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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Nightmare Review (18+)

Hello guys! This is another 2D horror game named 'Nightmare' by Bayard Zylos which I played it all on my own (except a Google search which I believe was unavoidable due to my lack of knowledge, haha). The story is not very new to me but I still consider it as worth playing. Lucky me that when I found this game on Pewdiepie's fans' forum, it is the updated version where the game maker has fixed most of the bugs and updated the game making it more interesting. The game can be downloaded here where you can find most of the introduction about the game by the game maker. It begins when you wake up in a hotel, alone. (I don't plan to write about the intro of the game as everything is stated in the website)

Spoiler Alert!!! 

I wrote these based on my own point of view and it is not necessarily true (you know, I am not experienced in playing puzzle games and there might be misinterpretations). According to the game maker, there are two endings, the good one and the bad one. I eventually got the good ending (thank God) and I am lazy to replay it to get another ending as I have no idea where is the turning point of the game. So the following summary of the story was written based on the good ending. 

The main character of this game was involved in a road accident at route 26 with another car with a young girl and her parents in it, causing the mother's death. The mother who suffered a crash in her skull begged him to end her pain, so he took his hammer in the car and gave her a fatal blow. In this game the main character was actually fighting the guilt in his heart that prevented him from waking up from a coma as a result of the committing suicide after the road accident. He seemed like had lost his memories and was trying to pull his mind together in this game to find out what's going on, which means that everything in this game happens in his inner heart. At the end he won over the confusion and struggling on his inner heart and gained the hope to recover from brim of death. Correct me if I am wrong about the storyline, haha.

(Google image)
(Google image)

There are three levels to be choosen from in this game: Timid, Normal and Brave (you know what I chose, right?). Compared to The Witch's House (sorry but I can't help to compare other 2D horror games with this one, it becomes my standard for horror games), it is less violent (erm, I don't count blood splashed everywhere as violence but things like cutting limbs off etc) and less jumpscares. Jumpscare to me is the part of the horror games that increase our adrenaline pump and makes us feel afraid. There is not much jumpscare in it but due to my impatience which caused my character to dash around the scene I often 'accidentally' ran into the 'shadow', then there was a loud scream and game over. Haha. Silly me. So I started to walk slowly, step by step, somehow I still ran into the 'shadow'. Over all, I managed to complete the whole game, so in general it should not be a problem to you guys. The puzzles are challenging too! You have to relate one thing to another in order to solve it.

Well, I have done stupid things in the game, such as running down the seemed-like endless road for minutes (that is already considered as long). If you find that something is wrong, change the way you play or else you might get stuck somewhere forever. This game is more to a puzzle game rather than a horror game to me. Your main mission is to solve the puzzles while dodging the evil 'shadow' of a woman that seemed to haunt you. Being too focus in solving the puzzles leads you to run into her which showed up unexpectedly out of no where (I believe that soul-like thing can teleport, haha).

Anyway, I survived this horror game! My key of survival:
  • always choose a 2D game rather than 3D one (you don't want to scare yourself in reality, right?)
  • always play the game during broad day light (light always defeats darkness, keep this in mind)
  • always play the game around people (make sure you won't die of fear alone)
  • never use a headphone (you still can tune up the volume and make yourself jump)
  • always keep some distances between you and the screen (so that you won't be sucked into the horrible world of the game)
  • if there is an option, always go for the easiest one (or you will definitely give up playing it unless you are a pro)

P/S: I rated this as 18+ although it's not that blood and gore. Death which is not caused by old age is still a bad thing to me.

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