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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Behind the scenes - Wushu Performances in KMS...

The Wushu Club of Selangor Matriculation college for 2012/2013 was set up in August 2012 with 90% of non-Chinese members (surprised) and it was one of the four self-defense clubs (others were Silat, Silambam and Taekwando) there. Members of the club had taken part in three performances throughout the less-than-one-year time, which were during the closing ceremony for Karnival Sukan (Sport Carnival) and Malam Kebudayaan (Culture Night) for Indians and Chinese respectively.

As almost all of the members had never been exposed to this Chinese traditional martial art, it was a really tough work because most people took at least a year to master the basic of Wushu and we had limited time to practise (we have to cope with heavy workload at the same time) which was once a week or two weeks (but we were still considered as one of the most active clubs in the college, hehe). Except our last performance of Wushu, the former two were prepared in a rush as we received last-minute requests to perform. We would be on the stage within one week without any 'ready-to-perform' pattern to be used (previously we focused on basic training for wushu, not for performance during club activities). However I was really grateful that we had dedicated members who were willing to sacrifice their time and energy to practise during the evening or night after classes which were usually ended at 5pm.

Annual dinner with fellow Wushu performers, club committees and our lecturer advisor
Despite the struggles that we made, the outcomes were satisfying for us who were not really experted in Wushu. Our success was not rated based on the quality of our performance but the hard work and passion that we placed into the event. I was touched to see that non-Chinese members were even passionate during training and they were the ones who volunteered to accept the challenges to do performance within a short time. Without basics and knowledge about Wushu, they had to train harder to memorise the steps and to make every move perfect. Anyway, we did it! Our performances earned great applause from the crowds in the Antares hall. The feeling was incredible that we beat the impossibilities in spite of our skin colours and backgrounds!

Wushu performers of Closing Ceremony for Sport Carnival
Wushu performers of Indian Culture Night
Wushu performers of Chinere Culture Night
Although this club lasted for less than a year (as most of us enrolled in one-year matriculation programme only) and we will have no more wushu activities together, I am glad that at least we went through obstacles, helping each other all the way. Wushu had brought us together. We were different, but we are similar at the same time. 

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