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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What I Miss about Banting ( Photo Summary)

This was the largest turning point in my life so far and I indeed changed a lot in terms of personalities and the way of thinking during those days away from home. So these are the things that I will definitely miss no matter how long I have graduated from Selangor Matriculation College. I will make sure that I visit this special little town whenever I have the chance.

Amazing morning view!

Dried chilli pan mee!!! My favourite Chinese food in the town to satisfy our 'pork-craving-syndrome'.

Buka puasa celebration, haha...

Friendly cats and kitten everywhere. Meow~

Teh tarik is a must in the weekend morning.

Atlas moth, the largest moth in the world which can be often seen in the college.

Fat and juicy caterpillar of Atlas moth.

Simple away-from-home Mooncake Festival celebration in college.

Tennis! Always tired of serving and picking up the balls, haha.

Crown puzzle in FRIM during trip.

Rare scene of the sun!!! I still don't like you when you are scorching down though.

SM1K4 Chinese students! Cheers!

Non-bumiputera classmates!

Bukit Jugra hiking for Wushu Club.

Preparation for Chinese New Year celebration. This is just part of the team! 

SM1K4T1 classmates in purple!!!

Chinese traditional dance practice for CNY celebration.

Polaris block Princess Night. First time in my life, haha.

Art Club trip to Bank Negara Gallery, Art Museum and Aquaria! 

My first time blood donation.

Dedicated helpers for SPRK (college election)

Brothers! Bwahahaha...

I love the view of the sky in college. It is such a perfect spot for 'sky-gazing', haha.

There are simply too much memories to be shared but limited space. It was such a short and packed life in Banting, so packed that we didn't realise how time flee. Graduation had put an end to this jar of memories and  another new jar will be opened for the journey coming up next. Anyway there is something I miss the most:
No why and how. =P

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