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Friday, 20 September 2013

Happy Belated Mid-autumn Festival!

I was wondering what should I write for my blog this week. Let's make it simple and random (I am not lazy, just out of inspiration, haha).

Yesterday was our Chinese Mid-autumn Festival or so called Mooncake Festival. There were some gathering out there and I did attend one of them. Unfortunately the sky was gloomy, all we could see was a small orange-ish full moon in the hazy sky. We played games and of course holding the tanglung (paper lantern) walking around chatting with friends. This was not the first time I had this supposed-to-be family reunion festival without my family in Penang, but I felt lonelier than last time. People said that don't be surprised if you are alone in the university, however I still don't know why this happens. I remember during my matriculation time, even a simple celebration among friends was heart-warming, but I felt something was missing in the university.

Anyway, I did spend some time with my dear last weekend although we couldn't meet each other in this festival. We had a great time sticking to each other =P and relaxing after being away from home for two weeks (this is the third week). Finally I got my Nokia Lumia back and could't wait to take some photos with its cool camera. ^ ^

Sunset scene at lake side.

Can't believe there is such a wonderful scenery among the cities.

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