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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Twelve Nights - The Movie about Strays - Adopt, Don't Abandon

I came across this facebook page about a movie newly released in Taiwan named Twelve Nights, the story about stray dogs being sent to the animal 'shelter' (yes we call it 'shelter') and the twelve days they spent there before being put into sleep if they are not claimed by anyone. This movie caught my attention as I never thought that theme like this will be chosen to be produced into a movie as it is so insignificant in our life. How many people ever been to animal shelter before? I didn't (although I have been wanting to go, but just thinking without taking action, I feel so ashamed of myself). Another spotlight of this movie is that Giddens was involved in the production (if you really don't know who he is, click here. He is an awesomely dedicated author full of weird and crazy ideas) that gave me a reaction of 'what??? really??? how come I don't know??? I am so outdated!!!'.

Adopt, Don't Abandon! 

This is the main message that is brought out in this movie, to raise the awareness of public about animal welfare especially strays. After watching the trailer, I realised how ignorant and selfish we are about this issue. Stray dog is a common sight in Malaysia, at the wet market, in the park, along the road, around neighbourhood, everywhere! It is painful when you see them wandering around, foraging for food scraps, struggling to stay alive in this cruel cold world, but what you do is uselessly and helplessly watching them and when their begging eyes meet yours, you look away, pretending nothing happens. Most of them are terribly sick and infested by parasites, bringing more hatred from people because they are filthy and disgusting despite their kind heart as human's best friends. Parents taught their children to stay away from the strays when the children, pure and full of love, show affection towards those unwanted animals. People see them as a sore in eyes, chasing them away and hurting them, turning away from the fact that it's us who create these innocent lives.

21 March 2012, I won't forget that day when I got my SPM (the most important exam of a secondary school student in Malaysia) results, and on the same day, I almost lost her, a short-haired dog living in the back alley of my house. She was just as sweet as any other lucky dog with owner, wagging her tail and trotting towards me with happy paces whenever she saw me. My house is too small to have a dog, what my family could do was to feed her with leftovers (it's unhealthy for dogs to eat human food, but we have no choice). Every evening she would appear at the alley during dinner time and stayed there at night, watching over the alley. I know that she was scared when strangers approached but she still did her job of trying to defend the territory unless the invaders came too close. Her instinct and experiences told her to run away. Back to the story, that afternoon when I came home from school with my examination results slip, I heard the incident from my grandma: the people from the city council came to hunt down stray dogs. I was dumb-struck at the moment before rushing out of my house to look for her (she had three cubs at that time, but if not mistaken, only one escaped as it was hidden by a kind-hearted person who wished to adopt it). I walked around the neighbourhood, calling for her. I was really afraid at that time, tears welled up in my eyes. After some time searching under the scorching sun, I heard the sound of paws having contact with the road. When I turned around, I saw her pounding towards me. I knelt down and greeted her into my arms. That was the first time I hugged her, although she was dirty and smelly. I loved her.

Her old photo, taken two years ago.
We often see strays as invaluable life, they are annoying troublemakers who always mess around with people. But when we give them love, they love us equally, or more, in return. Since I furthered my studies in Selangor, I rarely met her. I have no idea whether she is still alive or not and how is her illness. One thing for sure, she will remain in my memories like any other strays that I encountered until now, because they made my life a little bit more wonderful with their beautiful hearts.

The official trailer of 'Twelve Nights'. I am not sure whether this movie is going to be available in cinemas of Malaysia or not. But if you are interested, you can always follow up from Giddens' blog (link is provided above) or the youtube channel. This is the official website which I recommend very much, it is so creative! http://www.twelvenights.com.tw/

P/S: I am looking forward to the movie very much although I hate to shed tears during movie time, ugh.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Beauty And The Beast A Musical Theater - Review

Hey guys! University life is actually never boring if you know what you can join. I have been keeping an eye on notices posted anywhere so that I won't miss any event that I might be interested in and I found this! Two months ago I saw the notice about recruiting actor and actress for the musical theatre with the title 'Beauty and the Beast'. I was really excited but I was not really good in acting. 90's Disney has always been part of my favourite childhood memories and this event caught my attention. After two months of preparation, finally this musical theatre is staged and I was willing to attend although no merit would be given (ah stop mentioning about merits).

