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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Back to Jit Sin High School

I spent 10 hours wandering in Jit Sin High School and Taman Sri Rambai today, meeting teachers and old friends. Looking at those Form1 and Form2 students, I remembered my time as a young prefect. Don't give up, juniors! You will have a really tough time as the 'middle-men' between teachers and students but the fruits will be sweet. When you reach my age (erm, I am still young actually, haha), you will find the experiences you gained are priceless and the friendship among your teammates are true. No matter what, we will always support you and will not give you up unless you tend to do so. Prefectboard is a home where you will always belong to. Cheers!

I always love the sky of Jit Sin during breaking dawn!

A roaring dragon! Good sign, eh?

The place where we had assemblies during those days.

Staircase towards the hall.

Another date with another sweet girl, haha.

Thanks for coming with me, Jia Ying!

Me in eye-catching graduation T-shirt, sunbathing.

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