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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Small Matter Cafe - Nibong Tebal

Yay all of us know that there are lots of cafes in Penang, but......most of them are located at the island or Butterworth, which I will rarely go due to inconvenience as I used to hide at home throughout the semester break (somebody please jio me out!!!). Recently two cafes popped out in my hometown, Nibong Tebal, and this time I am blogging about Small Matter Cafe, which is pretty new compared to Mr. Gee Bakery Cafe (hopefully will cover it next time).

I like the design of the signboard, clean and neat! The cafe is located not right beside the main road, so it is kinda hard to detect it without going into that street.
I LIKE THIS WALL IT'S YELLOW =P. The light bulbs in a diamond shaped frame are unique!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Binding of Issac Review (18+)

I swear that I didn't purposely search for bloody and gory games during exam week  but by chance I came across this game on Ocean of Games website (lots of free download games there). Without hesitation I just hit the download button and I am obsessed about it until today. Even thought I enjoy its platform type gameplay, there is a bit controversial about the storyline of this game (ahh usually this is the thing that attracts people's attention). Compared to Catherine and The Witch's House, the storyline of this game is relatively unimportant, in my opinion.

This is the image that caught my eye. I have no idea what it is about until I downloaded it.

The main character, Issac (obviously it's him) was a little boy living happily with his mother, until one day, his mother heard god's voice saying that he was sinned. Eventually, Issac was deprived from his toys, his freedom and finally his mother wanted to kill him. He ran and jumped into an open trapdoor. That's where you begin the game. You kill monsters (tons of them with different characteristics and difficulties), collect weird stuffs that enhance or degrade your power (you will feel surprised that Issac will have a different look according to the stuff you collected), gamble (hahaha yeah, literally gamble), trade with the devil and lastly, defeat the bosses. If you die, you will have to start allllllll over again, but no worries, you won't feel like you are replaying the same stuff because the map arrangement will be different, so does everything. Unless you have died many times, or else you won't feel that frustrated, hahaha.