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Friday, 29 November 2013


It's Friday again! I have always yearned for Friday to arrive every week as I don't have class that day (yay!). This Friday is somehow special as I have done something different from other past Fridays. Me and Erika (who was persuaded by me, hehe) went for kayaking (or known as canoeing) which is held for three days starting today at Bukit Expo. Bukit Expo is a place with orchards and a few lakes and beautiful sceneries. We went for the first slot which started at 8am as we didn't want to get scotched by the sun and we wished to use the canoe which was still nice and dry (well planned right? haha). It was quite misty this morning after rain last night and the air was refreshing. It has been a long time since I last having outdoor activities like this. I used to like having activities in Nature but somehow reality binds me to reality. We paid RM5 for each person for 20 minutes, which was the originally period for one person, but since we were early birds and there were not many people, we got to row the canoe for one hour (I am still very thrilled about this because we rarely get the chance to kayak and the price for each canoe is over hundred if we want to do it outside)!

We were having a great time cooperating (I was taking the back seat while she was in front of me). Left, right, left, right, no no no, left left left! Haha, it's fun! This was not the first time I went for canoeing. My first time was back to a few years ago when I was still in secondary school Form 3. I went to a camp (or I should say it was more like a vacation) with the prefectboard to Pulau Tuba, Langkawi, Kedah, a less-developed island. Yes we canoed at the seaside and it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had in my life. I fell in love with kayaking since then but I don't have chance for this due to the expensiveness of this activity. However, this was Erika's first time that she was very nervous at the beginning (but luckily she has a very cooperative partner who was looking at her back, haha). Slowly she gained confidence and started to give commands left, right, left, right, no no no, right right right, we are going to crash into another canoe! Hahaha. I should wear slippers next time so that I won't risk getting my shoes wet as it could be really uncomfortable as I have to walk back to my college which is some walking distances away.

The sun was just warm and gentle. Thank God for the nice weather for us to truly enjoy this activity without being disturbed by the hotness of our tropical climate. Early birds get the worms! We met some fun people there too who are enthusiastic in outdoor activities. We even exchanged contact facebook accounts so that we can keep in touch and go to activities together in the future, hopefully! I am already looking forward to it! Me and Erika were given a ride back to our college (thank you so much!!!) which saved us a lot of energy and time. I believe that I will surely regret if I missed this chance to do kayaking. I am still sure that I love this activity.

Sorry that I don't own any photos of the kayaking activity as I didn't bring my phone (being afraid that it would swim in the lake). When I came back from Bukit Expo, I was greeted by this lovely white-fleshed dragonfruit prepared by my lovely roomate who was already out for class. Thanks, it's so heart-warming!

It is just two weeks away from the inter-university wushu competition in USM, Kelantan and about a month away from my final exam of this semester. So I think it's time for me to allocate more time in both wushu and studies. I might still update my blog, but just not that frequent. But I promise that I will get back to you guys here as soon as the exam ends in January. Have a nice weekend!

P/S: A reminder to all UPM students like me, registration for courses for next semester will be open next Monday. So don't forget to grab yourself a place in classes that you want!

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