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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Back to Jit Sin High School

I spent 10 hours wandering in Jit Sin High School and Taman Sri Rambai today, meeting teachers and old friends. Looking at those Form1 and Form2 students, I remembered my time as a young prefect. Don't give up, juniors! You will have a really tough time as the 'middle-men' between teachers and students but the fruits will be sweet. When you reach my age (erm, I am still young actually, haha), you will find the experiences you gained are priceless and the friendship among your teammates are true. No matter what, we will always support you and will not give you up unless you tend to do so. Prefectboard is a home where you will always belong to. Cheers!

I always love the sky of Jit Sin during breaking dawn!

A roaring dragon! Good sign, eh?

The place where we had assemblies during those days.

Staircase towards the hall.

Another date with another sweet girl, haha.

Thanks for coming with me, Jia Ying!

Me in eye-catching graduation T-shirt, sunbathing.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


在大学预科班的这两个月,时间过得特别快。日子一天一天地在我还来不及回过神来就已经过去了。现在在家里享受着雨后的凉快,好像未曾离开过高渊似的。窗口上方那被我们拆了又拆,拆了又拆的鸟巢已传出吱吱喳喳的叫声 (那对燕子夫妻蜘蛛织网的精神值得我们学习,呵呵),歌颂着生命的喜悦。


昨天在大山脚南美园转了几圈,几个月不见,芝麻街对面多了一间大脚印,三号门的‘快熟面专卖店’没有营业了,CopyCat也关闭了,laksa已从Mdm.Goh 的菜单删除 (接受不到咯~),感慨咯~


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hiking in To'kun Hill

This is the fifth day of my two-week mid-sem holidays. There are lots of things I want to do before I go back for my matriculation student life again in Banting ( Nooooo!!!). Well, one of the must-do's in Penang is definitely hiking. My hiking teammates (yes I call us as a TEAM!) were consisted of four crazy guys (who went through the leech-infested Bukit Panchor before) and a dedicated hot girl (who went to the monkey-roaming Teluk Bahang with me before). Our destination this time was the renowned To'kun Hill in Bukit Mertajam (although I had studied in Jit Sin High School which is just a few kilometers away from To'kun Hill for five years, honestly I never went there before).

To'kun Hill is quite similar to Bukit Panchor, with lots of towering trees and fresh air, providing a great environment for unwinding our minds. Instead of taking the tar road, we chose the more challenging undeveloped path (usually I will feel regretted as soon as we start hiking and this happens every time, although I never mention about it throughout the journeys). I am really envious for the guys' physical strength, they could go up the hill effortlessly (or should I say, seemed effortlessly?). Ok, I admit that I was the slowest (as always, please forgive me). Thank you Miss Salad for being at my side waiting for me, haha.

We did not complete the whole route which is about 3600m in total. Due to limited time, we turned into the tar road going down the hill. The not-very-steep and winding road caused me and Salad bouncing all the way down the road when we walked faster. We stopped halfway and had home-made garlic bread (special edition made by me!) and biscuits (contributed by Salad!). For the following journey back to the starting point, there was nothing different from the beginning except more trees and more elders (yea, their stamina is much much unbelievably higher than any of us!).

It was just a short hike but being with friends is always fun and memorable (especially if the gathering place is not shopping complex). What I want to say at the end is, can you guys slow down next time? 

Me and Salad =)
The guys

Lush greenery.



Trees again.
On our way back!





Trees again.
Nice nature view.

And trees.
The pondok where we rested.

And trees.




Trees. Opps, bamboos.

And trees, again.

I see the light, do you?
End the hike with soaked hair and bag, haha.
Wakakakakaka, purposely show off this photo. This is the first alive huge wild millipede that I have ever seen. It leisurely 'strolled' across in front of me. Thank God that it was big enough for us to see it so that we wouldn't crush it under our shoes.

Monday, 13 August 2012

About Hyperventilation

When we were on our way back to Penang, a guy suddenly felt dizzy and numb on his limbs, although still had conscious, he could not move. Those with first aid skills quickly giving him help by moving him from the back of the bus to the middle which was less bumpy and doing whatever they could so that he could recover from what we thought was motion sickness but his condition was getting worse. The bus then parked beside Petronas petrol station at Bukit Jelutong and we called the ambulance as we had no idea what was wrong to him. After quite a long time the ambulance finally arrived.

People like me who could not give any help just stayed aside and watched (felt so useless). The medical officers gave that guy some check ups calmly and did not immediately send him to the hospital. According to the medical officers, this condition is called hyperventilation. The guy was asked to breath using a paper bag (as we could not find one, plastic bag was used instead). Soon he could move and walk again with the help of friends. I never thought that something serious like that could be recovered using such simple method. There are more to learn in this world.

The followings are my research on internet about hyperventilation:
Symptoms: Numbness, dizziness, lightheadedness, flexor spasms, headache
Reasons: Level of carbon dioxide in blood is too low, causing blood pH value to increase (more alkaline). This is due to stress and anxiety.
How to handle: Control the breathing or use a plastic bag. Send to the hospital if the condition is too serious.  

Reference: Wikipedia

Friday, 10 August 2012

The First Day at Home

Yup, this is the first day being at home after such a long time (it is considered as long for me,haha) staying in Banting, Selangor. Nothing changes much, my room is still messy, the mango tree is still there and my pond sliders still look the same as well. Oh yes, my beetle larvae turn even more yellow in colour, I think they are going to pupate soon, yay!

Although I feel under the weather now, but the feeling of gratitude is undescripable! Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful home to live in! Popo, daddy, mummy, Ah Hui and Ah Xiang! I love you guys!



I have had my first meal at home too. Home-cooked food from Popo. So heart-warming~

Spinach pancake, peanut pau and black pepper pork slices. What a luxury during breakfast!

Home Sweet Home

It was 8.00am. I found myself lying on the queen-size bed. With my eyes still half-opened, the first thing I did was, picked up my handphone and gave my buddies some warm and sweet morning calls as what I had been doing in college. Haha.

Yesterday we started our journey back to Penang by 4.30pm under the hot sun of Banting town. About an hour later, something happened (I will talk about it later) causing a delay of two hours. Anyway I felt glad that we were still able to continue our journey to the North in a hyperactive mood despite the tiredness we had after the exam. Under the dim blue light in the slightly rocking bus, we sang aloud with occasional yelling with delight. Ok, I admit that I succumbed to the sleepiness and tried to sleep but I was sure that I could sensed Gan Fang sleeping soundly with earphone on beside me and some people discussing creepy ghost stories that I could not hear the contents behind there, which meant I was never asleep throughout the journey although I had put in some efforts.

The bus driver must have been speeding all the way down the highway. Out of expectation, we reached Auto-City, Juru before midnight. We shouted and squeaked full-bloodedly that we were back . Penang!!!!! Wooooooooo~~~~~~I smell Char Kuey Tiau!!! Laksa!!! Hokkien mee!!! Haha, it's all about food, but the most important thing is definitely our home sweet home. Some of us including me did not go home since 28th of May. It had been two months since I left my hometown - Nibong Tebal, the place where I grow up until today. The first thing I did after I got off the bus was giving daddy and mummy the greatest hug ever!

I am home, daddy mummy!


Our dinner at Rawang R&R. Guess how much is it? RM3!!! I just realised that the food price in our cafeteria is quite reasonable. Gratitude.