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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Georgetown Exploration Day Out - Cupido Cafe

Although I have been a Penangite for 21 years, you have to believe that this was the first time I explored Georgetown, a renowned heritage site in Penang (don't be surprised, for those who are living in mainland of Penang, we will even say that we are going to Penang when actually we are just going to the Penang island). Georgetown is well-known for complicated one-way streets, limited parking space and also busy traffic. After gaining some confidence in driving, I think it was time to challenge my driving skill there. So I parked the car at the parking area beside Fort Cornwallis and walked under the sun with Cho Sing all the way into the centre of Georgetown (hahaha yes I cheated by walking instead of driving).
After some walk, I found that Georgetown is a great place for backpackers if you can endure the scorching sun as you can find cheap accommodation, rend bicycle and get nice food in this warm little town. One of the main reasons that I invited this lady to accompany me here was to hunt down this cafe - Cupido Cafe in Love Lane (feeling all lovey dovey when you heard of the names of the street and cafe, right? Haha).