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Friday, 13 September 2013

4-Day Freedom! Yay!

This is such a lovely morning, for me and some of my friends who have no class on Friday!!! As usual I woke up as 6am this morning and did whatever I want, cleaning up my room. 8am I was out to Putra Food Court to have breakfast with my friend who was going to take the commuter with me. We took the university bus to out faculty then waited for another bus to go to the Serdang commuter station. Honestly this was the first time I travelled this way, where I have to take bus, then commuter, then walk.

Now I am sitting in Coffee Bean in Midvalley (alone, because my friend continued his journey to Kepong) having hot chocolate with marshmallow and spending time until I meet my dear. So here is a brief report of where I am and what am I doing as I am boring, haha. I am not shopping as I carry a luggage and it is inconvenient to walk around like this.

Anyway, gonna enjoy these short holidays before I plunge into lots of works of university students. I wonder what are others doing at this time?

I look blurred, haha...

P/S: The hot chocolate here tastes exactly like mum's one, haha...

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