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Saturday, 17 August 2013

End of My No-worries-and-burdens Holidays

What date is it now??? I am kinda losing track of time since my matriculation life. Two more weeks I will be leaving Penang to pursue my tertiary studies in University Putra Malaysia, Serdang. Wait, it has been four months since I graduated from matriculation??? What have I done these days without updating my blog???   > <  ( Curiosity kills a cat but laziness kills a blog, haha... )

I realise that nothing much has been done during these holidays. Nothing! Really! I have been wasting my life on Facebook and Youtube and whatever! To revive my blog, here is the summary of things I did during this period:

  • Attended UM enrolment interview  (which ended three minutes after I entered the interview room)
  • Failed to become a orientation week facilitator in my previous college (due to some reasons that I don't feel like sharing, it still hurts me when I think about it)
  • Tried to cook and forced my family to enjoy my cookings (hehe)
  • Got my first smartphone Nokia Lumia 920 (which was accidentally dropped to the floor and suffered quite a lot, boohoo)
  • Watched Youtube vloggers
  • Played Don't Starve (still playing and struggling hard to survive, quite successful though)
  • Received my offer letter for Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology in UPM (Thank God)
  • Driving (and getting better in my driving skill, although I am still not allowed to go very far)
  • Losing weight (cutting down calories intake and doing some workouts, have to at least return to my previous weight before entering matriculation, the minimum target)
  • Shopping (I have no idea since when I fell in love with shopping)
  • Spending time with family
  • Having marimos as pets (or as children? haha)
  • Surfing the net (wandering around like bored ghost)
  • Applied for scholarships (and waiting)
  • Watched some movies on laptop (I didn't go to cinema since I came home)
  • Video chatting every single day (^ ^)
The most memorable thing that I have done is having a very short vacation with my college buddies to Penang island. That is the only vacation I have gone to with my college friends (that's why I treasure the memories so much!) Although I am a Penangite, but honestly I am not familiar with this place. I don't know where we can get the best food, or the best scenary in this mesmerizing island. Even my friends from Selangor are better in this than me! This trip was very low-budgeted as we stayed in Jia Jia's house, making the first floor of her house look like a refuge camp (thank you for the tolerance of your family!) and we have our drivers Gan and Edward and Yeong Sheng. Special thanks to Yeong Sheng too for being our tourist guide FOC, haha. Besides food hunt (which is a must if you come to Penang), we visited the Tropical Spice Garden, the Butterfly Farm, Nutmeg farm and the War Museum (by exchanging the plan to go to the Escape Park but it worthed!).

We were lucky to meet a very dedicated guide in Tropical Spice Garden who worked overtime just to tell us more about the spices in Malaysia. And we were also very fortunate to meet another devoted guide in the Butterfly Farm who gave us the chance to release newly-hatched (I think I have used the wrong word) butterflies. The uncle at the Nutmeg farm was really friendly that he taught us eye-opening knowledges about the usage of nutmeg and how to differentiate between 'male' and 'female' one, interesting right? We spent the longest time in the War Museum due to expensive entrance fee. Nah, just kidding, haha. We have to walk a lot and there was no one to guide us. Luckily Edward has gone there before and he managed to lead us in adventuring through the 'haunted' place (I still smile involuntarily whenever I think of the happenings there). About food, I had tried the best prawn noodle, laksa, curry mee and kuey tiau soup there. Description is not provided as I can't transform the feeling into words (yes this is not because I am lazy, I am very sure). 

Pristine beach of Balik Pulau.

Teluk Bahang dam.

I love butterflies soooo much!!! (that's why I put this photo as extra large, hehe)

These are beyond beautiful!!!

No worries, they are not dangerous at all.

No bias please, they are just as adorable as butterflies!

No matter where we went, the most important thing is that we spent time together, laughing and having fun. Probably after this trip we can barely meet up again like this as we are going on our own way, scattering among different universities. Friendship is wonderful. It is still unbelievable that we can bond so deeply within a short period of time in college. Because of you, friends, I am who I am today. Thanks and all the best for what's coming ahead!


  1. Hubby, I have a very good moment v u guys. this was the last trip for me b4 entering uni... Hope we can keep in touch although we are in different uni~^^

    1. yup yup! I will certainly jio you out one! ^^