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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Small Matter Cafe - Nibong Tebal

Yay all of us know that there are lots of cafes in Penang, but......most of them are located at the island or Butterworth, which I will rarely go due to inconvenience as I used to hide at home throughout the semester break (somebody please jio me out!!!). Recently two cafes popped out in my hometown, Nibong Tebal, and this time I am blogging about Small Matter Cafe, which is pretty new compared to Mr. Gee Bakery Cafe (hopefully will cover it next time).

I like the design of the signboard, clean and neat! The cafe is located not right beside the main road, so it is kinda hard to detect it without going into that street.
I LIKE THIS WALL IT'S YELLOW =P. The light bulbs in a diamond shaped frame are unique!

Small Matter Cafe was just started about 5 months ago, this young cafe so far is still undergoing some renovation and the setting up of the menu. I got to know about the cafe from my family who has came across it and I was quite thrilled. This was the first time I visited here. It is quite cozy and the soft music there reminds me of The Flying Teapot Cafe, haha. What we ask for from a cafe besides nice coffee or cake is a nice atmosphere to hangout with friends, or just sit there alone enjoying the moment with laptop (LOL typically university student). Compared to other cafes in big city, the price here is relatively cheap, I must say.

Zebra-shaped mug, who doesn't like it?
Yup it's latte with my laptop again. Dating with my laptop at a cafe seems like a norm for me already T^T.
The design of this mug is nice! Round at the top and square at the bottom. The latte tasted ok but too bad I didn't get to try out the cake yet, maybe next time (saw a lot of wonderful cake photos on their Facebook page).
One Piece's fan detected! =P The owner of this cafe is an energetic lady, well the world is so small that her mum was my dad's primary school classmate.

I will be waiting for more food on the menu! They are still working on a decent menu, the current one is handwritten on cardboard. For now the cafe owner basically handles everything on her own (there was only one helper there) and she is really busy. So anyone who is interested to work part-time there can contact them via Facebook! It is really not an easy stuff to operate a cafe in a small town like Nibong Tebal as coffee is not that trendy yet here. Well it might mean less competition, hehe. I really look forward to the development of this cafe, wish them well for the setting up and I shall come back again!

I love it when cafe provides books to read! A small reading corner at the cafe.

P/S: They starts operating at 3pm every day except Wednesday.

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