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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

First Day in UPM


I am sitting in front of the laptop which is placed on a double-sized writing table under a bright study lamp. To my right, there is a single bed with yellow-grey-white-striped mattress and a tall wooden cupboard. To my left is a huge window facing the south which made my room caged and safe from sun, rain, wind and human beings. There is a notice board with lots of tiny holes on it and the wall is full of the remaining tore plasters. The similarity of everything in this twin room is, old. This is the first day I stay in Tun Perak College of University Putra Malaysia. I moved into the hostel one day early before the registration, so it is still quite empty (especially the space opposite my territory, which belongs to my future (tomorrow) roommate. Coincidently I got the exactly same room number as the hostel that I stayed during matriculation time!

So this is the very simple report of my room, I guess I can survive well here, thanks to the experiences in Selangor Matriculation College. (The reason I am writing about just inside the room is because I am too timid to go outside and explore more, I better wait until the orientation starts.) Aww… I’m so lonely without the internet…

P/S: My roommate who is a final year student came after the orientation, haha…

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