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Wednesday, 26 November 2014


(Image taken from Rotten Tater website)
SPOILER! This is no ordinary platform game...
For a good game (even if it is a platform game), the background story is important because it is something that drive you to overcome the obstacles level by level. However, for this game, I do not quite understand the whole storyline which is quite confusing to me. Even though I tried to understand the story by reading through the blog of suteF after I played the game but I still get no clue. All I want to do was to help Aramas (the name of the main character you are controlling) to get the hell out of the eerie place and back to the reality. And it is obvious that the boss is named 'Fetus' which does not seem to die no matter how many times you pierce it using the laser beam until a spirit-like creature that looks like you gorges its eye out (blood and gore!!!).
You can see heaps of carcasses in that game. A contrast of blue and red.
(Image taken from the Games is Art website)
The escaping screen and a 'I-don't-know-what-is-that' monster.
(Image taken from Volcod website)
The fetus (which will multiply in size each time you kill it).
(Image taken from Rock, Paper, Shotgun website)

Again it is a 2D pixellated game which successfully caught my attention (I swear it is not because of the bloody scenes!) that I cracked my head for hours to finish the whole game. You have to press on switch, move crates and reverse the gravity so that you can get to the screen to proceed to the next level (for the last chapter there is no more screen though, it changes into an upward force as you go after the Fetus). Sometimes you work alone, sometimes you have a backpack that allows you to use clamp, sometimes with some other blue man which looks like you. Actually I am not sure whether I have really completed it because although it showed 'end' at the end of the game, there seems to be one chapter left to be unlocked. Besides, I like the font and the sound effects used which give more bonus to this game.

It is a very old game published back in 2010 and people are still playing it! You can download it here. If you figure out what is going on, please do tell me in the comment! Warning: You might be driven crazy for getting stuck at some levels for a long time, hahaha...


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Flash Games Recommendations [from Game Jolt, no download needed]

For almost twenty years I am not able to play 3D games without getting myself a nausea which would last for hours. Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Prince of Persia, Bio Shock etc. especially those action ones. And I believe even if I overcome the nausea problem I will still be unable to play the game because those games are simply too tough for me. I get frustrated easily when playing a game so a complicated one is definitely a no no. An awesome game in my opinion is either it has a very nice graphic (nice graphic does not exist in 3D only) or a very good and unexpected storyline. And overall it has to be clean and neat, nothing is overdone.

Platform games can be boring because they look universal. You have to avoid monsters (or kill them), pick up power-up and at the end reach the check point like Mario (legendary!). Here's some platform games from Game Jolt that require no downloading. They are pretty good in their unique ways. Enjoy!

Simple colour and nice soundtrack.
(Screenshot from Game Jolt)
1) Persist
So you are a while spirit-like thing who seeks forgiveness from a cruel goddess who slowly takes away your arms (ability to swim), your legs (ability to jump) and your body (you can barely see your own presence). You have to survive through all the trials handicapped (yeah this should be the right word) and at the end been forgiven as you give up your life for 'her' in the story.

Three of you move parallelly in a not parallel universe. LOL
(Screenshot from Game Jolt)
2) Parallel 2
So you have to control three tiny people at the same time with only one set of control towards the check point in three different surroundings. Multi-functioning of your brain is a must. You must have no bias towards anyone of them. Or I should put it this way, you should set your priority so that all of them can reach the check points at the same time.

I fell in love with the rabbit. Cute, right?
(Screenshot from Game Jolt)
3) Tim_
So this is a very cute platform game where you are a rabbit and there are lots of crocodiles. The angry ones are bad (who are overprotective over their eggs) while the smiley ones are good but annoying, haha. As the game progresses, I found out that actually the rabbit is the villain who kills the crocodile king and be the king. As overall, it is a cute game. (Psst. The rabbit can freeze time)

A cute love story like the one from Warm Bodies, haha.
(Screenshot from Game Jolt)
4) I saw her standing there
So you saw her standing there...and? Well you fell in love with a zombie girlfriend and you have to lure her and keep her in a cage when there are other zombies around trying to kill you. At the end...you got bitten by your girlfriend and you two carry on your life happily ever after. LOL. After you complete the game, you will unlock some 'cheats' which can make the game more challenging.

The hot air balloon.
(Image taken form Youtube)
5) Moky SOS
So this is quite a new game and it already got some 5/5 reviews. The concept is very simple. Blow at the hot air balloon so that it reaches some pity fellas on some deserted places and send them to the checkpoint platform. Those fellas cannot board the hot air balloon if the balloon lands on the group, it should be afloat so that they can climb the rope stair. Besides, don't let the balloon hit the obstacles, or else some of the fellas will fall out and die.