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Monday, 25 August 2014

Bad Dream: Butcher - Walkthrough [how to prevent losing any finger]

Cheating is bad, but I still do it when playing computer games, hahaha... However for indie games it is quite difficult to get a written walkthrough that we have to go through the forum to see if somebody has posted about it. So after many many times of trying, I manage to note down step by step of how to prevent your finger from being chopped off in Bad Dream: Butcher (and yeah I did refer to forums when I was stuck). You are encouraged to try the whole game at least once on your own. Besides following the instruction below, do not touch anything else on the screen because it might cause you to lose a finger. When the butcher appears, don't panic, escape calmly.

1) Go into the tunnel, then go to the left hand side of the door 73
[Do not touch the shattered glass on the floor]

2) At the graveyard, pick up the twig

3) Go back to the place at the beginning, then go to your right
[Do not touch the monster]

4) Pick up the hammer

5) Search the right bin (the one without the monster sitting on it) for key of door 33

6) Go to the right, search the bin to get maggot

7) Go to the right again, then enter the tunnel*, pick up the cooking glove

8) Go back to the beginning place, pick up the sharp glass on the floor

9) Go back to the place where you got the glove, pierce the eye on the wall

10) Exit the tunnel*, enter the door on the right which is now open

11) Go upstairs, pick up the key on the shelf on your right

12) Cut the rope of the hanging man, get into the hole appears

13) Pick up the coiled wire on your left, pick up the shovel hung on the wall

14) Leave the whole building, click on the left side of the building
[Pick any one out of the four key on the floor then open the door, if fail, try another key]

15) Go to the left, open the door 51

16) Pick up the mouse trap after using the twig

17) Leave the house and go to the graveyard

18) Dig the grave
[go to the right, when you see the door go to the left instead of right (that is a mirror image, you will notice that if you see the inverted door number), then go to the right]

19) Go back to the graveyard, get the key from the skull

20) Use the key to open the door 73, pick up the key on the bed

21) Use the key to open the bakery door, pick up a twine

22) Go back to door 33
[Do not touch the box with question marks]

23) Catch a rat at the hole

24) Bring that rat to the monster

25) Search the bin previously beneath the monster to get a hook

26) Go back to the beginning place, use the wire on the pipe, get the wet rag

27) Go back to door 73, get a fish from the toilet bowl

28) Get the pot on the stove

29) Fill the pot with the water from the pipe

30) Go back to door 51, place the pot on the stove, put in the dead fish


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Ambition versus Occupation

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, the definition of the word 'ambition' is something that you want to do or achieve very much. I believe that many of us have written an essay entitled 'My Ambition' at least once during our primary school time but instead of writing what we want to do in the future, we ended up writing about the position we want to hold (a.k.a. occupation). Although we were just a child we were still able to choose one particular occupation mainly because we have heard of it or have seen it either in real life or on TV. So, our target after growing up was to get a professional job such as doctor, lawyer, architect, engineer, scientist, teacher, accountant etc. and we were happy about the ambition.

There is a stereotype saying that we must get good results during our school days to secure a place in the university and get a 'good' course so that we can get a promising job after we graduate. However, when we come to the time to choose a course that we want to pursue, we are often guided by people's opinion about that particular course and also our personal instinct that built up since we were young. We had not heard about things like Material Science or Forestry which are not popular, we think that the requirements to get Biotechnology or Environmental Science are quite low and since we got a better results we should aim 'higher', we heard that graduates from Pure Sciences become salesman or even jobless. To be safe, we are willing to compete with thousands of people for the limited seats in popular courses, sometimes not because that it is our dream but because of people's expectation towards us.

An ambition should not be defined as the course you want to study or the job you want to have. It is something you are passionate about and you want to do it to achieve a satisfaction in your life. If you want to teach and unfortunately you didn't get the Education course, you can still be an educator with what you have studied during university time. If you want to reduce people's suffering because of diseases and unfortunately you didn't get the Medicine course, you still can reach the aim by getting into Environmental Health, Biomedicine or even Biotechnology by developing something beneficial to the public. If you want to care for animal's welfare and health and unfortunately you didn't get the Veterinary course, Animal Science and Zoology can lead to the same dream, too! The only difference that you didn't get that particular course but getting something else is, you will not be called a teacher or doctor after you graduate and people may not look up at you with the degree you are holding. However, if you compare the two things, you want to do what you want to do, or do you just want to have the glamour?

It could be weird when people ask you what is your dream and you answer, ''I want to become a chemical engineer.''. And when they ask you for the reason, you couldn't answer it properly because you do not exactly know what a chemical engineer do. Being someone should not be an ambition, it should be what you want to do so that you can benefit yourself and the society in the future. Think wisely before you make the decision. Cheers!