I believe that many of us know about this magical story about a prince who was cursed to live as an ugly beast until the day he met his true love who loved him back.  This musical performance was presented by B2 Production which consists of the third year students of Bachelor of Art (English Literature) taking the course Play Production and Performance Technique taught by Dr. Arbaayah Ali Termizi. According to the information I obtained from the exhibition outside the theater, it was the first animated movie staged in UPM, the biggest production with 75 crews, and the most expensive play production to be staged in the history of UPM's theatre.

RM 5 for students of UPM!!!
As I have watched the Disney animation before, I went to this event with quite high expectation (my bad) and ended up with slightly disappointment. Firstly, the sound system was really bad that we have to struggle to hear the voice of the actors and actress (except those with louder voice). I think it was the problem of the microphone as the background music was very clear. The most important thing in a musical performance is the sound that we hear as it would be difficult for the audiences to understand the whole story without listening to the dialogues. We could understand the performance this time as we already know the story well. Next, the time taken during the changing of setting could have been faster. The long pause (in my opinion it was long) was awkward. Overall, I was only satisfied about the settings, the costumes and the performers (refraining myself from giving critics anymore).

Despite the bad reviews above, I LOVE the musical theatre! The actors and actresses were PERFECT to me! Their voices, their facial expression, their every movement and emotion brought the supposed-to-be-virtual characters into life! I don't know which word should be used to describe their performance: mesmerizing, breath-taking, fascinating, awesome etc. When the character Gaston appeared, I was like 'wow this is really Gaston', unbelievable. All the characters which were once only living in story became alive on the stage that Wednesday night. I thought I really saw the real Belle, Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth and many more in front of us. Among them, the character I love the most is Lumiere, the candles. Those who have watched this performance know why, haha. He was just so Lumiere! His acting made him to stand out among other characters on the stage. Yes all of them are PERFECT, I say it and I mean it. You guys should have been there to watch it with your own eyes. This was the first live musical performance that I have ever watched and  I am looking forward to any other similar performance in university. Hopefully next year there will be other play being staged! I truly admire the crews who had been working so hard for the past two months just to make the performance possible.

I have been wanting to watch musical theatres as there is something in it which is irreplaceable by movies. My bigger dream about musical theatre is to watch The Lion King in New York City (it came to Singapore once, but no money no chance no talk). One day, I will be there!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I has been exposed to Wushu through movies and dramas since I was a kid. My grandma loves to watch kung fu movies by Jacky Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Lee etc and so I used to watch them with her since she was my babysitter (haha). It's amazing for me to see people performing wushu on the screen, flying here and there (with sound and visual effects of course), kicking those bad guys' ass. That was where I started to fall in love with Wushu.

I have to say that I am a vey blessed child. During my high school time, I was thrilled to find that there is a Wushu club in Jit Sin High School as one of the uniform bodies. However, it was very difficult to get into the club as over hundred of students were competing to get the merely forty places there because people believed that activities of Wushu club were less frequent and intense (and they were super wrong). In order to choose the members of Wushu club during that time, our names which were submitted earlier were picked randomly by person (not by computer). Thank God that my name was unique enough (it consists of two words rather than three words) to catch the person in-charged's eyes and I was choosen.

There are a wide variety of Wushu out there, each with there own styles. Our Wushu club is based on traditional Sao Lim Wushu, unlike the one that we see in Olympic games (they are totally and distinctively different). We had maximum six hours of training every week (this one already included the extra two hours we spent during schooling days, so should be normally four hours every Saturday) which was not long enough for us to have quality learning. Besides training, we also have exams and annual inter-school competition. About the exam, we don't have things like belt to differentiate people of different grades, unlike Tae Kwan Do. There are ten grades in total (I got until five in five-year-time), and after you get eight or nine you can apply to become assistant coach. Then you can even apply to be coach after confronting Sammy Ho (haha), our beloved coach. For the competition, there are ten fields, (nine during my early time) for us to choose from, but most highly ambitious students (like me, hahaha) will take all of the options to increase the chance of our school to get the overall champion.

