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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I am a picky eater, or not really? Actually what I am picky about is not the taste of food but the type. Celery? No thanks. Clams? No way. Organs? Stay away from me!!! So if I complain about the taste of the food, means it is very not tasty, haha. But that rarely happens.

How I miss the Orion cafe in Selangor Matriculation College that served breakfast by 7am which was so caring towards early birds like me and the gang. The earliest breakfast in Putra Food Court is at 8am, and we can only find nasi lemak and roti canai. Anyway, I seldom take breakfast in cafe to control my diet a bit strictly. Oat crunch with hot horlicks drinks are just nice and filling. Lunch is the most hearty meal I have in a day. Me and my coursemates will certainly rush back to Putra Food Court from our faculty, just to use up the credits in Meal Plan Card which is compulsory to be used for first year student. Although only Malay food is served, but I like Malay food which is hot and spicy. Too bad the portion is always too big for me, and my coursemates are not willing to share with me due to the 'excessive spiciness' to them. No worries for me regarding food. I survive well so far. After lunch, fruits such as pineapples, guavas, papayas, watermelon etc complete the meal and seal up my stomach until dinner. For dinner, as I don't want to regret for taking oily food at evening, I choose to stay in my room and have cereal with milk. It is light and can sustain my activities until night. On weekdays I will limit my diet but on weekends I will still give my tummy a chance to eat something better, haha.

Now I am thinking of adding coffee into my diet as brunch (of course breakfast and lunch are still on). Firstly it is because I love coffee and the effects it give me (*energetic*). Secondly, it brings back good old memories of me having a porcelain mug in my bag everywhere I went. There are render machines selling hot coffee served in paper cups and canned coffee but they are not good enough for me. Although what I have is merely Nescafe 3 in 1 regular coffee, still I think coffee in porcelain cup tastes better.

One day after I entered the university, I called my grandma. She advised me to study hard (just like what any other elders will do) and also eat more. At home she is always worried that I do not get enough food. I often hide my plate from her sight as she will complain that I eat too little, how am I going to grow healthily etc. She always say that I am not fat, this is what a girl should look like. During the phone call, what she said was touching. ''Ah Boon ah (my name in Teo Chew), jiak zoi tam pok lah, po po oi diok tia gai lu zai bo (eat a little bit more lah, grandma will feel pain in the heart you know)?'' She cares. She really cares about my health and well being more than my appearance.

No matter how desperate I feel to keep fit, I won't starve myself as eating is really a joyful thing to do in a day. That is also why I am writing about food. =P

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