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Monday, 18 May 2015

General's Command (Your Legend) - Mayday

將軍令 - 五月天 
General's Command (Your legend) - Mayday

在等誰 一聲下令以後
才想起 呼吸你的自由
從何時 習慣這種生活 Oh ~
Waiting for someone to give the command
Then suddenly remember to breath your freedom
Since when did you get used to this kind of life? Oh~

不相信 或是相信什麼
其實你 早已被決定過
你忍受 但是不願接受 Oh ~
No matter you do not believe or believe in something
Actually your fate has been decided earlier
You endure but are not willing to accept it Oh~

歷史 落在 贏家 之手
至少 我們 擁有 傳說
誰說 敗者 無法 不朽 Oh ~
History is written by those who win
But at least we own the legend
Who said losers won't be remembered? Oh~

拳頭 只能 讓人 低頭
念頭 卻能 讓人 抬頭

抬頭 去看 去愛 去追 你心中的夢
Fist can only let people bow their head
A spark in mind can let people raise their head

Raise your head to see, to love, to chase, the dream in your heart