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Friday, 13 September 2013

My Fellow Coursemates (dedicated to Liew and Kai)

So this is the fifth day after the orientation week of my university. After all these days finally I am quite adapted to life here, thanks to my two course mates, Liew and Kai. Yeah, as expected, there are only three Chinese first year students taking the course of Environmental Science and Technology, so we tend to stick together wherever we go.

Due to the launch of Green Campus Programme, students are encouraged to cycle to class instead of taking the university bus. The amount of buses is decreased and only a few collages have access to buses. As I stay in Tun Perak College which is very far away from my faculty, there is bus service there. However, as there are too many students and too few buses, sometimes we fail to board the bus or have to cramp like sardines. The solution we take to avoid this is to walk to the bus stop in front of the Faculty of Science which is some hundreds metres away instead of waiting for the bus in front of our faculty. We will at least get a place to stand if we board the bus there (although some people think that we are crazy). We once walked back from our faculty to our college 'unintentionally' as we wandered around and 'coincidentally' reached the front gate of residential area. The walking journey took us about half an hour and we were not walking on flat ground. There is a hill before we can reach our college. Anyway, we reached and it was not very tiring but Kai insisted he wants to ride the bicycle next time. So far we have explored the main campus on feet. Every important buildings are within walking distance, so it should not be a problem for us even if there is no bus available (unless we are too lazy to walk).

UPM is a very comfortable campus where there is no heavy traffic and lots of lush greenery. There are huge trees and green fields everywhere (I have never been to the Faculty and Agriculture but I heard that the scenes there are awesome and people love to take wedding photos there). My faculty is located between the Faculty of Food Technology and the gate towards old flat. Although it is quite far from my college, I still consider the location as strategic. Old flat is a place with many photocopy shops (their services for university students amazed me as we can complete our assignments and projects there) and eateries. We can get almost all the things we need there. One of the things I like the most is, I can easily get a variety of fresh fruits there, unlike during matriculation time, I had to munch on only apple and oranges.

Here are some beautiful scenes and students of the Faculty of Environmental Studies. =P

Liew, former matriculation student from Melaka.

Kai, former STPM student from Kepong,
This is me! XD
Well-decorated garden of Block A. (credit to Kai)
Rain water storage system, I believe.
View from first floor.
I love this scene!
The only Chinese first year students of BEST (Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology).

I really love this place especially the sceneries. More photos will be uploaded after I get my Nokia Lumia 920 back! Stay tune!

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