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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bad Dream: Series - Review

(Image taken from gamejolt.com)

A ten-week semester break honestly is a little bit too long for me. I was determined to make this assignment-free holidays useful and beneficial but almost half of the time I am just wasting my life away doing things that I don't even remember what I have done. Slacking around makes me feel guilty because I have better things to do but I am willing to spend some time on a good game so that the time 'wasted' is not actually wasted, haha. However, the game I am going to share this time is just weird. Plain weird. Maybe I am not weird enough to understand what's going on for the whole series except the last one which makes some senses to me (like everyone else I think the last one is the best). Since it is named Bad Dream, so I guess there is no need to make any sense. Sometimes you don't remember nightmares that you had after you wake up.

The developer of indie game. I couldn't find his website, so maybe he does not have one.
(Image taken from gamejolt.com)

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!! Just kidding, haha...

If you are looking for something to do to kill your time and you like arts (there is a wide variety of arts you know, I consider this as one of the arts), this series of game made by Desert Fox that I found on Game Jolt might be suitable for you. What you have to do in the game is just clicking around (if you are simply too lazy to figure out what is what) until you get the endings. Each episode is very short and you can finish all of the episodes within one hour. The game looks like very simple hand drawn sketches with yellow background (I love yellow!) and its soundtrack is clean. There is no spoiler in this post as it is not needed (or should I say I am too lazy to figure out what I have played). You can play it in a relaxing way although there is blood and gore. You don't even have to think of which tool to use because as long as you picked up the tool, it will be used automatically at places it should be used. Something might appear to creep you out but it is not a big deal for me (so I believe you won't freak out too).

Bad Dream episodes:

By the way, I saw an update on its facebook page that there will be a Prologue in Bad Dream: Coma coming out. Actually I am wondering what makes this indie game getting quite a lot of good reviews. Just. Weird.

P/S: I would like to know if you guys have any thought on this game because I am just curious. Walkthroughs coming up! Stay tuned!

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