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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Thank You Note

I have read ''The Magic'' written by Rhonda Byrne last year and it is a day-to-day guide to lead us in living a life with gratitude in different ways. Feeling blessed is one of the best feeling in the world even if we are going through the trough of our life. Simply thinking about something you are thankful of and saying 'thank you' can immediately lit up your mind to be more positive. Yes, good things still happen! It is not about religion, so no matter whether you are an atheist, agnostic or religious people, be grateful and life would be much meaningful.

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I decided to write this post as I was inspired by Ryan in his article ''Today I Am Thankful''. So here is my thank-you list that I would like to dedicate to our God who has been watching over me for the past 19 years:
  • Thank you for giving me a lovely family where I have been taken care of by mummy and daddy who are quite patient towards my sometimes rebellious attitude and supporting and growing up with sister and brother who are kinda cute in some ways.  
  • Thank you for letting my dear See Yen into my life unexpectedly. Because of him I changed my perspective towards life and it's him who taught me to love and to be love.
  • Thank you for all the friends from every stage of my life who accept me and yet turn me into who I am today by inspiring me from time to time. Your accompany and encouragement mean a lot to me.
  • Thank you for teachers who helped me directly or indirectly throughout the winding and yet smooth-sailing route of my study life in primary school, secondary school, college and the upcoming university.
  • Thank you any person in my life because you are awesome!
  • Thank you that I successfully enrol in tertiary study which has been my dreams since I started schooling. Being a university student is always a dream for any typical student and I got what I want in the end and I believe it is the best for me - - Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology in University Putra Malaysia.
  • Thank you for giving me a healthy body that I can perform normal physical and mental activities like anybody else.
  • Thank you for giving me the faith to continue believing on the bright side of bad things so that I have the courage to keep going towards my dreams.
  • Thank you for allowing me to achieve what I want in my life such as: be a prefect, be the president of wushu club and studied matriculation, just to name a few. 
Those are rather serious one, and here is the list that I made when I was in matriculation, simple but rather silly, haha (not all but just some form the list, there are way too many):
  • Thank you daddy for raising me like a son so that I am tougher and can do things that usually be in-charged by boys.
  • Thank you mummy for trying so hard to raise me like a girl although it took about 18 years for the plan to succeed.
  • Thank you those who make me laugh and heal my wounds.
  • Thank you for making forgive and forget possible.
  • Thank you for the gift of imagination.
  • Thank you for giving the the opportunity to see the most beautiful sky I have ever seen in Selangor Matriculation College.
  • Thank you for giving me such a nice weather to just enjoy the breeze and jog.
  • Thank you  for the food that contributes to my well-being.
  • Thank you for allowing us to live through 21/12/2012.
  • Thank you for making me a girl that I am girly enough in dress but tomboy enough to stand on my own feet and being sporty on outdoor activities.
  • Thank you for making me someone special.
  • Thank you for everything I have or don't have.
So make your own list, it can be helpful when you need mental support as you can see you are a blessed child. You will be happier in your daily life. Cheers! =)

A cup of Cappuccino from Black Canyon. It cheers me up even I just look at the design! It is easy to be happy, and it is your decision to be happy.

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