towards snow scene
The trip you have been longing for
I turn into a personal jet bringing you there

如果 你是地心引力
If you are the gravity
I will not resist it
Re-defining the level

愛是空白日記 我是筆
任你 塗鴉著回憶
填滿感動笑意 在你心裡
翻閱 每一刻美麗
Love is a blank diary; I am pen
Let you doodle in memories
Filling with touching smiles in your heart
Flipping through every moment of beauty

眼前 直達天際
我變成雲朵 陪你 遊戲
In front of your eyes towards the sky
The flying that you have been hoping for
I turn into a cloud playing games with you

如果 你是棉花糖機
If you are cotton candy machine
I am willing to melt my true heart
Spinning into the cloud in your palm

Monday, 18 May 2015

General's Command (Your Legend) - Mayday

將軍令 - 五月天 
General's Command (Your legend) - Mayday

在等誰 一聲下令以後
才想起 呼吸你的自由
從何時 習慣這種生活 Oh ~
Waiting for someone to give the command
Then suddenly remember to breath your freedom
Since when did you get used to this kind of life? Oh~

不相信 或是相信什麼
其實你 早已被決定過
你忍受 但是不願接受 Oh ~
No matter you do not believe or believe in something
Actually your fate has been decided earlier
You endure but are not willing to accept it Oh~

歷史 落在 贏家 之手
至少 我們 擁有 傳說
誰說 敗者 無法 不朽 Oh ~
History is written by those who win
But at least we own the legend
Who said losers won't be remembered? Oh~

拳頭 只能 讓人 低頭
念頭 卻能 讓人 抬頭

抬頭 去看 去愛 去追 你心中的夢
Fist can only let people bow their head
A spark in mind can let people raise their head

Raise your head to see, to love, to chase, the dream in your heart

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Soup + Rice = Nice Dinner in Campus

What do we do when we are having a bad mood? Yeah, eat. Nice food has that magical ability to heal us from stress and depression, that is why when we are on diet we are usually cranky and uneasy (I know you have experience this, just admit it hahaha). There is nothing more boring or saddening than having to take your dinner at the cafeteria in the campus. Well the food issue is not that serious during the morning and the afternoon when I can eat at Old Flat where I can get Chinese food and noodles (I no longer have biscuits for breakfast, they can't generate good mood in me LOL). However I will come back to college after class, which means unless I go out again (laziness overloaded!) or else I will have to eat at the cafeteria right in front of my college.

Can you imagine having to eat chicken for every dinner in the campus?  Varieties of chicken rice we have here: honey (madu), spice (berempah), roasted, curry, red sauce (masak merah). Dish with chicken: black pepper, ginger, paprika, tumeric, tomyam, soup and basically all types of fried rice. Even fried Chinese kale or Ipomoea aquatica (you don't know what it is? Make it simple, call it kangkung LOL) has chicken meat and skin inside. Unless you go for burger or fried snacks or bakeries, you will get to eat chicken. 

No matching container this time T^T

This was my second time ordering dinner from Dish Motion (for the post regarding the first time please click here). The menu for this week was papaya peanut soup and long bean rice! There was an adequate amount of papaya chunks and peanuts which made the soup taste light and sweet. Even though I get to have free soup for lunch every day at Old Flat, this one is nothing comparable with the ones provided at economic rice stalls. You won't taste a hint of MSG and it is definitely nutritious! The long bean rice was so good that I couldn't make myself mix it with the soup (if it was white rice I will definitely soak it in soup, just a habit)! There were long bean (of course), fried garlic and dried squid which made the rice so aromatic. My mum used to cook long bean rice at home as well. The dinner today was just so heavenly! It is worth more than the RM6 that you pay. Trust me!

P/S: A satisfying dinner makes a happy girl.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

In The Air, Above The Ground

This is a leap, but it's an undesirable leap for 0.02 tonnes of carbon dioxide added to my carbon footprint (0.02 tonnes = 20 kg). Ok I am just kidding haha but the data is real which I calculated using this carbon footprint calculator. After almost 21 years of never have travelled through air, this was my first time taking off for a route of less than one hour from Penang to Subang Jaya on Malindo Airline, a small plane whose inside looks like a bus with propeller on both side. Well I have been travelling on train but I found that with a mere addition of RM 4 I can save up to 4 hours if I choose flight instead, how attractive does that sound?