After graduated from high school, I got into Selangor Matriculation College and met this guy, Richie who was a former athlete in Wushu and we formed a one-year Wushu club there. We didn't learn much as we mainly taught others Wushu. So, time flies and here I am in university. I am really glad that I get into Wushu club in UPM as I met a lot of awesomely humorous people(I began to suspect whether learning Wushu would have side-effects on human normal thinking) who would easily cheer up my day with some jokes and silly thoughts. I feel like I am back to my precious high school time where the Wushu members were just as funny as they are. The other thing that made me feeling extremely grateful and excited is that I got the opportunity to participate in the oncoming inter-university Wushu competition in USM, Kelantan with 15 other people from my university who are older than me (hahahahahaha, just kidding, but it's true). I get the chance to wear the gorgeous silky clothes which are considered as compulsory for competitive Wushu.

My colour is pale gold, looks nice, right???
Time is running out. This is the third time our university sending students to go Kelantan for the competition. According to my seniors, our university got the overall second runner up during the first time participation and first runner up during the second participation. Hmm... With 16 representatives this time, we hope for the best. As one of the preparation for the competition, our coaches, Chai and Jack held a pre-competition rehearsal where we were fully dressed with make-up on. It was so comfortable wearing this clothes as there was no restriction of movement at all! Most of us were doing fine in this rehearsal, only some touch ups and we are good to go next week.

Don't get tricked by our smiling faces, we are super serious during performances, haha.  
Tai Chi. The difference between clothes for Tai Chi and normal one is that no belt is required.
Tai Chi sword. The rules are strict for clothing in Wushu competition. We have to follow every single detail such as the number of buttons etc.
Don't fool around with me. *glare*
Another Tai Chi. Tai Chi is very difficult to me. How am I going to perform for at least five minutes with slow motion somemore.
Our dedicated young coaches, Chai and Jack.
I still can't believe that I am going to represent my university to go across the border for competition (honestly never dreamt this before)! No matter what is the outcome, as long as we have given our best, that will be enough. The most important thing is the spirit of teammate-ship and friendship built that makes us strong. Cheers!

P/S: So sorry that I left out some individual teammates photos. Tips: Look for cameras whenever you feel awesome. (and don't care about nervousness as awesomeness always wins!) 

Friday, 29 November 2013


It's Friday again! I have always yearned for Friday to arrive every week as I don't have class that day (yay!). This Friday is somehow special as I have done something different from other past Fridays. Me and Erika (who was persuaded by me, hehe) went for kayaking (or known as canoeing) which is held for three days starting today at Bukit Expo. Bukit Expo is a place with orchards and a few lakes and beautiful sceneries. We went for the first slot which started at 8am as we didn't want to get scotched by the sun and we wished to use the canoe which was still nice and dry (well planned right? haha). It was quite misty this morning after rain last night and the air was refreshing. It has been a long time since I last having outdoor activities like this. I used to like having activities in Nature but somehow reality binds me to reality. We paid RM5 for each person for 20 minutes, which was the originally period for one person, but since we were early birds and there were not many people, we got to row the canoe for one hour (I am still very thrilled about this because we rarely get the chance to kayak and the price for each canoe is over hundred if we want to do it outside)!

We were having a great time cooperating (I was taking the back seat while she was in front of me). Left, right, left, right, no no no, left left left! Haha, it's fun! This was not the first time I went for canoeing. My first time was back to a few years ago when I was still in secondary school Form 3. I went to a camp (or I should say it was more like a vacation) with the prefectboard to Pulau Tuba, Langkawi, Kedah, a less-developed island. Yes we canoed at the seaside and it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had in my life. I fell in love with kayaking since then but I don't have chance for this due to the expensiveness of this activity. However, this was Erika's first time that she was very nervous at the beginning (but luckily she has a very cooperative partner who was looking at her back, haha). Slowly she gained confidence and started to give commands left, right, left, right, no no no, right right right, we are going to crash into another canoe! Hahaha. I should wear slippers next time so that I won't risk getting my shoes wet as it could be really uncomfortable as I have to walk back to my college which is some walking distances away.

