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Friday, 30 August 2013

University Here I Come (Farewell Penang)

I don't know where to start writing the post tonight as I can't express the complicated feeling I am having now. I have been eager to gain freedom but when freedom is just within reached, I feel like I want to go back to the warm enclosure of home again. Luggages packed, everything's ready, I just have to wait for time to creep by and I will be away from home to study in Selangor. This time it is not a one-year programme but a four-year bachelor course which has lots of unknowns lying in front of the path although I have went through hostel life before.

It's really weird. I will get even more freedom in university compared to matriculation college (which was a wish of all former matriculation students), but I don't feel easy now. I dislike changes, and I am sure this will be another turn in my life. What I can do is just cross my fingers and hope for the very best, especially the orientation week (or weeks, NOOOO....).

This is the last post before I enter a different world, so hopefully I am moved enough to continue updating my blog instead of forsaking it due to laziness and inspire-less-ness (ok I admit that it is an excuse). To end this post, I wish those who are same as me good luck and try our best to survive at least the orientation. =D

By the way, tomorrow will be Malaysia's 56th independent day! Let's count down! (Photo taken in Selangor Matriculation College)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Thank You Note

I have read ''The Magic'' written by Rhonda Byrne last year and it is a day-to-day guide to lead us in living a life with gratitude in different ways. Feeling blessed is one of the best feeling in the world even if we are going through the trough of our life. Simply thinking about something you are thankful of and saying 'thank you' can immediately lit up your mind to be more positive. Yes, good things still happen! It is not about religion, so no matter whether you are an atheist, agnostic or religious people, be grateful and life would be much meaningful.

(Google image)

I decided to write this post as I was inspired by Ryan in his article ''Today I Am Thankful''. So here is my thank-you list that I would like to dedicate to our God who has been watching over me for the past 19 years:
  • Thank you for giving me a lovely family where I have been taken care of by mummy and daddy who are quite patient towards my sometimes rebellious attitude and supporting and growing up with sister and brother who are kinda cute in some ways.  
  • Thank you for letting my dear See Yen into my life unexpectedly. Because of him I changed my perspective towards life and it's him who taught me to love and to be love.
  • Thank you for all the friends from every stage of my life who accept me and yet turn me into who I am today by inspiring me from time to time. Your accompany and encouragement mean a lot to me.
  • Thank you for teachers who helped me directly or indirectly throughout the winding and yet smooth-sailing route of my study life in primary school, secondary school, college and the upcoming university.
  • Thank you any person in my life because you are awesome!
  • Thank you that I successfully enrol in tertiary study which has been my dreams since I started schooling. Being a university student is always a dream for any typical student and I got what I want in the end and I believe it is the best for me - - Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology in University Putra Malaysia.
  • Thank you for giving me a healthy body that I can perform normal physical and mental activities like anybody else.
  • Thank you for giving me the faith to continue believing on the bright side of bad things so that I have the courage to keep going towards my dreams.
  • Thank you for allowing me to achieve what I want in my life such as: be a prefect, be the president of wushu club and studied matriculation, just to name a few. 
Those are rather serious one, and here is the list that I made when I was in matriculation, simple but rather silly, haha (not all but just some form the list, there are way too many):
  • Thank you daddy for raising me like a son so that I am tougher and can do things that usually be in-charged by boys.
  • Thank you mummy for trying so hard to raise me like a girl although it took about 18 years for the plan to succeed.
  • Thank you those who make me laugh and heal my wounds.
  • Thank you for making forgive and forget possible.
  • Thank you for the gift of imagination.
  • Thank you for giving the the opportunity to see the most beautiful sky I have ever seen in Selangor Matriculation College.
  • Thank you for giving me such a nice weather to just enjoy the breeze and jog.
  • Thank you  for the food that contributes to my well-being.
  • Thank you for allowing us to live through 21/12/2012.
  • Thank you for making me a girl that I am girly enough in dress but tomboy enough to stand on my own feet and being sporty on outdoor activities.
  • Thank you for making me someone special.
  • Thank you for everything I have or don't have.
So make your own list, it can be helpful when you need mental support as you can see you are a blessed child. You will be happier in your daily life. Cheers! =)

A cup of Cappuccino from Black Canyon. It cheers me up even I just look at the design! It is easy to be happy, and it is your decision to be happy.

