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Friday, 10 August 2012

Home Sweet Home

It was 8.00am. I found myself lying on the queen-size bed. With my eyes still half-opened, the first thing I did was, picked up my handphone and gave my buddies some warm and sweet morning calls as what I had been doing in college. Haha.

Yesterday we started our journey back to Penang by 4.30pm under the hot sun of Banting town. About an hour later, something happened (I will talk about it later) causing a delay of two hours. Anyway I felt glad that we were still able to continue our journey to the North in a hyperactive mood despite the tiredness we had after the exam. Under the dim blue light in the slightly rocking bus, we sang aloud with occasional yelling with delight. Ok, I admit that I succumbed to the sleepiness and tried to sleep but I was sure that I could sensed Gan Fang sleeping soundly with earphone on beside me and some people discussing creepy ghost stories that I could not hear the contents behind there, which meant I was never asleep throughout the journey although I had put in some efforts.

The bus driver must have been speeding all the way down the highway. Out of expectation, we reached Auto-City, Juru before midnight. We shouted and squeaked full-bloodedly that we were back . Penang!!!!! Wooooooooo~~~~~~I smell Char Kuey Tiau!!! Laksa!!! Hokkien mee!!! Haha, it's all about food, but the most important thing is definitely our home sweet home. Some of us including me did not go home since 28th of May. It had been two months since I left my hometown - Nibong Tebal, the place where I grow up until today. The first thing I did after I got off the bus was giving daddy and mummy the greatest hug ever!

I am home, daddy mummy!


Our dinner at Rawang R&R. Guess how much is it? RM3!!! I just realised that the food price in our cafeteria is quite reasonable. Gratitude. 




  1. Why u never come and visit ur susu ar

  2. Lovely post!!!

    can't wait to read more!!! :P maybe show us more photos too, like the surroundings of your campus and what not. All the best to you Wendy!

  3. Thanks for your support, Cyren!
    This is really a motivation!