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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mid-sem Break Update #4: Photo Summary of This Lazy Day

Basically this is a short photo summary of today. Home is a place for me to be lazy, haha. I'm not sure why but it is really hard for me to focus on study or to discipline myself at home. Maybe it is too comfort-zoned??

Meet my big guy (top right) and small guy (bottom right). They live in the yard since I was in Form 2 (about five years ago). When they fix their gleaming eyes on you, all they want is actually fooooooooooooood. And be careful, sometimes they just can't differentiate their food and your finger, haha. I know it's not their fault. As pond sliders, they love prawns and fish very much with occasional kangkung (it is translated as kale by Google, I'm not so sure).

Yay our mango tree! We harvest a lot this year. Just imagine the orange juicy flesh melts away in your mouth, haha. According to grandma, this species is called 'ivory mango' translated from Teochew.

After I went to UPM I realise that many people do not know what is ambra fruit. It is sour and people usually blend them into juice and serve with sour plum. It tastes great and you guys should try it!!!

The small garden consists of pandan plants, oleander plants and some other flowers that I can't name them in front of my house tended by grandma's green fingers. She loves to do gardening.

The hibiscus, our national flower! The plant blossoms every day!

It rained this afternoon. I love rain when I am at home as I don't have to go to the class, I don't have to worry that my clothes are soaked again, I don't have to shiver when I go for shower because I am home!!!

I left out this guy for my precious post, very sorry. This is my second guitar which costed me RM300++. Although after so many years I'm still a beginner (please forgive me, I feel too good about my not-skillful condition as I entertain just myself, haha). Anyway, gonna bring him to my college and hopefully I get to polish up my strumming skill.

P/S: My plan for tomorrow is to make cream puffs!!! I make this declaration is to make sure that I really do it instead of just dream about it. I made cream puffs twice but failed terribly that people would think that what I made was actually cookies, haha. Cross my fingers.
(I love my Nokia Lumia 920 very much! The camera is awesome!!!)

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