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Monday, 4 November 2013

Mid-sem Break Update #3: Count all The Tiny Blessings

When you are feeling down or unhappy (especially when you are having holidays with lots of assignments to do and presentations and tests after the holidays), counting all the tiny blessings that you have one of the is the best ways to cure your under-the-weather mood. Here is my list of blessings that I have now:

  1. Finally I get to hug my familiar fluffy pillow which gives me so much comfort hugging it while slowly drifting into slumberland.
  2. Hot shower is the best thing you can't usually get in university (at least not in my university).
  3. Have home-cooked meals by mum and grandma which are irreplaceable by any outside food. 
  4. Get to have ginseng tea made by mummy!!! (ugh it's bitter at the end)
  5. Get to see my funny (annoying at the same time) sister and brother again.
  6. Get to see my lovely pond sliders who are so cute as always.
  7. Although I can't go to Chiang Mai, Thailand with my dear, we still can video chat as if I have been there with him.
  8. I still manage to drive safely to destinations sending my sister and brother to tuition or sports although I have not driven for two months (skipped a few heartbeats today though).
  9. I'm having mango feast every day at my house (hehehe).
  10. I am home, anyway! It's still the best thing in the world! (although there are houseworks for me to do)
Anyhow, this is just a very simple update of my life (a bit wasting away my life though). I want to update my blog just to make sure I will do something more meaningful to post it here. It's kind of like disciplining myself saying that ''hey people are watching your life, behave!!!'', haha. I think it will work (not today though). Hey I did do a little bit of assignments, erm, a little bit is better than none, right?

Girls morning out with Miss Eten, our future lawyer today, hehe! Had my favourite teh tarik (less sweet please) and roti tissue (no one wants to eat this with me in KL, how sad). Coming home means gaining weight, who cares??? Haha. I know I will regret.  Let me do some secret promotions here. Believe it or not, this lovely lady is still single, shh...not too loud...    

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