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Monday, 25 August 2014

Bad Dream: Butcher - Walkthrough [how to prevent losing any finger]

Cheating is bad, but I still do it when playing computer games, hahaha... However for indie games it is quite difficult to get a written walkthrough that we have to go through the forum to see if somebody has posted about it. So after many many times of trying, I manage to note down step by step of how to prevent your finger from being chopped off in Bad Dream: Butcher (and yeah I did refer to forums when I was stuck). You are encouraged to try the whole game at least once on your own. Besides following the instruction below, do not touch anything else on the screen because it might cause you to lose a finger. When the butcher appears, don't panic, escape calmly.

1) Go into the tunnel, then go to the left hand side of the door 73
[Do not touch the shattered glass on the floor]

2) At the graveyard, pick up the twig

3) Go back to the place at the beginning, then go to your right
[Do not touch the monster]

4) Pick up the hammer

5) Search the right bin (the one without the monster sitting on it) for key of door 33

6) Go to the right, search the bin to get maggot

7) Go to the right again, then enter the tunnel*, pick up the cooking glove

8) Go back to the beginning place, pick up the sharp glass on the floor

9) Go back to the place where you got the glove, pierce the eye on the wall

10) Exit the tunnel*, enter the door on the right which is now open

11) Go upstairs, pick up the key on the shelf on your right

12) Cut the rope of the hanging man, get into the hole appears

13) Pick up the coiled wire on your left, pick up the shovel hung on the wall

14) Leave the whole building, click on the left side of the building
[Pick any one out of the four key on the floor then open the door, if fail, try another key]

15) Go to the left, open the door 51

16) Pick up the mouse trap after using the twig

17) Leave the house and go to the graveyard

18) Dig the grave
[go to the right, when you see the door go to the left instead of right (that is a mirror image, you will notice that if you see the inverted door number), then go to the right]

19) Go back to the graveyard, get the key from the skull

20) Use the key to open the door 73, pick up the key on the bed

21) Use the key to open the bakery door, pick up a twine

22) Go back to door 33
[Do not touch the box with question marks]

23) Catch a rat at the hole

24) Bring that rat to the monster

25) Search the bin previously beneath the monster to get a hook

26) Go back to the beginning place, use the wire on the pipe, get the wet rag

27) Go back to door 73, get a fish from the toilet bowl

28) Get the pot on the stove

29) Fill the pot with the water from the pipe

30) Go back to door 51, place the pot on the stove, put in the dead fish


That's the end, a pot of fish soup without any finger in it. In fact the number of finger in the soup depends on the number of finger you lost throughout the game play. I have seen many walkthroughs on Youtube and I didn't see anyone done a walkthrough without losing any finger. The difficult part of this game is to prevent yourself from getting your finger chopped off one by one (I know even if you lost all your five fingers of one hand, you will still have another five of the other hand). But of course, you can try it the other way, to get as many broken fingers as possible (sharp glass, monster, mouse trap, mysterious box, butcher x2 etc.).


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  2. the hammer you used for nothing... why?

    1. I think it was to break the skull.

  3. i wont let me put the pot on the stove is it because i ended up with my ring finger and my thumb?? pls tell me XD