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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mid-sem Break Update #5: Forget about The Cream Puffs

This should be the plan of the day: Study. But it ended up me procrastinating doing random stuffs like watching Pewdiepie screaming while playing horror games on Youtube. No wait, I helped my grandma harvesting the mangos! Haha, at least. Guess that is the most meaningful thing that I have done today. Mango feast again!

Begin the day with a mug of hazelnut coffee! (erm, it's 3-in-1. I love coffee but I am not picky about it unless it tastes really bad. That's why I enjoy instant coffee too. Feeling unprofessional, haha.) I found that I have fallen in love with hazelnut-flavoured drinks. Recently I have changed my choice of coffee from cappuccino to latte (influenced by my dear, haha, mainly it's because I rarely get cappuccino with coffee arts anymore, how disappointed). 

Mangos............ Lots of them....... Fresh from the branches...

More mangos................ Believe it or not, all these came from a single tree! I think I won't have any mango after this, hehe...

Must been attacked by wasp or something, but it is still good when the bad part is removed.

Since there were only me and grandma, no one took the photograph of me plucking the mangos. I swear I did help out!!! So here's the tools: ladder and home-made net.

Kerabu mango made of not-really-ripe mangos. Grandma cut it really thin (as thin as noodles), then added some sugar and salt. Voila! Eating them using chopsticks is exactly like eating noodles. Slurp! 

The colour should be more orange. Sweet as honey! Omnomnomnomnom.......

Besides the harvest of mangos, I tried to play a free-downloaded game named Mermaid Swamp, a game just like The Witch's House (I recommended this game before, click here). But no matter how, I still think that The Witch's House is the best among all. I didn't manage to finish the Mermaid Swamp as I got bored in the middle of the game, so yeah, looks like my childhood dream of becoming a gamer failed, not sure whether it is good or bad but I feel quite sorry for myself ten years ago...

Yeah yeah, I did put in some efforts about the cream puffs I mentioned yesterday. This was the third attempt. Some cookies turned out during the first attempt while for the second and third attempts I got some muffins. I must be a magician! Hahaha. This is not yet the end! I won't stop trying! Although I'm not sure what went wrong every time, but I won't stop trying from time to time. By the way, I love this oven very much especially when making toast.

P/S: That's it for today! Of course I have other plans for tomorrow (at least I planned), but I am not going to reveal it so that you guys won't know about any of my failure to follow the planning, haha.

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