We are forbidden to use handphone when departing or landing, so I missed out some beautiful landscapes of Jerejak Island surrounded by fish farms which look like patches on the sea. Some scenes are meant to be kept only in memories boohoo. This place is actually still the mainland of Penang where you can't even see the borderline between the sea and the sky.
Lots of plantations consisted of green patches of different shades. Thanks to the cloudless weather at Penang that I am able to see this beautiful view. You can notice rivers which are brown in colour as well which lead to the sea. Everything is crystal clear in the air that you can see things that you will not be able to see on ground.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Day I Went Home - Jeneris By Ahren

Being a student studying far away from home, travelling is quite a normal thing although I merely go back home from university four times per year in average. I prefer to travel using train instead of bus because I can choose my seat and probably escape somewhere else if I find the person sitting next to me is kinda creepy (thank God so far I have not met any). So I am quite familiar with KL Sentral which is the main intercity train station nearest to my university. Not long ago NU Sentral was built right next to KL Sentral and it becomes one of the most popular shopping mall for travellers (even non-travellers will go there for a meal or a movie). As an occasional traveller, there are a few important things I look into when I want to get a place to kill my time while waiting for the train:
  • Wifi 
  • Socket
  • Caffeine 
Yeah I want to use a laptop while having a cup of coffee, hahaha. There are a few cafes in KL Sentral and NU Sentral but so far this is the only one that I will go since its existence there - JENERIS By Ahren (it has everything I need!).

The cafe located right at the entrance of NU Sentral with a garage look.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Day Out With Erika - The Flying Teapot Cafe

It is really hard to convince Erika going out with me (so guys please take extra mental preparation) and she finally made up her mind to go for a pre-GST (goods and services tax) lunch this noon at The Flying Teapot Cafe which is located within the walking distance from South City Plaza. Even though this was just the third time I visited this place, I have been wanting to come back again since the first time last year (credit goes to Shirley who had brought me there)! And this is also the first post of me doing recommendation and review on a cafe, like what many bloggers are doing now. The main attraction that this cafe provides is the atmosphere. The environment is undeniably comfortable, with soft relaxing music playing at the background and lots of cutely unique teapots lined up on the shelves. Although I am not really fancy of pink, it just caught my heart in this little cozy cafe among the hustle and bustle or streets here in Seri Kembangan.

Me and nasi lemak. The sambal tasted really nice even though it did not contain dried prawns and the egg was boiled just nice with moist and dark yellow eggyolk (which didn't turn grey like an over-cooked one)! The usey embryo rice which tastes better than brown rice but is healthier than white rice.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Counting Little Blessings

The inconveniences I had last semester in terms of facilities were all gone. Last semester was quite unpleasant for me. We had no table and cupboard for more than one month and the hostel was under renovation that we could not enter the hostel for some period of time. Even though the wifi still sucks as usual now (I suspect that the whole thing broke down), I manage to get back to the previous block that I stayed during first year (whee~) in a room with good privacy on top floor. I might need to spend more energy going up and down but it is still cozy to live in.

I got rid the thing that bound me on Saturdays, which means I am a freeman on weekends now!!! The schedule this semester seems just nice despite the fact that I need to go to class by 8am for two out of five days because most classes end at noon! Although the classes seem less packed this time, I must pay more attention in classes since I did not do well in final examination last semester. It’s time to rise again!

This is just the first week of the new semester and I decided to wake up early consistently every morning. I know it sounds silly for a university student to behave that way but I seem to have more time if I wake up early. Because I am now still adjusting to this new lifestyle (actually it is not new because I practiced it during first semester *shamed*), I feel tired in the morning these two days. It should get better as I get used to the timing, and of course that means I need to sleep earlier too!

No more unlimited data now. It sounds like a bad thing for heavy internet user like me but it is actually a good thing. I won’t browse Youtube like there is no tomorrow and I will treasure the time when I have wifi in the café or at the faculty. Subscribing to data is expensive, but Hotlink users can now use free social messaging with a one-time payment. I forgot how I subscribe to that plan but it is really worth since you can stay connected to friends and family without spending credits in texting or calling.

