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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Day Out With Erika - The Flying Teapot Cafe

It is really hard to convince Erika going out with me (so guys please take extra mental preparation) and she finally made up her mind to go for a pre-GST (goods and services tax) lunch this noon at The Flying Teapot Cafe which is located within the walking distance from South City Plaza. Even though this was just the third time I visited this place, I have been wanting to come back again since the first time last year (credit goes to Shirley who had brought me there)! And this is also the first post of me doing recommendation and review on a cafe, like what many bloggers are doing now. The main attraction that this cafe provides is the atmosphere. The environment is undeniably comfortable, with soft relaxing music playing at the background and lots of cutely unique teapots lined up on the shelves. Although I am not really fancy of pink, it just caught my heart in this little cozy cafe among the hustle and bustle or streets here in Seri Kembangan.

Me and nasi lemak. The sambal tasted really nice even though it did not contain dried prawns and the egg was boiled just nice with moist and dark yellow eggyolk (which didn't turn grey like an over-cooked one)! The usey embryo rice which tastes better than brown rice but is healthier than white rice.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Counting Little Blessings

The inconveniences I had last semester in terms of facilities were all gone. Last semester was quite unpleasant for me. We had no table and cupboard for more than one month and the hostel was under renovation that we could not enter the hostel for some period of time. Even though the wifi still sucks as usual now (I suspect that the whole thing broke down), I manage to get back to the previous block that I stayed during first year (whee~) in a room with good privacy on top floor. I might need to spend more energy going up and down but it is still cozy to live in.

I got rid the thing that bound me on Saturdays, which means I am a freeman on weekends now!!! The schedule this semester seems just nice despite the fact that I need to go to class by 8am for two out of five days because most classes end at noon! Although the classes seem less packed this time, I must pay more attention in classes since I did not do well in final examination last semester. It’s time to rise again!

This is just the first week of the new semester and I decided to wake up early consistently every morning. I know it sounds silly for a university student to behave that way but I seem to have more time if I wake up early. Because I am now still adjusting to this new lifestyle (actually it is not new because I practiced it during first semester *shamed*), I feel tired in the morning these two days. It should get better as I get used to the timing, and of course that means I need to sleep earlier too!

No more unlimited data now. It sounds like a bad thing for heavy internet user like me but it is actually a good thing. I won’t browse Youtube like there is no tomorrow and I will treasure the time when I have wifi in the café or at the faculty. Subscribing to data is expensive, but Hotlink users can now use free social messaging with a one-time payment. I forgot how I subscribe to that plan but it is really worth since you can stay connected to friends and family without spending credits in texting or calling.

I have not introduced my sister’s bunny – Happy here yet. Happy is a lionhead breed who is three-month old now. Having a dog or a cat as pet is quite a normal thing that even people who have not had these animals as pets know more or less about their behaviors. But having a bunny is a whole new level. She is more like a cat than a dog, which means she is not submissive to you and she really has the personalities. After spending time with her for some time, you will feel like treating her as an individual rather than a mere pet. Yeah more time and energy are required to take care of a bunny but she really brings joy to me. I will have to wait until next semester break to see her again.

Valentine’s day just past not long ago and I spent that so called ‘special’ day at home with family. Although me and my dear do not see it as something really important, seeing others posting on Facebook about their well-spent day with their loved ones is just so saddening. Anyway, the semester has started and I can finally see him face to face again! Strolling at the lakeside (I prefer sitting there hehe), watching movie on laptop, singing together and spending casual time in café are just much more worth than a one-day celebration on Valentine’s day.

Being able to cycle is a really enjoyable thing in life. I am not afraid of the scorching sun, because usually I leave my hostel when the sunlight is still cool and lovely and go back to the hostel when the sun is setting. Of course if I really need to cycle under the mid-noon sun, the distance is short (like from faculty to faculty) and it is more pleasant than waiting and cramping in a bus. Uphill task is tough, but after the hard work you can enjoy the chilling breeze as you go down the slope, feeling free as a bird. Cycling is freedom, where buses are limited.

This semester is somehow stressful, not in terms of academics (16 credit hours are just so comfortable, hahaha) but in terms of the environmental competition I am organising with a group of teammates. We are inexperienced and are easily disorientated as we have no senior to guide us. Everything was started from scraps, from pieces of ideas forming in the head of one person to a solid event moved by a team of 16 people! I am grateful for having supportive friends and companies who help us out a lot. This is just a starting point, we see so much light lying in the future!

Of course I would like to promote the STUDENT-INITIATED ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS COMPETITION 2015 with the theme Ignite the Silver Lining here! We have been planning this competition since last year and all the students participating in this competition will be the pioneers of the student-initiated environmental movement in UPM! There is not much time left! Hurry up and we want you to be part of the efforts!

Check out this awesome trailer!

P/S: The arrangement of the good things happened is not according to importance ya~ =P