The sun was just warm and gentle. Thank God for the nice weather for us to truly enjoy this activity without being disturbed by the hotness of our tropical climate. Early birds get the worms! We met some fun people there too who are enthusiastic in outdoor activities. We even exchanged contact facebook accounts so that we can keep in touch and go to activities together in the future, hopefully! I am already looking forward to it! Me and Erika were given a ride back to our college (thank you so much!!!) which saved us a lot of energy and time. I believe that I will surely regret if I missed this chance to do kayaking. I am still sure that I love this activity.

Sorry that I don't own any photos of the kayaking activity as I didn't bring my phone (being afraid that it would swim in the lake). When I came back from Bukit Expo, I was greeted by this lovely white-fleshed dragonfruit prepared by my lovely roomate who was already out for class. Thanks, it's so heart-warming!

It is just two weeks away from the inter-university wushu competition in USM, Kelantan and about a month away from my final exam of this semester. So I think it's time for me to allocate more time in both wushu and studies. I might still update my blog, but just not that frequent. But I promise that I will get back to you guys here as soon as the exam ends in January. Have a nice weekend!

P/S: A reminder to all UPM students like me, registration for courses for next semester will be open next Monday. So don't forget to grab yourself a place in classes that you want!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Wushu Performance in University Kebangsaan Malaysia

I am a very blessed person that I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to participate in an inter-university wushu competition next month in University Sains Malaysia in Kelantan. Compared to others who have been learning wushu since 6 years old, I started taking wushu late, which was during my high school time. As soon as I became members of Zhong Hua Wusuh Club in my university, I get to represent my university with 15 other members of the club to the competition. So far it is the largest competition that I am going to attend although I have taken part in traditional wushu competition of state level.

Ok, back to the main topic today. Last night 13 of us went to Dewan Anuwar Mahmud of Kolej Ibu Zain in University Kebangsaan Malaysia for Night of Kung Fu 2013 performance organised by Chinese Cultural Club upon invitation. It was really touching that there was such an event held in university to promote the beauty of Chinese martial arts. Other wushu performers were from SMK Kepong and Kuala Lumpur Wushu Federation (if not mistaken). Their performances were breath-taking and really inspiring. It requires a lot of hard works (I mean really really hard works) to obtain such a high technical skill in wushu (feel kinda ashamed but somehow motivated when I saw kids doing wushu performances whole-heartedly despite their tiredness). My heart squeaked with excitement when I saw the performance of renowned Wushu Federation of Malaysia. Every movement seemed perfect and precise, complimentary to the beats of music.

This is the video of performance of our team. Although it is not perfect, but we learnt from this experience. (I am not sure what's wrong that I can't upload the video here, sorry)

Dewan Anuwar Mahmud, as soon as I saw this building, I suddenly recalled that I have been to this place before during my early matriculation life for Olympiad Mathematics Competition 2012! I love this hall, it is just so comfortable although the building is already old. (Sorry for the low quality photo. I feel regretted that I didn't bring my Nokia Lumia for a better record of memories in the form of static photos.)

(credit goes to Koo and Cheong Ching)
P/S: Sorry for the poor writing as I am not feeling well today. Anyway, am glad to be in this group of crazy and dedicated people. Hopefully our training will finally pay off! All the best guys!


Just a refreshment of memories, haha. Miss our good old KMS life.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Random update

Ah this was the first time I lost my mood and motivation to update my blog as second wave of assignments which will be due at the end of this semester is washing upon us. This is the 10th week of the first semester and the semester will end at week 14th (one months to go!) and I will be having my five-week long semester break which I believe will be really enjoyable, haha.

Well, not much to write now. So I will just share a quote here. Wish you guys have a nice Saturday!

P/S: I have shared a couple a quotes since I started this blog. Of course I don't own the quotes but I do own the photos. So if you want to use it please drop me an email to let me know ya. =)

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Nightmare Review (18+)

Hello guys! This is another 2D horror game named 'Nightmare' by Bayard Zylos which I played it all on my own (except a Google search which I believe was unavoidable due to my lack of knowledge, haha). The story is not very new to me but I still consider it as worth playing. Lucky me that when I found this game on Pewdiepie's fans' forum, it is the updated version where the game maker has fixed most of the bugs and updated the game making it more interesting. The game can be downloaded here where you can find most of the introduction about the game by the game maker. It begins when you wake up in a hotel, alone. (I don't plan to write about the intro of the game as everything is stated in the website)

Spoiler Alert!!! 

