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Monday, 16 September 2013

A Little Bit About The Beginning of University Life

For me, the best opportunity to change our daily habits is immediately after the orientation week of college or university. The moment we enter the new environment of university, our lifestyle will definitely change. No hot shower, no fluffy bed, no home-cooked dishes, no nagging of mum, and sometimes, no friend. We are like starting everything from zero, setting up our own daily schedule and life as a pre-graduated student. Orientation week gives us an opportunity to adapt to the new environment as we are excited, tired and at the same time being distracted by all the activities held.

This applied to my previous matriculation life, however, not university life. I wonder why this happened. As I recall, my early matriculation life was full of fun and excitement. I was neither homesick nor having any trouble adapting to packed schedule there. Perhaps it was because that I had a group of friends who met up every day and sticked together almost all the time except during bed time as we are having similar schedule. This made me feel that I belong to that place. The sense of belonging is important for us not to feel alienated. Now in the university, even course mates can have different schedule, so I will be alone in the dorm at night. Hopefully I can get used to that as soon as possible, boohoo...

As I know, we will get lazier and lazier as time goes, just like what happened during the second semester of matriculation (feeling regretted for that). So I decide to start my day early, for every single day in the university consistently (unless I go home during weekend, hehe). The reason? Faster access to wifi in the morning! And I don't have to queue up for the bathroom (ugh the water is super cold), plus the surrounding is quiet and peaceful. Of course I will sleep before midnight so that my biological clock is balanced. Self-discipline is crucial in having a healthy lifestyle as there are plenty of freedom and influences. One of my aims is to keep on updating my blog and I am working on it!

(credit to Kai)

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