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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Garo (2005)

(Image taken from Garo Series Wikia)

During my childhood time American versions of Power Rangers was one of my favourite TV series which became the reason I always be on time to sit in front of the TV every weekend (however I had never liked Ultraman before, not sure why). Then I found that there were another versions of Power Rangers which looked almost the same, which were the Japanese versions. The people actually re-create everything according to the original versions of Power Rangers from Japan! Despite of all the similar endings in almost every episode, I was still a loyal audience of American versions of Power Rangers (I failed to get used to the original versions). After I got a bit older, I watched Masked Rider Ryuki, which was much complexed than the Power Rangers in terms of storylines and the characters (I wish to re-watch all the episode and write a review as well!). For now, I fell in love with Garo since I watched the first episode. *fan girl mode on*

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!