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Friday, 1 November 2013

Mid-sem Break Update #1: Home Soon!

(The first matriculation semester holidays back in 2012: Home Sweet Home)

Hey guys, guess what? It's the mid-semester holidays for university and I will be on the train tomorrow heading towards my home town, Nibong Tebal, Penang! Yeah I'm excited but the trip would not be as excited as last time without my buddies partying on the bus celebrating the joy of going home (we used to take bus home during matriculation). I am travelling alone this time, for the first time for such a long trip (six hours in total).

People said that university students have to get used to lonely life. It's quite torturing for me as I had gone through wonderful time with a bunch of awesome friends in matriculation where I rarely have chance to feel lonely (you know, my room during matriculation was just a place for me to rest and sleep, I spent most of my time sticking to my friends, opps I think I have mentioned about this for many times, haha). It's difficult not to compare the two different life that I had and am having but I really need some more time to get used to that (at least for now I have gotten used to sleep late and get up early, so far so good). Maybe you will think that being alone is equivalent to freedom, I did agree with that once upon a time, but not since I knew about true friendship and love. We do keep in touch now but many of us are having our heavy loads of assignments and we seldom have time to meet each other face to face. I am not the only one who feels solitary. It is like a cluster of stars which fell onto the Earth and scattered across the land and ocean, trying our best to shine brightly, and we know that one day we would be outstanding and shine the brightest among all.

Last but not least, I would like to dedicate the quote below to all my friends. Because of you guys, I am who I am today. Cheers!

Credit to the cat, Mimi.

P/S: Although these holidays can be considered as assignment week, but hopefully I will update my blog at least twice to make sure I update about what I have done at home so that I won't waste my life away on internet or whatever, haha. Happy holidays and Deepavali to all my friends! Some of you might not going back, but still, good luck and have a great week!

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