I wrote these based on my own point of view and it is not necessarily true (you know, I am not experienced in playing puzzle games and there might be misinterpretations). According to the game maker, there are two endings, the good one and the bad one. I eventually got the good ending (thank God) and I am lazy to replay it to get another ending as I have no idea where is the turning point of the game. So the following summary of the story was written based on the good ending. 

The main character of this game was involved in a road accident at route 26 with another car with a young girl and her parents in it, causing the mother's death. The mother who suffered a crash in her skull begged him to end her pain, so he took his hammer in the car and gave her a fatal blow. In this game the main character was actually fighting the guilt in his heart that prevented him from waking up from a coma as a result of the committing suicide after the road accident. He seemed like had lost his memories and was trying to pull his mind together in this game to find out what's going on, which means that everything in this game happens in his inner heart. At the end he won over the confusion and struggling on his inner heart and gained the hope to recover from brim of death. Correct me if I am wrong about the storyline, haha.

(Google image)
(Google image)

There are three levels to be choosen from in this game: Timid, Normal and Brave (you know what I chose, right?). Compared to The Witch's House (sorry but I can't help to compare other 2D horror games with this one, it becomes my standard for horror games), it is less violent (erm, I don't count blood splashed everywhere as violence but things like cutting limbs off etc) and less jumpscares. Jumpscare to me is the part of the horror games that increase our adrenaline pump and makes us feel afraid. There is not much jumpscare in it but due to my impatience which caused my character to dash around the scene I often 'accidentally' ran into the 'shadow', then there was a loud scream and game over. Haha. Silly me. So I started to walk slowly, step by step, somehow I still ran into the 'shadow'. Over all, I managed to complete the whole game, so in general it should not be a problem to you guys. The puzzles are challenging too! You have to relate one thing to another in order to solve it.

Well, I have done stupid things in the game, such as running down the seemed-like endless road for minutes (that is already considered as long). If you find that something is wrong, change the way you play or else you might get stuck somewhere forever. This game is more to a puzzle game rather than a horror game to me. Your main mission is to solve the puzzles while dodging the evil 'shadow' of a woman that seemed to haunt you. Being too focus in solving the puzzles leads you to run into her which showed up unexpectedly out of no where (I believe that soul-like thing can teleport, haha).

Anyway, I survived this horror game! My key of survival:
  • always choose a 2D game rather than 3D one (you don't want to scare yourself in reality, right?)
  • always play the game during broad day light (light always defeats darkness, keep this in mind)
  • always play the game around people (make sure you won't die of fear alone)
  • never use a headphone (you still can tune up the volume and make yourself jump)
  • always keep some distances between you and the screen (so that you won't be sucked into the horrible world of the game)
  • if there is an option, always go for the easiest one (or you will definitely give up playing it unless you are a pro)

P/S: I rated this as 18+ although it's not that blood and gore. Death which is not caused by old age is still a bad thing to me.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Who said pets have to be animals? These green furry balls are the legendary marimos a.k.a moss balls (we shouldn't call it moss ball as they are actually photosynthetic aquatic plants!) that originated from Japan, Iceland, Estonia and Scotland. Just like Pandas from China and Koala from Australia, they has been declared as the National Treasure of Japan (wow!) that it is illegal to harvest them from their natural habitats as it will destroy the ecosystem. One of the most popular habitats of marimos is the Lake Akan in Hokkaido, Japan.

I knew that there were such plants years ago when I went to the pet store (I love to window shop in pet stores, hehe) and I think that they are kinda boring. They were just expensive static plants at the bottom of the aquarium (probably staring at you if they have eyes) to me until recently I found out about the name - marimos - and their origins. Marimo is the symbol of everlasting love due to their slow-growing nature and very very long lifespan. They thrive slowly, unnoticably, and quietly.

My dear bought them months ago (because I keep looking at them at the pet store? XD). There are six of them and I keep one of the small ones in capped bottle. They suit busy university student as they are easy to be taken care of. What they need are just a little bit of light and clean tap water changed once every two weeks. Looking at them reminds me of him. ^ ^

So the tiny one in the glass bottle is the one who stays with me and accompany me in my dorm. Sometimes we travel to meet his lovely brothers (see the huge ones??).

