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Friday, 8 November 2013

Mid-sem Break Update #7: Last Day at Home (The End of This Series)

Ok, these should be posted yesterday but the post was occupied by the horror game review (although it's just a demo, but you know, it required a lot of courage from someone timid like me, so please appreciate it, haha). For your information, I am going back to KL tomorrow, which means it is the end of my mid semester break (and it is the start of tension and panic *gasp*).

Ah can't get this in our university, I wonder why. Love it so much, packed with protein and it's not oily (this is the main point! haha). How I wish I can get this as breakfast every day in university.

I will eat you one by one, bwahahahahaha...

Came across this little fella at the balcony. It's ant mantis!

This was my first try of cooking mung bean soup which turns out great. Ok, it is impossible to fail with my grandma's guidance. I tried to do everything on my own but she was just so eager to help, haha. I am such a spoilt child in terms of eating at home. Although I am back in Penang, I seldom take my meals outside. Home-cooked meals are always the best because others won't have the chance to taste it, hehe.

Mung beans with freshly-plucked pandan leaves tied into a knot (which does not look like a knot). Ready to be placed on stove! It's one of the super easy desserts to be made. Just leave it on fire for it to be cooked.

I forgot about the sweet potato. Luckily my grandma reminded me about them, or else I will have to face the music when my mum was home (yeah, I made this upon her request). Later grandma reminded me again that my mung bean soup was turning into mung bean 'porridge', haha. I added too little water at the beginning. Mung beans absorb water at a very high amount during the cooking process.

Ta Da! The wonderful outcome after adding some rock sugar. It tasted perfect (just like ordinary mung bean soup though)! Nice first experience. I believe that I can do it on my own (I mean it, MY OWN) without failing. next time.

Let this mung bean soup mark the end of my holidays (boohoo)! Hello again to my beloved university life! Please be kind to me, haha...

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