I have not introduced my sister’s bunny – Happy here yet. Happy is a lionhead breed who is three-month old now. Having a dog or a cat as pet is quite a normal thing that even people who have not had these animals as pets know more or less about their behaviors. But having a bunny is a whole new level. She is more like a cat than a dog, which means she is not submissive to you and she really has the personalities. After spending time with her for some time, you will feel like treating her as an individual rather than a mere pet. Yeah more time and energy are required to take care of a bunny but she really brings joy to me. I will have to wait until next semester break to see her again.

Valentine’s day just past not long ago and I spent that so called ‘special’ day at home with family. Although me and my dear do not see it as something really important, seeing others posting on Facebook about their well-spent day with their loved ones is just so saddening. Anyway, the semester has started and I can finally see him face to face again! Strolling at the lakeside (I prefer sitting there hehe), watching movie on laptop, singing together and spending casual time in café are just much more worth than a one-day celebration on Valentine’s day.

Being able to cycle is a really enjoyable thing in life. I am not afraid of the scorching sun, because usually I leave my hostel when the sunlight is still cool and lovely and go back to the hostel when the sun is setting. Of course if I really need to cycle under the mid-noon sun, the distance is short (like from faculty to faculty) and it is more pleasant than waiting and cramping in a bus. Uphill task is tough, but after the hard work you can enjoy the chilling breeze as you go down the slope, feeling free as a bird. Cycling is freedom, where buses are limited.

This semester is somehow stressful, not in terms of academics (16 credit hours are just so comfortable, hahaha) but in terms of the environmental competition I am organising with a group of teammates. We are inexperienced and are easily disorientated as we have no senior to guide us. Everything was started from scraps, from pieces of ideas forming in the head of one person to a solid event moved by a team of 16 people! I am grateful for having supportive friends and companies who help us out a lot. This is just a starting point, we see so much light lying in the future!

Of course I would like to promote the STUDENT-INITIATED ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS COMPETITION 2015 with the theme Ignite the Silver Lining here! We have been planning this competition since last year and all the students participating in this competition will be the pioneers of the student-initiated environmental movement in UPM! There is not much time left! Hurry up and we want you to be part of the efforts!

Check out this awesome trailer!

P/S: The arrangement of the good things happened is not according to importance ya~ =P

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Garo (2005)

(Image taken from Garo Series Wikia)

During my childhood time American versions of Power Rangers was one of my favourite TV series which became the reason I always be on time to sit in front of the TV every weekend (however I had never liked Ultraman before, not sure why). Then I found that there were another versions of Power Rangers which looked almost the same, which were the Japanese versions. The people actually re-create everything according to the original versions of Power Rangers from Japan! Despite of all the similar endings in almost every episode, I was still a loyal audience of American versions of Power Rangers (I failed to get used to the original versions). After I got a bit older, I watched Masked Rider Ryuki, which was much complexed than the Power Rangers in terms of storylines and the characters (I wish to re-watch all the episode and write a review as well!). For now, I fell in love with Garo since I watched the first episode. *fan girl mode on*

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Dogathon 2014 at UPM #throwbackpost

Dogathon 2014: Battlefield, In Dog We Trust.

Dogathon is an annual event organised by veterinary students of University Putra Malaysia during the first semester of the year. How could I miss the biggest dog gathering in Malaysia? I became a volunteer this time instead of just being a visitor. Well I think the volunteers were somehow more than enough, so I was just being there to stand-by. Being a volunteer there means having less time to wander around, less photos were taken. Thus this post will be super short as I have explained the objectives of this event before last time (link at below) but I hope that photos below will bring back some memories!