Monday, 26 August 2013


从小我就很喜欢动漫,一切都由《宠物小精灵》(pokemon)开始。由于当时家里只有普通电视台(虽然现在还是没有改变),要看动漫只能每个星期固定时间坐在电视机前面追,而且要追动漫并没有那么简单,如果不小心惹妈妈生气整个计划就会泡汤了,呜呜~ 再说万一电视台忽然停播,辛辛苦苦追到的动漫都得前功尽弃(虽然有时还会重播,但就得从头看起,然后再停播,就这样恶性循环)。家里网络还没那么方便的时候为了要看完整套的动漫就得求爸爸上网下载,用这个方法总算让我看完《犬夜叉》(Inuyasha)和看一半的《全职猎人》(HunterXHunter),至于为什么全职猎人只看一半呢是因为来不及赶完就得去万津读预科班了。因此我所知道的动漫少之又少,都是好几年前就已经完结了的。现在有无线网络,用PPS看动漫实在是太方便了,种类多得看不完,只是由于在预科班呆太久对动漫的兴致少了很多,所以没有很想看的冲动(我不要失去童年啊!!!)。

今天要介绍的是我第一部一集接一集追的动漫 — — 《进击的巨人》(Attack on Titan)。很熟悉对吧?最近这部动漫很热门,我是因为流连面子书才发现的。刚开始时我是想这种东西有什么好看的,但到处都看到有人推荐说很好看,就凭着‘反正没事做’的心态去看看解闷。看了前面几集有点想放弃,因为剧情很悲惨,有点像在看《饥饿游戏》(The Hunger Games),一直有人死,而且巨人很丑,真的真的很丑。对于动漫我有点强迫症,所以就坚持地一直看下去,直到第六集剧情有了逆转才开始很紧张地追看,两天内看完十七集(我开始看的时候已经出到第十七集了,目前有二十集)。


( Google image )


( Google image )
( Google image )




《进击的巨人》比较倾向于灾难片(我们不会想要巨人出现在现实中,不像是比卡丘,爱死了!^ ^ ),但有动作有内涵有情感,还是一部值得一看并深思的动漫。在此向大家推荐推荐(每逢星期日推出新的一集)。

P/S: 在网上有很多进击的OO(请用任何其他的动漫名称取代OO),动漫粉丝把《进击的巨人》主题曲配上其他动漫的片头动画,产生了别有风味的进击。面子书上也有搞笑版的漫画,可以多加留意,很多时候都是关于艾连因惹恼兵长而被踢出去喂巨人的笑话,哈哈。。。

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sarang Surowo (You Are Lovable) - Kim Jong Kook

Hey guys! I just want to share a Korean music video which is not from the K-pop category (K-pop is everywhere) but the song is just so catchy that I fell in love with it. There is no fancy outfit, no complicated dance move (in fact the dance is cute!), only the attractive smile of Kim Jong Kook (I believe those Running Man fans know him more than I do, haha). Despite his well-built body, his voice is simply soooo adorable! (This is hardly acceptable to some of my boy friends, don't know why, what do you guys think?)

The lyrics and its translation (copied from this website):
Oh moributho balkuthkaji da sarangsurowo
Oh niga naui yojaranun ge jarangsurowo
Gidarimi julgobgo ijen gonggimajo
Dalkomhe irohge norul saranghe

Sesangi himdurodo nol bomyon
Maume barami tonghe
Iron ge sanun goji iron ge
Hengbogiji ijeya nukkige dwesso nanun

Onjongil u urhedo nol bomyon
Morie hedbichi duro
Irohge nollaun ge sarangiji
Gidarin borami isso

Jinanbon sarangchorom ulkabwa hanchamul mangsoryojiman
Bocheji anhgo narul gidaryojun
No pyonanhage sumyodurowa

