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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Blessing in Disguise!

Sometimes blessings come when you are too upset to be aware of their presence. Being optimistic is difficult for most people, including me. Here is a blessing in disguise that is worth sharing which happens to me since the starting of the semester. I used to look forward to the starting of the semester during last semester break, but this news broke the bubble - all the seniors have to stay in three blocks in the college only, the other two will be reserved for juniors. Why? There is a renovation going on around the college where all the wooden tables and wooden cupboards will be replaced with new ones! So what's the problem? The problem is all the old furnitures were sent away while the new ones have not arrived!

So I got a room at the corner of top floor. Moving from the group floor to the top floor is not a good thing, both mentally and physically. Last semester, I could just walk out of the block without going down the stairs, and walk back to my room without going up the staisr. I could hang my clothes beside the block where there is plenty of sunlight. I could get hot water and drinking water in less than 50m distance. But now I have to brave through flights of stairs to get up or go down, whenever I need to go to classes or meetings or just for a meal. It really felt like a lemon given to my life. However, eventually I found out the tiny blessings embedded in this unlucky life of staying in the room I am currently living in. First of all, my room locates at the corner of the block, where there will be no one passing by my room, giving me privacy and quietness which is a peace in mind. Secondly, I don't have to worry if my clothes hanging out there will get soaked by water dripping from clothes hanging upstairs since I am on the top floor (I might be the culprit who do that to others though). Thirdly, I get to do more exercises which are actually good for my health because I have sinus which needs good immunity to prevent it from happening. I walk the stairs, I cycle to classes and I do Wushu (if possible) to keep myself in good shape (and optimum weight too, hehe).

Here's the end of my first post after survived one month in my second years. There are lots of changes going on and I won't stop praying so that I can face every good things and bad things alike with a joyful heart!

See it at the correct angle. Everything can be beautiful.

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