Me as a part-time volunteer at the veterinary consultation! Saw some caring dog owners bringing their sweethearts over for a checkup. There was even one owner who noticed her dog had dandruff problem even though the dog was just a mongrel! It is really heart-warming to see people who are not bias towards dog breeds. 
Shades that blocked away some heat from the sun! The weather could get really hot during noon and doggies can get heat stroke easily. That is one of the reason that owners shouldn't leave their dogs in the car! 
There were water stations at various corners to rehydrate the dogs. I found that when big dogs drank from the basin after some exercises, the basin will be half-filled with their saliva. lol
What a sweetie~
Big dogs can be gentle too!
One of the most seen dog breeds in Dogathon. This one was without eye-brow make up, hahaha. Some owners drew eye brows for their Beagles! They looked really weird to me.
I fell in love with pugs (the once ugly dogs in my mind) after following Pewdiepie and Cutiepie on Youtube. 
As long as they are healthy and happy, breed doesn't matter!
You can always find 'gangs' of huski at Dogathon, either grey or brown. This one was quite small in size, there were gigantic ones!
Besides inserting chips for your dogs, it is good too if you have your dog wearing his name and your phone number when you take him for a walk or when he is allowed to go outside the house on its own. Just in case that he is lost someone can contact you immediately.
Dressing up for battlefield!
Owner and dog with matching outfit! How sweet is that?
The sweetest photo of the year! Can I get a kiss too?

Many people would prefer to keep pure breed dogs as pets because of their distinct features and desired personalities. To me, however, pure breed dogs are the results of human's modification on their genes for many many years so that they inherit the characteristics that the people want. They are beautiful and sweet, but they carry the genetic diseases with them which will explode when the time comes, when they get old. Because of their prices in the market, some people who breed the dogs in an inhumane way, making the dogs the breeding machines so that they can yield more puppies and more money. Thus, whichever kind of dogs that we have decided to keep, we should be a responsible owner since the birth of the dog to avoid contributing to the horrible industry. Adopt is a way better option since there are way too many strays wandering the streets looking for home.

Personally I have not owned any dog (except feeding the strays living at the alley), but I do have friends and relatives who owned these adorable furry friends. The dog might just be part of your life, but to him, you are his life. Cherish them, love them. =)

Dogathon 2015 coming soon! I can imagine the theme for the next event by seeing this trailer image. Will Dogathon 2015 break the record of 1216 dogs in Dogathon 2014? Lets make it happen!

P/S: Ahh this post was supposed to be written and posted last year!!! Well last semester I was really inactive in blogging so I think I should write up more now instead of just rotting at home. This was the second Dogathon event that I have attended and you might be interested with the first one Dogathon Stoneage 2013. I included more details regarding the aims of this event in that post. Don't be surprised if you see familiar dog faces in that old post! (I just realised it as well, hahaha)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Locks of Hope - Donate Your Hair!

You might have heard of or even experienced donation of body parts (ok... I consider blood as part of our body, hahaha), but have you thought about donating your hair? Maybe cutting hair is just like cutting nails to you (same goes to keeping long hair and keeping long nails), the hair will always end up in the dustbin, to be precise, on the floor of the saloon. Actually, a charity called Locks of Love was started back in 1997 in Florida, United States to collect hair which will be used to make wigs for cancer patients. Hair loss can be traumatic for cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy but a wig can be too expensive to be afforded since the patients already need to pay for their medical expenses. So this kind act in helping them to regain confidence is not something really new in this world.

Hair Donation Campaign of Malaysia version! Locks of Hope brought to you by MMIS Professional (I couldn't find its official website) and supported by National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) and Amber Chia Academy.
(image taken from JLBuzzBee blog)

I have a group of friends who had been planning to donate their ponytails long time ago and finally got the motivation to do so. I will always remember that day when I spent four hours accompanying them to do the donation. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and the saloon was full of people wanting to look good for this big event. But I did not regret for tagging along even though I didn't do any donation (I have not mentally prepared myself to lose my long hair which finally passed the length of annoyance, and my hair is still not long enough for the donation).

I first knew that we can donate our hair for cancer patients when I saw this photo of Khe Sin holding her ponytail on Facebook (this photo got over one thousand likes!). 

The requirements are simple:
  • the ponytail must be at least 8 inches long 
  • the hair must be clean and dry
  • the hair cannot be bleached, permanently coloured or chemically treated
  • the hair must not more than 5% grey
According to the official website of Locks of Hope, it takes 8 to 15 ponytails to make a wig. So the hair will be processed and dyed to get a uniform colour. It is important that the hair take up the dye at the same rate so that they look the same although they came from different persons. The healthier your hair, the better. However, wavy or curly hair is acceptable as well.

