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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bad Dream: Hospital - Walkthrough [how to get another ending]

Yeah I skipped the walkthrough of Bad Dream: Graveyard because I don't find it necessary to give any help in finishing the game since there is only one ending and you will have no problem in finishing it. Instead of losing your fingers in Bad Dream: Butcher, your teddy bear will lose its limbs and body and at the end...everyone will be beheaded and you stick your teddy bear's head on a dead body. I don't get what it means either, just enjoy the weirdness, hahaha. So for this episode, the background is a mental hospital (as expected) and you are required to do colouring on a picture. The normal ending people will get is by colouring the picture with poop, urine, blood, vomit etc. *eww* and realise that you will get a box of crayons at the end of the game actually *speechless*. You will be told that you can try to get another ending by colouring with crayons only. It's pretty easy to reach that ending as long as you behave normally. Don't touch the blood, don't touch the vomit, don't stab anyone. 

1) Look at the piece of paper beside the door

2) Go out of your room (it's room 15), go into WC

3) Touch everything EXCEPT the toilet

4) Go back to the corridor, go up the corridor, enter the cafeteria on your left

5) Get the empty bucket, go back to WC

6) Fill the bucket with water at the sink, flush the toilet

7) Pick up the key, go to room 14 (opposite of cafeteria)

8) Pick up the knife and dirty plate, don't do anything else

9) Go to cafeteria, put the knife and plate on the counter

10) Go back to corridor, go up the corridor, enter room 13

11) Take the sticker on the guy's tshirt, don't do anything else

12) Go back to WC, place the sticker over the eye on the wall

13) Fill the bucket at the sink again, go to cafeteria

14) Enter the previously locked door, pick up the rag on the crate

15) Go to room 13, clean up the vomit

16) Dispose of the dirty rag into any dustbin (there is one in the cafeteria, one in WC, you can find it somewhere else)

17) Go back to the corridor in front of room 13 (you will see a nurse there), go up the corridor

18) Enter room 12, pick up the needle on the floor, don't do anything else

19) Go back to corridor, go up the corridor, enter the room on the left

20) Pick up the key, enter the room opposite to room 12

21) Pick up the stethoscope on the table, the thread on top of the shelf, don't do anything else

22) Give the stethoscope to the nurse, go down the corridor until you see a vending machine

23) Get urine sample from the vending machine, flush it down the toilet

24) Go to the room inside cafeteria, fill the container up with poison

25) Go to the room where you get the last key, poison the snake-like monster

26) Get a thermometer from the dead body, go back to the corridor

27) Place the thermometer at the heater below the window, show the thermometer to the nurse

28) Go back to the room where you got the thermometer, give the nurse the needle and thread

29) Go back to the corridor, enter the Day Room

30) Pick up the crayons and go back to your room to finish the colouring

The mad doctor appears as soon as you finish colouring. Got this screenshot just in time.
I don't understand this...

So you get killed if you behaved normally, hahaha... At least it makes sense for the whole process that you do the sane thing with all the insane people around (except the nurse though). It's not difficult, just behave like a normal person and...get killed by an abnormal doctor. Whatever it is, you can't escape this ending unless you behave like a psycho. It is a mental hospital anyway.

Your masterpiece stained with blood...


  1. The name list is listing all doctor victims. In some rooms you can read that saved=killed.
    If you act crazy, probably YOU kill the doctor (even if unaware of this).

    1. Thanks for the explanation! But why is the nurse safe?

    2. I think he just got to you first on the list is all. The nurse might have been next.

  2. I believe that they were actually being saved. If you think about it, it is called 'Bad Dream', so this could mean the people that are crossed out on the wall, have been killed (woken). You are also on this list, and once you die the game ends.
    As for why the Nurse is okay, I have no idea. But it's a possibility that it's all in the players head.

    1. Thanks Shiny! Everything seems to make sense now!