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Friday, 30 August 2013

University Here I Come (Farewell Penang)

I don't know where to start writing the post tonight as I can't express the complicated feeling I am having now. I have been eager to gain freedom but when freedom is just within reached, I feel like I want to go back to the warm enclosure of home again. Luggages packed, everything's ready, I just have to wait for time to creep by and I will be away from home to study in Selangor. This time it is not a one-year programme but a four-year bachelor course which has lots of unknowns lying in front of the path although I have went through hostel life before.

It's really weird. I will get even more freedom in university compared to matriculation college (which was a wish of all former matriculation students), but I don't feel easy now. I dislike changes, and I am sure this will be another turn in my life. What I can do is just cross my fingers and hope for the very best, especially the orientation week (or weeks, NOOOO....).

This is the last post before I enter a different world, so hopefully I am moved enough to continue updating my blog instead of forsaking it due to laziness and inspire-less-ness (ok I admit that it is an excuse). To end this post, I wish those who are same as me good luck and try our best to survive at least the orientation. =D

By the way, tomorrow will be Malaysia's 56th independent day! Let's count down! (Photo taken in Selangor Matriculation College)

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