There are two methods you can choose from in order to donate your ponytail:
  • go to one of the saloons with Locks of Hope logo (a list of saloons which provide such service can be found on the official website)
  • cut your hair according to the requirements by yourself and mail it (again, for more detailed information please refer to the official website)

(from the left) Erika, Wenly and Feather, the determined girls who decided to completely make a change to their hairstyle while doing some good deeds!

When you can get a brand new hairstyle while contributing to a charity, will you do it?

Monday, 5 January 2015

A Post Dedicated to Erika

It was a cloudy afternoon when I happily got back to my dorm after the Calculus examination. While I was taking off my shoes, I noticed a colourful envelop at the mailbox (every room has a small mail box where you can leave notes). The envelop was made of folded cosmetic flyer which you won't notice that it is actually a piece of advertisement unless you look closely. Wondering who would give me a self-made envelop with maybe a letter inside (a hand-written letter is something representing sincerity to me)I entered the dorm and settled down before examining this envelop carefully. It stated To Wendy at the front. Usually people who are really close to me will call me by my Chinese name, so who could it be? It took me a minute to finally find the opening of the envelop (it's not my fault!! The 'open here' was written so so small, hahaha).

Who won't like hand-made gift? I mean, letter. 
Gingerly opening the envelop (I don't want to damage it), I took out a piece of folded lined paper sealed with a black piggy sticker showing his butt back. The paper seemed to be torn off from a cute notebook with a quote You are the shaper of your own destiny. Again, I gingerly tore the sticker away and finally the content of this mysterious letter was revealed! The first clue was, it was written in Chinese. I immediately jumped to the lower right corner of the letter without looking through the content and found that the letter was written in 2014 (I received a letter from last year!!! Ok just fooling around, I noticed the letter a few days after it was placed there), by Erika my coursemate. After knowing the identity of the secret admirer person who wrote me letter, the first thing came into my mind was, Erika really wrote me a letter? Why?

This is Erika......who is enjoying some 'rests' during class. Don't judge=P

There are very limited similarities between two of us except: graduated from matriculation (mine was in Selangor, hers was in Perak), chosen Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology of UPM as first choice, girl, long hair, wearing spectacles and....I think that's it. She is one year younger than me (the privilege of being born on the first of January and indeed she behaves like one too =P) but already taking Bachelor course at the age of 18 which is two year faster than normal people (we took matriculation, that's why I am one year ahead and she is two). We quarrel a lot due to many many reasons. Our frequencies are just not right. She does not understand why I love pan mee and I don't understand why she loves bread with peanut butter.

She complains that I go to the class too early.
She complains that I like to go to the noodle stall or mamak stall.
She complains that I keep complaining about the songs she likes (I am only human~~~~~ Ugh)
She complains that the weather is very hot......while cycling (eh it has nothing to do with me, right).
She looks at me with a boring face when she knows that I am going to ask her to have early breakfast together.
She looks at me with a boring face when I show her my favourite songs (really nice what).
She looks at me with a boring face when I told her something I find interesting. 
She looks at me with a boring face watching me laughing like a maniac about my own jokes.

Despite of all the dislikes she has on me, she is one of the people who really tolerate my not-very-nice personalities. I am kinda pushy sometimes, but she still can tahan me. We don't have complimentary personalities, seriously, and we don't spend lots of time sticking to one another either. However, it is really something to have her as my coursemate. =)

Our first year in UPM. This was during Malam Silang Budaya at Kolej Tun Perak.
We rarely go outing together. This is at Simple Life, Midvalley.
This is at Subway, The Mines.

Chilling at Bukit Exspo. When shall we do it again?
Siao zha bor during Wildlife Seminar 2014
During one of the lab session.

We went volunteering together during MENGO H2O Hunt at Publika last year.

Actually I mentioned Erika a few times before in my blog. In case you have not noticed her in any of the posts, let me direct you to the link below (she is still single and available, no worries =P), she is either mentioned, or featured.

P/S: Sorry that I didn't manage to celebrate your birthday with you as I slept through the countdown (LOL I know it's once in a lifetime), so I dedicated my first post of 2015 to you as my gratitude to have you as my coursemate, collegemate and friend. Have a blessing year ahead! Finally someone is catching up! Enjoy your 20-year-old! ^^