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Sunday, 19 April 2015

In The Air, Above The Ground

This is a leap, but it's an undesirable leap for 0.02 tonnes of carbon dioxide added to my carbon footprint (0.02 tonnes = 20 kg). Ok I am just kidding haha but the data is real which I calculated using this carbon footprint calculator. After almost 21 years of never have travelled through air, this was my first time taking off for a route of less than one hour from Penang to Subang Jaya on Malindo Airline, a small plane whose inside looks like a bus with propeller on both side. Well I have been travelling on train but I found that with a mere addition of RM 4 I can save up to 4 hours if I choose flight instead, how attractive does that sound?

We are forbidden to use handphone when departing or landing, so I missed out some beautiful landscapes of Jerejak Island surrounded by fish farms which look like patches on the sea. Some scenes are meant to be kept only in memories boohoo. This place is actually still the mainland of Penang where you can't even see the borderline between the sea and the sky.
Lots of plantations consisted of green patches of different shades. Thanks to the cloudless weather at Penang that I am able to see this beautiful view. You can notice rivers which are brown in colour as well which lead to the sea. Everything is crystal clear in the air that you can see things that you will not be able to see on ground.
This propeller blocked the sunlight from my window, but it blocked 70% of the skyview from my seat as well (boohoo). In polluted area, I think this is the only place they can see blue sky, at this height. Thank God we are not living under the dome here in Malaysia, at least not yet.
It got cloudier and cloudier as the plane went towards south. The cloud looked more distinct up here, with the contrast of greeneries down there.
(please ignore the propeller thank you very much lol)
You can only differentiate clouds at different height when you are among them because everything looks the same from the ground. From here you can see that there are clouds below the plane and clouds above the plane. We should have our atmospheric science class trip on plane next time hahaha.
This is what we call blankets of clouds!
They look so solid that there was an illusion that you can actually land on them.
This is what we called 'cumulus cloud' which is cotton-candy-like~

My first time taking a plane, although it's just a domestic one, the experience was quite good. The only scary thing was when the plane suddenly 'dipped', I felt my heart was in my mouth. Hey don't laugh please I can't even take a roller coaster! And I will avoid taking flights too, it just takes up too much fuel.