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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Day Out With Erika - The Flying Teapot Cafe

It is really hard to convince Erika going out with me (so guys please take extra mental preparation) and she finally made up her mind to go for a pre-GST (goods and services tax) lunch this noon at The Flying Teapot Cafe which is located within the walking distance from South City Plaza. Even though this was just the third time I visited this place, I have been wanting to come back again since the first time last year (credit goes to Shirley who had brought me there)! And this is also the first post of me doing recommendation and review on a cafe, like what many bloggers are doing now. The main attraction that this cafe provides is the atmosphere. The environment is undeniably comfortable, with soft relaxing music playing at the background and lots of cutely unique teapots lined up on the shelves. Although I am not really fancy of pink, it just caught my heart in this little cozy cafe among the hustle and bustle or streets here in Seri Kembangan.

Me and nasi lemak. The sambal tasted really nice even though it did not contain dried prawns and the egg was boiled just nice with moist and dark yellow eggyolk (which didn't turn grey like an over-cooked one)! The usey embryo rice which tastes better than brown rice but is healthier than white rice.
The mysterious girl who looks really pretty from behind, hahaha...
Tadaa! It's Erika with pumpkin porridge! Students like us need some nutritious food like this to boost up our happiness during this unpleasant week with plenty of tests.

The Flying Teapot Cafe serves only vegetarian food with eggs and milk, depending on the menu. They are more specialised in tea that I was surprised by the variety they have: red, black, green, flower and fruit (ok that explains the teapots, lots of them). In supporting the Meatless Monday, customers who order certain main course can get a free selected cold tea! Besides Monday, there are promotions on every first and fifteenth day of Chinese lunar months! For students, the prices of food and beverages here might be slightly higher, but you can get voucher with discount up to 30% from Kindmeal.my! Although I have gotten the vouchers for vege pot and waffles, they are not used because Erika wanted to eat something else (but what about the vouchers T^T). 

The real flying teapots, hahaha. Don't you think the lights are cool???
The teapots are really everywhere! From the shelves to the tables or even the lights! I really wonder whether they sell those cute teapots especially the ones which come with a cup underneath. Have you ever seen teapot which fits so well with a cup? It really saves space! 
Ok this broke my hope for getting one. The cafe owner must have gotten bored of people asking whether they can have one of the teapots, hahaha.
 Another special thing about this cafe is it seems like a combination of a cafe specialised in tea (of course), a vintage-style fashion boutique and a bakery. Let me be honest, I like vintages very much and shopping is the second reason I want to visit this cafe. All the clothes are supplied by Hello Sailor and I will be super happy when there are promotions up to 60% of discount (just bought a dress which I had been wanting since the first time I went there). If you like sailor-look then you will certainly be crazy over this cafe! About the bakery, it's Cheryl Patissiere which provides beautiful-looking cakes and cupcakes. The rainbow cake looks good but I have not had the chance to taste any yet. Probably next time (yay)! When you can enjoy relaxing atmosphere, the happiness of shopping, satisfied sweet appetite and also a healthy meal, this is really a good choice! I really wonder why the cafe was never crowded for the past three times of my visits. People should really look into this cluster of shops and find this place!

New Zealand apple oolong tea! The apple smell was really good but I am not used to have afternoon tea without sugar LOL. The teas are all imported and don't worry, they are using real tea leaves, not powder!
See, there is even teapot for cookie!
Clothes, lots of clothes!!!

P/S: Well, I didn't interview the cafe owner about her inspiration of starting a home-style vegetarian cafe but the idea of promoting a healthy vegetarian diet is portrayed clearly through this small cafe among the crowded shop-lots. I have not been a fan of meat (I eat meat because I get used to it after some 'training' at young age LOL) and nice vegetarian food is really hard to find especially you want the one without MSG.

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