Oh moributho balkuthkaji da sarangsurowo
Oh niga naui yojaranun ge jarangsurowo
Mutugtughadon nega jongil shingulbonggul ujanha
Deche nege musun jisurhan goya

Oh gurimjawa dwismosubkaji sarangsurowo
Oh bukkuroun ejongpyohyondo jayonsurowo
Gidarimi julgobgo ijen gonggimajo
Dalkomhe irohge norul saranghe

Nol hengboghage hejugi wihe
Nega nal akkige dwesso
Ne mosub negabwado ije jogumun
Gwenchanhun nomi doen god gatha

Oh moributho balkuthkaji da sarangsurowo
Oh niga naui yojaranun ge jarangsurowo
Mutugtughadon nega jongil shingulbonggul ujanha
Deche nege musun jisurhan goya

Oh gurimjawa dwismosubkaji sarangsurowo
Oh bukkuroun ejongpyohyondo jayonsurowo
Gidarimi julgobgo ijen gonggimajo
Dalkomhe irohge norul saranghe

Oh nananana nanananana nanananana
Oh nananana nanananana nanananana

Saramduri modudul burowoso
Gyondil su obge gurohge uri saranghe
Ooh hangajiman yagsoghe sesang kuthnal tekaji
Naegeman sarangsurobgi
You're loveable from head to toe
I'm so proud to to have you as my girl
Waiting is fun now and even the air is sweet
I love you

Even if the world is hard to bear, when I see you
I can feel the breeze upon my heart
Is this living or is this happiness ?
Whatever it is, I'm feeling it now

Even if my whole day as been gloomy, when I see you
I can feel the sunlight on my hair
Is this surprising feeling love ?
There are perks to waiting

I was afraid I'd cry like my last encounter with love
So I hesitated, but you waited for me without complain
And so you came easily to me

You're loveable from head to toe
I'm so proud to to have you as my girl
I was always so stiff but I now I smile all day
What have I done ?

Even your backside and shadow are loveable
And my affection comes naturally
Waiting is fun now and even the air is sweet
I love you

I've been taking care of myself so that I can make you happy
And even in my eyes I feel like I'm an okay guy now

You're loveable from head to toe
I'm so proud to to have you as my girl
I was so curt but I now I smile all day
What have I done ?

Even your backside and shadow are loveable
And my affection comes naturally
Waiting is fun now and even the air is sweet
I love you

Oh nananana nanananana nanananana
Oh nananana nanananana nanananana

Let's love each other so that other people
Are so jealous they can't stand it !
Oh just promise me this one thing that until the end of
The world you will only be loveable for me ! 

P/S: I still fail to sing the whole song, haha... Anyway, hope you guys like it!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Witch's House Review (18+)

I had been addicted to watching indie horror games walk-throughs on Youtube by Toby Turner and Pewdiepie at midnight weeks ago (I have no idea why would I do that as I am super coward when it comes to any horror-related things) and I found this interesting game called The Witch's House (and it is also the first indie horror game I 'watched'). It was created by Fummy in Japanese for free download (English version) a few years ago.

(Google image)

It has one of the best yet sad storyline for a horror games. The story is about a girl named Viola who was waiting for her father in a forest went into a huge mansion of a witch named Ellen and tried to escape safely. This is what we know at the beginning of the game. However there are three endings: the good but false one, the true one and the secret one. Usually we will get the good ending and be like 'aww...' but the true ending is too overwhelming for me to accept at first. Oh I want to say that I didn't finish the game although I downloaded it. Instead I watched Toby playing the whole game on Youtube (he did the good ending one only, so if you want to watch the other endings you probably have to look for it from other Youtubers such as Pewdiepie). Part of the reasons I didn't finish it is because it is too scary for me to play alone and even though I have known all the details of the game I am lacking of skills to go through the tough parts (it has been a long time I didn't play games that require quick reaction, so...).

(Google image)
(Google image)
(Google image)

As you can see it is not a typical 3D horror game like The Haunted House or The Slender Man but the 'horror' effect turns out perfect with blood and lots of jumpscares. I never thought that with graphic like this can give us goosebumps but it really does! Besides that, the puzzles to be solved are challenging and well-designed that you could be stuck in the middle of the game until you figure out the clue. No worries! You can easily find the answers for each puzzle from the internet. Youtube is especially useful. I am not going to mention about how to go through the game as it can be found with just a click.

