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Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Day I Went Home - Jeneris By Ahren

Being a student studying far away from home, travelling is quite a normal thing although I merely go back home from university four times per year in average. I prefer to travel using train instead of bus because I can choose my seat and probably escape somewhere else if I find the person sitting next to me is kinda creepy (thank God so far I have not met any). So I am quite familiar with KL Sentral which is the main intercity train station nearest to my university. Not long ago NU Sentral was built right next to KL Sentral and it becomes one of the most popular shopping mall for travellers (even non-travellers will go there for a meal or a movie). As an occasional traveller, there are a few important things I look into when I want to get a place to kill my time while waiting for the train:
  • Wifi 
  • Socket
  • Caffeine 
Yeah I want to use a laptop while having a cup of coffee, hahaha. There are a few cafes in KL Sentral and NU Sentral but so far this is the only one that I will go since its existence there - JENERIS By Ahren (it has everything I need!).

The cafe located right at the entrance of NU Sentral with a garage look.
There is not much review I can do for this cafe because I have never taken anything other than some coffees and cakes and plain water, lots of plain water (keep yourself hydrated!). One thing for sure is that I like this cafe very much. Despite of the hustle and bustle of people moving in and out of NU Sentral, this cafe makes a safe hideout with wifi that allows you to connect with the outside world. I must admit that without wifi I will feel disconnected with the rest of the world and really bored. Sitting at the table made of some wooden planks, writing blog post can really kill some time. It is comfortable to have waiters who make you feel welcomed at this place filled with only strangers (I bumped into an old friend back in primary school though). You will know what I mean if you have met some people who look at you as if you annoyed them at the first sight they met you.

Of course this is not the only reason I like this cafe. Their staffs are very nice and friendly that they even refilled my water bottle upon my request before I went off to the train platform!
Hazelnut latte - which I couldn't taste the hazelnut due to sinus... Boo hoo..
(I didn't manage to post the photo of the double chocolate cake because I ruined the photo. By the way all cakes and tarts are discounted 50% today with any coffee or tea ordered!!!)
The best spot for a cozy afternoon - with socket and air-con, hehe... Besides, do remember to show them your student card if you have one to get a 10% discount overall, it makes GST less painful LOL.
When sky juice is so expensive in most restaurant, a coffee drinker knows where to get unlimited plain water.

The train system is in the progress of upgrading and I really hope that it can get better and faster as 5 hours spent on train can be very very slow without a wifi connection (there is not even a socket on train!!!). The train even broke down once during the journey last time which caused me to reach home at midnight. If things get better I will still consider taking train, or else a plane might be a better option as it costs merely RM4 more than a train fare and it saves up to 4 hours compared to train!!! 

P/S: Just found that you can connect wifi almost everywhere at KL Sentral. Thanks to Maxis, bwahahahahaha... (but it turned out that you have only 40Mb to use per phone number registered ugh) And the reason I managed to update my blog within this waiting time is because the train was delayed for one hour!!! Oh man!!! 

Let me end today's post with a not-so-ordinary selfie at the cafe.

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