These guys stay in my dear's room happily that they get 24/7 light continuously. Pampered children, haha.

Nice to see but be careful to hold.

There are plenty of informations about marimos that we can get in the internet. Just google search for them if you guys are interested in these 'fascinating-in-some-ways' creatures. =D

Friday, 8 November 2013

Mid-sem Break Update #7: Last Day at Home (The End of This Series)

Ok, these should be posted yesterday but the post was occupied by the horror game review (although it's just a demo, but you know, it required a lot of courage from someone timid like me, so please appreciate it, haha). For your information, I am going back to KL tomorrow, which means it is the end of my mid semester break (and it is the start of tension and panic *gasp*).

Ah can't get this in our university, I wonder why. Love it so much, packed with protein and it's not oily (this is the main point! haha). How I wish I can get this as breakfast every day in university.

I will eat you one by one, bwahahahahaha...

Came across this little fella at the balcony. It's ant mantis!

This was my first try of cooking mung bean soup which turns out great. Ok, it is impossible to fail with my grandma's guidance. I tried to do everything on my own but she was just so eager to help, haha. I am such a spoilt child in terms of eating at home. Although I am back in Penang, I seldom take my meals outside. Home-cooked meals are always the best because others won't have the chance to taste it, hehe.

Mung beans with freshly-plucked pandan leaves tied into a knot (which does not look like a knot). Ready to be placed on stove! It's one of the super easy desserts to be made. Just leave it on fire for it to be cooked.

I forgot about the sweet potato. Luckily my grandma reminded me about them, or else I will have to face the music when my mum was home (yeah, I made this upon her request). Later grandma reminded me again that my mung bean soup was turning into mung bean 'porridge', haha. I added too little water at the beginning. Mung beans absorb water at a very high amount during the cooking process.

Ta Da! The wonderful outcome after adding some rock sugar. It tasted perfect (just like ordinary mung bean soup though)! Nice first experience. I believe that I can do it on my own (I mean it, MY OWN) without failing. next time.

Let this mung bean soup mark the end of my holidays (boohoo)! Hello again to my beloved university life! Please be kind to me, haha...

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mid-sem Break Update #6: Fran Bow (demo) Review (18+)

(Google image)

So this is my second review for a computer game named 'Fran Bow' after 'The Witch House' which I actually played the demo without any cheating! I came across this game from the youtuber Cinnamon ToastKen (I didn't watch him playing the game, really) when I was looking for some free 2D horror games to play (my idle mind keeps asking me to do something that I shouldn't do, ugh).

I spent about just half an hour to finish the demo (we have to buy the game). The story is about a girl named Fran whose parents were killed and dismembered (yes, blood and gore). She escaped from her house with her black cat, Mr. Midnight into the forest and she fainted. Waking up in the Oswald Asylum, an oppressive mental institution for children, she determined to find her cat and look for the murderer of her parents. Before that, she had to look for aunt Grace whom she was fond of. The demo ends when you successfully open the door leading to the outside world of the mental institution.

In the game, you can interact with people and things there. The choice of your words will decide the outcome that you will get, so choose your words wisely. I love the 2D art graphics (as I feel dizzy if I watch 3D gaming) which easily brings out the horror. No worries for those who are timid (like me)! There is no jumpscare at all. What you have to do is to solve the puzzles to get the way out. As Fran is a child struggling with mental disorder, there are some red pills that will give her different vision of the world (a bloody one) that will help her in solving the puzzles.

(Google image)
(Google image)
(Google image)

The demo is made by Killmonday to raise fund for the development of this game through the campaign. So far they have reached their goal and the game will be released in July 2014! Here's the link of the official website of Fran Bow: http://franbow.com/. How I wish that I can play this game but good games usually require payment. Anyway, you guys can download the free demo to give it a try. If you like the game, just wait patiently for it to be released!

P/S: Aww the black cat did not show up in the demo. I will keep searching a good horror game to play, bwahahahahaha.......
(how? well, youtube is always a good source, haha)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mid-sem Break Update #5: Forget about The Cream Puffs

This should be the plan of the day: Study. But it ended up me procrastinating doing random stuffs like watching Pewdiepie screaming while playing horror games on Youtube. No wait, I helped my grandma harvesting the mangos! Haha, at least. Guess that is the most meaningful thing that I have done today. Mango feast again!