This is the true story behind the false illusion (if you prefer to have surprises by playing the game on your own please kindly skip this part) :

The story is about the betrayal of two friends, namely Ellen and Viola. Ellen was a girl with purple hair whose parents did not love her as she was suffering from terrible sickness. She felt that no one in this world loved her. She killed her parents and met a black cat, the devil. The cat brought her to a mansion in the forest and promised her to grant her health if she gave him human souls to devour as the devil without a physical form could not hunt down humans. So Ellen who became a witch stayed in the mansion and did what she was told. 
Then she met Viola, a kind-hearted girl with golden braids and they became friends. Viola felt sympathetic towards Ellen whose health condition was getting worse and worse that she could not even leave her bed. She continued to be at Ellen's side in spite of Ellen's sickness. One day Ellen asked Viola to exchange body with her as she wanted to be free from the sufferings for just one day. Viola who was too kind to refuse her request agreed. 
However, before they exchanged their body, Ellen cut off her legs and gouged out her eyes so that when Viola got her body she could not move and see. She wanted to claim Viola's body as her own to continue surviving as she knew that her body could not stand any longer. After the magic was done, she even gave Viola (who was in Ellen's body) a throat-burning potion that caused Viola unable to speak as she did not want to hear her own scream of pain. Despite their friendship, Ellen (who owned Viola's body) broke their agreement.

It means that starting from the beginning of the game, the character that player controlled is actually Ellen in Viola's body and the witch in the mansion is actually Viola who suffered on behalf of Ellen. Viola tried to trap Ellen in the mansion but as Ellen was the owner of the mansion she was guided by the mansion through notes sticking on the wall to pass through all the obstacles. In the end, Ellen escaped from the mansion with Viola chasing behind her until they met Viola's father. Appeared to be eyeless and legless, Viola was thought to be the monster and was shot by her own father. Ellen, who has the appearance of Viola lived a happy ever after life with Viola's father. She was finally being loved again, as Viola.

Very sad, isn't it? Sad and scary at the same time. I like the story although it has a bad ending as I think it is beautiful in some ways? Ah, nevermine. By the way, these are some fan arts that I found and I would like to share them with you guys!

(Google image)
(Google image)
(Google image)

P/S: I watched my brother playing the game before and his reaction when he faced jumpscares was amusing, haha. Well, I am still feeling scared when I recall about the game (without playing it, I am just so so chicken).

What I Miss about Banting ( Photo Summary)

This was the largest turning point in my life so far and I indeed changed a lot in terms of personalities and the way of thinking during those days away from home. So these are the things that I will definitely miss no matter how long I have graduated from Selangor Matriculation College. I will make sure that I visit this special little town whenever I have the chance.

Amazing morning view!

Dried chilli pan mee!!! My favourite Chinese food in the town to satisfy our 'pork-craving-syndrome'.

Buka puasa celebration, haha...

Friendly cats and kitten everywhere. Meow~

Teh tarik is a must in the weekend morning.

Atlas moth, the largest moth in the world which can be often seen in the college.

Fat and juicy caterpillar of Atlas moth.

Simple away-from-home Mooncake Festival celebration in college.

Tennis! Always tired of serving and picking up the balls, haha.

Crown puzzle in FRIM during trip.

Rare scene of the sun!!! I still don't like you when you are scorching down though.

SM1K4 Chinese students! Cheers!

Non-bumiputera classmates!

Bukit Jugra hiking for Wushu Club.

Preparation for Chinese New Year celebration. This is just part of the team! 

SM1K4T1 classmates in purple!!!

Chinese traditional dance practice for CNY celebration.

Polaris block Princess Night. First time in my life, haha.

Art Club trip to Bank Negara Gallery, Art Museum and Aquaria! 

My first time blood donation.

Dedicated helpers for SPRK (college election)

Brothers! Bwahahaha...