[Disclaimer: This article serves as an advice for students when choosing the path they want to go in the future. I have no intention to offend anyone. Holding on to an ambition as we live is a motivation for us to contribute more to the society. By the way, congratulation for those who are one step closer to their dreams.]

Friday, 15 August 2014

So You Are A Top Scorer?

There is always a stereotype saying ‘Medicine, dentistry and pharmacy are meant for the top scorers in examinations,', I do not deny the statement because you really need to be intelligent and hardworking to be in those so called critical courses or else you will not be able to survive through the tough years. And then, after the UPU results were announced, complaints arises on TV, in newspapers or on social networks with the same issue: 4.0 scorers did not get the offer for medicine, dentistry or pharmacy in so and so university (usually these three).

Before we argue about whether or not you should get it because you are a top scorer, everyone knows that there are very limited places in universities for critical courses. Why? Because our society cannot end up with over-flowing number of doctors or dentists or pharmacist who might not actually be needed. Just imagine half of the total number of university graduates are doctors, will there be enough hospitals and clinics to house them? What about other industries that require fresh graduates to keep going? Graduates from medical or dental schools usually can only work as doctors or dentists, it is quite impossible for them to work in agricultural or petroleum sectors. When a company is hiring someone to work for them, for sure the places are fixed and limited. They cannot hire employees more than they need. If you want to get hired, impress the interviewers. Everyone going for these courses is having the best results in their hand, and only certain number of them is going to grab the place after going through the interview (in University Malaya, for instance). Do not blame anyone if you do not get the place since every competitor is good, maybe you are just not as good as them.

When it comes to 'unfair' university intakes, people start to point out that it is the ''colour's' fault. I really do not want to talk about racism but this is kinda unavoidable. Top scorers do not consist of only one race of people, and skin colour does not influence how our brains work. Thinking ourselves as certain race is superior? You are absolutely wrong. There are a lot of top scorers who speak different languages and have different cultures as us. When you do not know the quality of students successfully enrolled in those courses, I suggest that you should just keep quiet before you see the names of the top scorers in the courses and feel ashamed afterwards.

The thing that really makes me furious is people's attitude towards non-critical courses. If a 4.0 scorer get the offer for some easily-overlooked courses such as pure sciences or forestry or biotechnology instead of medical or dental or pharmacy course that he or she wants, the world seems to collapse as if he or she should worth more than that. Excuse me, with such a flying-colour result you got in your pre-university, does that mean that you are in higher position and should look down on these 'ordinary' courses? So you said it is your dream to be a doctor (or dentist or pharmacist), why do you want to become a doctor? You want to help people? Then what's wrong with the nursing course? Nurses are the ones closest to the patients. They take care of the patients, encourage them and make sure that they are recovering well. To contribute something to the society, there are many ways and I am sure you know it.

Stop being a hypocrite.

[Disclaimer: I have no intention in offending anyone with this post which is quite emotional. The perspective towards this issue is about the stereotype where people worship critical courses thinking that top scorers will usually go for them (and are qualified to do so). I understand that there is an unfairness and lacking of transparency in the selection of students which can be a very important element in this issue but my opinion does not touch on this element. Hope you guys understand. Cheers!]

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bad Dream: Series - Review

(Image taken from gamejolt.com)

A ten-week semester break honestly is a little bit too long for me. I was determined to make this assignment-free holidays useful and beneficial but almost half of the time I am just wasting my life away doing things that I don't even remember what I have done. Slacking around makes me feel guilty because I have better things to do but I am willing to spend some time on a good game so that the time 'wasted' is not actually wasted, haha. However, the game I am going to share this time is just weird. Plain weird. Maybe I am not weird enough to understand what's going on for the whole series except the last one which makes some senses to me (like everyone else I think the last one is the best). Since it is named Bad Dream, so I guess there is no need to make any sense. Sometimes you don't remember nightmares that you had after you wake up.

The developer of indie game. I couldn't find his website, so maybe he does not have one.
(Image taken from gamejolt.com)

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!! Just kidding, haha...

If you are looking for something to do to kill your time and you like arts (there is a wide variety of arts you know, I consider this as one of the arts), this series of game made by Desert Fox that I found on Game Jolt might be suitable for you. What you have to do in the game is just clicking around (if you are simply too lazy to figure out what is what) until you get the endings. Each episode is very short and you can finish all of the episodes within one hour. The game looks like very simple hand drawn sketches with yellow background (I love yellow!) and its soundtrack is clean. There is no spoiler in this post as it is not needed (or should I say I am too lazy to figure out what I have played). You can play it in a relaxing way although there is blood and gore. You don't even have to think of which tool to use because as long as you picked up the tool, it will be used automatically at places it should be used. Something might appear to creep you out but it is not a big deal for me (so I believe you won't freak out too).

Bad Dream episodes:

By the way, I saw an update on its facebook page that there will be a Prologue in Bad Dream: Coma coming out. Actually I am wondering what makes this indie game getting quite a lot of good reviews. Just. Weird.

