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Wednesday, 26 November 2014


(Image taken from Rotten Tater website)
SPOILER! This is no ordinary platform game...
For a good game (even if it is a platform game), the background story is important because it is something that drive you to overcome the obstacles level by level. However, for this game, I do not quite understand the whole storyline which is quite confusing to me. Even though I tried to understand the story by reading through the blog of suteF after I played the game but I still get no clue. All I want to do was to help Aramas (the name of the main character you are controlling) to get the hell out of the eerie place and back to the reality. And it is obvious that the boss is named 'Fetus' which does not seem to die no matter how many times you pierce it using the laser beam until a spirit-like creature that looks like you gorges its eye out (blood and gore!!!).
You can see heaps of carcasses in that game. A contrast of blue and red.
(Image taken from the Games is Art website)
The escaping screen and a 'I-don't-know-what-is-that' monster.
(Image taken from Volcod website)
The fetus (which will multiply in size each time you kill it).
(Image taken from Rock, Paper, Shotgun website)

Again it is a 2D pixellated game which successfully caught my attention (I swear it is not because of the bloody scenes!) that I cracked my head for hours to finish the whole game. You have to press on switch, move crates and reverse the gravity so that you can get to the screen to proceed to the next level (for the last chapter there is no more screen though, it changes into an upward force as you go after the Fetus). Sometimes you work alone, sometimes you have a backpack that allows you to use clamp, sometimes with some other blue man which looks like you. Actually I am not sure whether I have really completed it because although it showed 'end' at the end of the game, there seems to be one chapter left to be unlocked. Besides, I like the font and the sound effects used which give more bonus to this game.

It is a very old game published back in 2010 and people are still playing it! You can download it here. If you figure out what is going on, please do tell me in the comment! Warning: You might be driven crazy for getting stuck at some levels for a long time, hahaha...


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