I love the view of the sky in college. It is such a perfect spot for 'sky-gazing', haha.

There are simply too much memories to be shared but limited space. It was such a short and packed life in Banting, so packed that we didn't realise how time flee. Graduation had put an end to this jar of memories and  another new jar will be opened for the journey coming up next. Anyway there is something I miss the most:
No why and how. =P

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Behind the scenes - Wushu Performances in KMS...

The Wushu Club of Selangor Matriculation college for 2012/2013 was set up in August 2012 with 90% of non-Chinese members (surprised) and it was one of the four self-defense clubs (others were Silat, Silambam and Taekwando) there. Members of the club had taken part in three performances throughout the less-than-one-year time, which were during the closing ceremony for Karnival Sukan (Sport Carnival) and Malam Kebudayaan (Culture Night) for Indians and Chinese respectively.

As almost all of the members had never been exposed to this Chinese traditional martial art, it was a really tough work because most people took at least a year to master the basic of Wushu and we had limited time to practise (we have to cope with heavy workload at the same time) which was once a week or two weeks (but we were still considered as one of the most active clubs in the college, hehe). Except our last performance of Wushu, the former two were prepared in a rush as we received last-minute requests to perform. We would be on the stage within one week without any 'ready-to-perform' pattern to be used (previously we focused on basic training for wushu, not for performance during club activities). However I was really grateful that we had dedicated members who were willing to sacrifice their time and energy to practise during the evening or night after classes which were usually ended at 5pm.

Annual dinner with fellow Wushu performers, club committees and our lecturer advisor
Despite the struggles that we made, the outcomes were satisfying for us who were not really experted in Wushu. Our success was not rated based on the quality of our performance but the hard work and passion that we placed into the event. I was touched to see that non-Chinese members were even passionate during training and they were the ones who volunteered to accept the challenges to do performance within a short time. Without basics and knowledge about Wushu, they had to train harder to memorise the steps and to make every move perfect. Anyway, we did it! Our performances earned great applause from the crowds in the Antares hall. The feeling was incredible that we beat the impossibilities in spite of our skin colours and backgrounds!

Wushu performers of Closing Ceremony for Sport Carnival
Wushu performers of Indian Culture Night
Wushu performers of Chinere Culture Night
Although this club lasted for less than a year (as most of us enrolled in one-year matriculation programme only) and we will have no more wushu activities together, I am glad that at least we went through obstacles, helping each other all the way. Wushu had brought us together. We were different, but we are similar at the same time. 



2013 vs 2011 

所以不减肥不行!胖了的话会穿不下之前买的衣服,很浪费耶(其实爱美的成分比较多,嘿嘿)!变胖也不是没有原因的。中学时期差不多每个星期六都得到学校参与课外活动,为了几面武术金牌在太阳底下进行四个小时的魔鬼式训练,平时在学校因为是学长所以时不时得东奔西跑的,体重控制得还好(虽然那个时候老妈已经嫌我肥了)。结果毕业后就整天赖在家里,运动量减少饭量增加,进入预科班后天天马来餐(而且无论份量多少都一样价钱,所以。。。),压力时就啃零食(星期五为自定冰淇淋日,大家热烈响应,哈哈),赶课业不够睡,渐渐地就发福了。发现问题时已经快预科班毕业了,但也开始行动减肥。首先食量减半(我不提倡skip meal,小心变更胖),少吃碳水化合物,每天一杯咖啡加快新陈代谢,(尽量)不碰零食和罐装饮料,然后每天花半个小时慢跑(龟速前进),跑完去Andromeda(学院里一栋偏僻的建筑物)看朋友做insanity(很激烈的肌肉训练,我曾经跟着做,结果做不到热身的一半就不行了,唉)。看,我不是一个人在努力,哈哈。。。



Saturday, 17 August 2013

Add-on for ''End of My No-worries-and-burdens Holidays''

This is the butterfly releasing activity that I mentioned in the previous post. At least I got to do it after I missed the one which was hold during Valentine's Day. I hope that I will do that again someday, not releasing the butterflies into the farm but into the wild.