P/S: I would like to know if you guys have any thought on this game because I am just curious. Walkthroughs coming up! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Sister's Keeper - Review

(Image taken from Amazon.co.uk)

Every time when I step into a book store or a book fair, I don't used to go to the fiction section which is usually stuffed with vampires, werewolves, romance or puppy love (ok this is only a stereotype). After scanning through the book shelves, I used to shrug and walk away because there are too many books there and I don't want to try my luck to see whether I can luckily land my finger on a good one. It had been a long period of time I last read a novel. As far as I know, I had finished the Harry Potter series, Eragon series, Twilight series (don't judge, I think that the storylines are good and I enjoy all four books) and some others that I do not quite remember during my high school time. Compared to my other friends, I feel quite ashamed for claiming that I love reading...

I just found that there was a TV series based on this novel in 2009 and there will be a movie in 2015! It was such a coincidence that I found out about this book at the right time before things get hot (it might be as hot as The Fault in Our Stars!) and I didn't get to know about it in a book store. Three days ago me and my family visited my granduncle's family. Instead of sitting mundanely watching my attention-seeking cousins messing around the house, I saw this novel lying on the sofa. So I picked it up and started to read the first page then immediately plunged into addiction. The novel revolves around Anna, a perfectly healthy teenage. But one of the main elements in the story line is Leukemia, a white blood cell cancer. When I tell someone that I feel like crying when reading the novel, people will assume that it is about a child dying from cancer. Actually it's not.

Spoiler Alert! Highly advisable that you guys to read the novel first!

So Anna is suing her parents for not giving her choices to decide whether she is willing to donate a kidney to her elder sister, Kate who was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, a rare type of blood cancer when she was very young. The fact is, the reason of Anna's existence in this world at the very beginning was to save her sister, using the umbilical cord blood because Anna was a genetically programmed embryo so that her DNA matches her sister's, in order to supply something that might keep her sister alive. Up to this point, I was already furious about what her parents did to her as if the sole purpose of her birth is to ensure the survival of the other. The only thing that her mother concerns is Kate, even her brother, Jesse is quite being left aside that he causes lots of troubles. The novel is written in first persons' points of view of different characters. Anna, Jesse, Sara (mother), Brian (father), Campbell (lawyer), Julia (guardian ad litem) and finally Kate. So it is fair. We can see the whole situation in all perspectives (this makes me hate Sara even more, ugh).

Apart from the main storyline, we have this relationship issue between Campbell and Julia which re-sparks after many years of separation. Campbell is just so gorgeous because of his humour (now guys you know that it is very important to be humorous because it makes girls fall in love without having to see your face before that, hahaha) and his efforts in fighting for Anna's case although Anna does not have the ability to pay even for his consultancy. Ah and his service dog who alarms him of his Grand Mal Seizure, a very unpleasant medical condition. When it comes to relationship, he is such an asshole who leaves Julia behind after having sex with her, twice in fifteen years although deep down he loves her. On the other hand, Julia did not recover from the scar Campbell left in her heart during high school time, too. And I am happy for this bitter sweet sub-storyline of this novel that they get together in the end.

Ok back to the main thing. I see there are lots of struggles going on in the head of a thirteen-year-old girl. If I were her, I would be torn apart too if I have to make such decision. To save my sister (by going through painful procedures of drawing blood and marrow that you don't have to undergo if you do not have the obligation to save your sister) or to save my own ass and have a normal life any teenage girl would have. However, the truth revealed in the end turns out to be it was Kate's opinion that she does not want Anna's kidney, that she does not want to continue living in such condition, that she wants Anna to have the life she wants. This makes my heart softened towards Kate (I still dislike Sara, though). The ending of this novel was unexpected. I thought Kate would die and Anna lives happily ever after. But Campbell and Anna are involved in a road accident which snatches Anna's life after she wins the lawsuit. Although Campbell survives with his dog, Anna dies from brain death. Thus her kidney is given to Kate. The roller coaster finally came to a halt, at the very bottom of the track (after lots of ups).

I am not saying that we shouldn't save our sibling whose life is in danger and you are the only one who can save her. But life on Anna is harsh, isn't it? It becomes an obligation to sacrifice yourself for someone else because he or she is your family that you are expected to react in the way family should react. And when you don't, people will be like 'what the hell??? you let him/her die just because you don't want to do it anymore???'. Tragedy sucks, being part of the tragedy is not any better, either. Ah I am just so emotional after finished reading the novel. I was cheering for Anna and Campbell throughout the storyline, hahaha. It is a worth-read to me, hope that I can find other heart-catching novels to read before the new semester starts in one month time.

P/S: I guess I won't watch the movie because usually the movie will not be as good as the novel. Just like what happened to The Fault in Our Stars, according to my friends.