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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Soup + Rice = Nice Dinner in Campus

What do we do when we are having a bad mood? Yeah, eat. Nice food has that magical ability to heal us from stress and depression, that is why when we are on diet we are usually cranky and uneasy (I know you have experience this, just admit it hahaha). There is nothing more boring or saddening than having to take your dinner at the cafeteria in the campus. Well the food issue is not that serious during the morning and the afternoon when I can eat at Old Flat where I can get Chinese food and noodles (I no longer have biscuits for breakfast, they can't generate good mood in me LOL). However I will come back to college after class, which means unless I go out again (laziness overloaded!) or else I will have to eat at the cafeteria right in front of my college.

Can you imagine having to eat chicken for every dinner in the campus?  Varieties of chicken rice we have here: honey (madu), spice (berempah), roasted, curry, red sauce (masak merah). Dish with chicken: black pepper, ginger, paprika, tumeric, tomyam, soup and basically all types of fried rice. Even fried Chinese kale or Ipomoea aquatica (you don't know what it is? Make it simple, call it kangkung LOL) has chicken meat and skin inside. Unless you go for burger or fried snacks or bakeries, you will get to eat chicken. 

No matching container this time T^T

This was my second time ordering dinner from Dish Motion (for the post regarding the first time please click here). The menu for this week was papaya peanut soup and long bean rice! There was an adequate amount of papaya chunks and peanuts which made the soup taste light and sweet. Even though I get to have free soup for lunch every day at Old Flat, this one is nothing comparable with the ones provided at economic rice stalls. You won't taste a hint of MSG and it is definitely nutritious! The long bean rice was so good that I couldn't make myself mix it with the soup (if it was white rice I will definitely soak it in soup, just a habit)! There were long bean (of course), fried garlic and dried squid which made the rice so aromatic. My mum used to cook long bean rice at home as well. The dinner today was just so heavenly! It is worth more than the RM6 that you pay. Trust me!

P/S: A satisfying dinner makes a happy girl.

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