Cheers! =)

P/S: Credit to my dear who recorded everything. ^ ^

End of My No-worries-and-burdens Holidays

What date is it now??? I am kinda losing track of time since my matriculation life. Two more weeks I will be leaving Penang to pursue my tertiary studies in University Putra Malaysia, Serdang. Wait, it has been four months since I graduated from matriculation??? What have I done these days without updating my blog???   > <  ( Curiosity kills a cat but laziness kills a blog, haha... )

I realise that nothing much has been done during these holidays. Nothing! Really! I have been wasting my life on Facebook and Youtube and whatever! To revive my blog, here is the summary of things I did during this period:

  • Attended UM enrolment interview  (which ended three minutes after I entered the interview room)
  • Failed to become a orientation week facilitator in my previous college (due to some reasons that I don't feel like sharing, it still hurts me when I think about it)
  • Tried to cook and forced my family to enjoy my cookings (hehe)
  • Got my first smartphone Nokia Lumia 920 (which was accidentally dropped to the floor and suffered quite a lot, boohoo)
  • Watched Youtube vloggers
  • Played Don't Starve (still playing and struggling hard to survive, quite successful though)
  • Received my offer letter for Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology in UPM (Thank God)
  • Driving (and getting better in my driving skill, although I am still not allowed to go very far)
  • Losing weight (cutting down calories intake and doing some workouts, have to at least return to my previous weight before entering matriculation, the minimum target)
  • Shopping (I have no idea since when I fell in love with shopping)
  • Spending time with family
  • Having marimos as pets (or as children? haha)
  • Surfing the net (wandering around like bored ghost)
  • Applied for scholarships (and waiting)
  • Watched some movies on laptop (I didn't go to cinema since I came home)
  • Video chatting every single day (^ ^)
The most memorable thing that I have done is having a very short vacation with my college buddies to Penang island. That is the only vacation I have gone to with my college friends (that's why I treasure the memories so much!) Although I am a Penangite, but honestly I am not familiar with this place. I don't know where we can get the best food, or the best scenary in this mesmerizing island. Even my friends from Selangor are better in this than me! This trip was very low-budgeted as we stayed in Jia Jia's house, making the first floor of her house look like a refuge camp (thank you for the tolerance of your family!) and we have our drivers Gan and Edward and Yeong Sheng. Special thanks to Yeong Sheng too for being our tourist guide FOC, haha. Besides food hunt (which is a must if you come to Penang), we visited the Tropical Spice Garden, the Butterfly Farm, Nutmeg farm and the War Museum (by exchanging the plan to go to the Escape Park but it worthed!).

We were lucky to meet a very dedicated guide in Tropical Spice Garden who worked overtime just to tell us more about the spices in Malaysia. And we were also very fortunate to meet another devoted guide in the Butterfly Farm who gave us the chance to release newly-hatched (I think I have used the wrong word) butterflies. The uncle at the Nutmeg farm was really friendly that he taught us eye-opening knowledges about the usage of nutmeg and how to differentiate between 'male' and 'female' one, interesting right? We spent the longest time in the War Museum due to expensive entrance fee. Nah, just kidding, haha. We have to walk a lot and there was no one to guide us. Luckily Edward has gone there before and he managed to lead us in adventuring through the 'haunted' place (I still smile involuntarily whenever I think of the happenings there). About food, I had tried the best prawn noodle, laksa, curry mee and kuey tiau soup there. Description is not provided as I can't transform the feeling into words (yes this is not because I am lazy, I am very sure). 

Pristine beach of Balik Pulau.

Teluk Bahang dam.

I love butterflies soooo much!!! (that's why I put this photo as extra large, hehe)

These are beyond beautiful!!!

No worries, they are not dangerous at all.

No bias please, they are just as adorable as butterflies!

No matter where we went, the most important thing is that we spent time together, laughing and having fun. Probably after this trip we can barely meet up again like this as we are going on our own way, scattering among different universities. Friendship is wonderful. It is still unbelievable that we can bond so deeply within a short period of time in college. Because of you, friends, I am who I am today. Thanks and all the best for what's coming ahead!