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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Garo (2005)

(Image taken from Garo Series Wikia)

During my childhood time American versions of Power Rangers was one of my favourite TV series which became the reason I always be on time to sit in front of the TV every weekend (however I had never liked Ultraman before, not sure why). Then I found that there were another versions of Power Rangers which looked almost the same, which were the Japanese versions. The people actually re-create everything according to the original versions of Power Rangers from Japan! Despite of all the similar endings in almost every episode, I was still a loyal audience of American versions of Power Rangers (I failed to get used to the original versions). After I got a bit older, I watched Masked Rider Ryuki, which was much complexed than the Power Rangers in terms of storylines and the characters (I wish to re-watch all the episode and write a review as well!). For now, I fell in love with Garo since I watched the first episode. *fan girl mode on*

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!

Garo (2005) is definitely not a children-friendly Power Rangers type of Power Rangers (LOL). It was quite horrifying when I first watched it. The villains, Horrors, are human-consuming demons which take on various forms can posses humans to prey for their 'food'. They target the evil desires within the humans in order to lure them into their own death. The Makai Knights are the heros whose responsibility is to eliminate Horrors (Garo -the Golden Knight- is the highest title among the knights). Instead of working in a team slaying Horrors, they act individually in charging their own areas of land respectively. This TV series has successfully created their own world, just like in Masked Rider Ryuki they have their own mirror world. In Garo's world there are many rules to follow but I won't mention them here (no spoiler for you, hehe).

The Golden Knight fighting off Horror.
(Image taken from Garo Series Wikia)

The story began when an artist-to-be, Kaoru was attacked by a Horror and got contaminated by Horror's blood. Anyone who was possessed by Horror or touched Horror's blood must be put to death or else he or she will die in agony after 100th day. Of course Kaoru was rescued by Kouga the Golden Knight but she was not killed. Instead Kouga kept her by his side as the 'bait' for Horrors who are attracted by the smell of contaminated human. Of course he ended up falling in love with her and struggled to cure the curse.

Although the main concept of the main storyline is that the evil thoughts of humans invite terrible things such as Horros, I love the family and love aspects of the whole storyline and also sub-storylines.

  • The father's love of Taiga towards Kouga: Taiga was killed when he tried to protect Kouga from the villain, Barago.
  • The love of Rei (Zero the Silver Knight) towards Shizuka: Shizuka was killed by the same villain in front of Rei. Rei's previous name was Ginga. He changed his name to revenge.
  • The family's love of Gonza (the butler of Kouga's family) towards Kouga and Kaoru: even though he is just an ordinary human, he was concerned about their safety and even came out to assist them.
  • And of course last but not least, the love between Kouga and Kaoru, although Kouga was really bad in expressing his love towards Kaoru. They are still soooo sweet!!!

It brought tears to my eyes when it showed the flashbacks of the bad things happening to the loved ones of each characters. Maybe I was too emotional at that time, well, watch and decide for yourself!

Kouga (left) and Rei (right) who hated each other but became friends after clearing off the misunderstandings between them.
(Image taken from Garo Series Wikia)
Garo (left) and Zero (right), the Silver Knights whose title came after Garo.
(Image taken from Garo Series Wikia)

The villain, Barago held the Garo title before he chose the dark path. Upon consuming 1000 Horrors (ermm no one is supposed to eat those disgusting things), a Dark Knight can summon Messiah so that he could obtain ultimate power and eternal youth (ok stop relating it to Christianity, kay?). Everything was planned. He actually met Kaoru when she was six and chose her as the 'gate' for the arrivial of Messiah. After leaving an invisible marking on her neck, he secretly watched her growing up and even disguised himself as her personal counsellor. At the end, Barago was betrayed by Messiah and was consumed because of his greed of power.

Kiba the Dark Knight, the ultimate bad guy in this series. His original name was Barago who betrayed Kouga's father.
(Image taken from Garo Series Wikia)
Garo obtained a pair of wings after Kaoru drew it for him. Drawing as a power of creation!
(Image taken from Garo Series Wikia)

I still couldn't believe that this 25-episode series was out in 2005 and even until now there are new ones coming out! I think I will search for the 2006 series before continue watching Garo movies and the latest ones. Just like other heroic TV or anime series of Japan, the opening theme of Garo, Savior in the Dark sounds really motivating. It is full of determination and courage. I attached the one I searched on Youtube here. English subtitle available! I hope the song can pump some hot blood into your soul! Further information can be obtained on their official website on Garo Project!

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