Begin the day with a mug of hazelnut coffee! (erm, it's 3-in-1. I love coffee but I am not picky about it unless it tastes really bad. That's why I enjoy instant coffee too. Feeling unprofessional, haha.) I found that I have fallen in love with hazelnut-flavoured drinks. Recently I have changed my choice of coffee from cappuccino to latte (influenced by my dear, haha, mainly it's because I rarely get cappuccino with coffee arts anymore, how disappointed). 

Mangos............ Lots of them....... Fresh from the branches...

More mangos................ Believe it or not, all these came from a single tree! I think I won't have any mango after this, hehe...

Must been attacked by wasp or something, but it is still good when the bad part is removed.

Since there were only me and grandma, no one took the photograph of me plucking the mangos. I swear I did help out!!! So here's the tools: ladder and home-made net.

Kerabu mango made of not-really-ripe mangos. Grandma cut it really thin (as thin as noodles), then added some sugar and salt. Voila! Eating them using chopsticks is exactly like eating noodles. Slurp! 

The colour should be more orange. Sweet as honey! Omnomnomnomnom.......

Besides the harvest of mangos, I tried to play a free-downloaded game named Mermaid Swamp, a game just like The Witch's House (I recommended this game before, click here). But no matter how, I still think that The Witch's House is the best among all. I didn't manage to finish the Mermaid Swamp as I got bored in the middle of the game, so yeah, looks like my childhood dream of becoming a gamer failed, not sure whether it is good or bad but I feel quite sorry for myself ten years ago...

Yeah yeah, I did put in some efforts about the cream puffs I mentioned yesterday. This was the third attempt. Some cookies turned out during the first attempt while for the second and third attempts I got some muffins. I must be a magician! Hahaha. This is not yet the end! I won't stop trying! Although I'm not sure what went wrong every time, but I won't stop trying from time to time. By the way, I love this oven very much especially when making toast.

P/S: That's it for today! Of course I have other plans for tomorrow (at least I planned), but I am not going to reveal it so that you guys won't know about any of my failure to follow the planning, haha.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mid-sem Break Update #4: Photo Summary of This Lazy Day

Basically this is a short photo summary of today. Home is a place for me to be lazy, haha. I'm not sure why but it is really hard for me to focus on study or to discipline myself at home. Maybe it is too comfort-zoned??

Meet my big guy (top right) and small guy (bottom right). They live in the yard since I was in Form 2 (about five years ago). When they fix their gleaming eyes on you, all they want is actually fooooooooooooood. And be careful, sometimes they just can't differentiate their food and your finger, haha. I know it's not their fault. As pond sliders, they love prawns and fish very much with occasional kangkung (it is translated as kale by Google, I'm not so sure).

Yay our mango tree! We harvest a lot this year. Just imagine the orange juicy flesh melts away in your mouth, haha. According to grandma, this species is called 'ivory mango' translated from Teochew.

After I went to UPM I realise that many people do not know what is ambra fruit. It is sour and people usually blend them into juice and serve with sour plum. It tastes great and you guys should try it!!!

The small garden consists of pandan plants, oleander plants and some other flowers that I can't name them in front of my house tended by grandma's green fingers. She loves to do gardening.

The hibiscus, our national flower! The plant blossoms every day!

It rained this afternoon. I love rain when I am at home as I don't have to go to the class, I don't have to worry that my clothes are soaked again, I don't have to shiver when I go for shower because I am home!!!

I left out this guy for my precious post, very sorry. This is my second guitar which costed me RM300++. Although after so many years I'm still a beginner (please forgive me, I feel too good about my not-skillful condition as I entertain just myself, haha). Anyway, gonna bring him to my college and hopefully I get to polish up my strumming skill.

P/S: My plan for tomorrow is to make cream puffs!!! I make this declaration is to make sure that I really do it instead of just dream about it. I made cream puffs twice but failed terribly that people would think that what I made was actually cookies, haha. Cross my fingers.
(I love my Nokia Lumia 920 very much! The camera is awesome!!!)