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Monday, 17 August 2015

KindMeal.my - Your Tasty Journey Begins Here!

I believe that there is always some compassion towards animals within a person, regardless of his or her diet preference. Even though many of us eat meat, we will still squeak with excitement and get drown in cuteness when we see videos of adorable kids (kids here refer to young goats, hahaha) leaping around the lawn. We feel that we want to protect them, love them, but still it is so hard to change our diet to a fully cruelty-free ones because we were raised with the diet which our parents were raised with too. Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, saying that I love animals, but doing the other thing, consuming animal products which contributes to the animals' suffering. Shutting our mind off away from animal welfare issues is easy, but when you can make a little change, will you do it?

Have not heard of KindMeal?

KindMeal.my might not be an animal-rescue organisation, but it is a platform run by PetFinder.my (if you didn't know about it yet, PetFinder is an organisation that facilitates pets adoption) to encourage meat-free dining among Malaysians. So far they have reached over four states and one federal territory: Selangor, Melaka, Perak, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

The webpage of KindMeal.my. The first step you have to do is create an account, if you are really that lazy just like me, just sign up using your Facebook account and enjoy a wide variety of meal deals you can find there!

Wait, what do they do?

It is quite common that we do online shopping on Groupon Malaysia for some cheaper nice stuffs. Well, what I do is more to searching for food coupons to try out good food that normally wouldn't be affordable to me at normal rates. This is what KindMeal do: they provide discounts for meat-free meals at cafes or restaurants! Maybe you will think that vegetarian meals are boring, but try out before you make that conclusion! By just looking at the photos posted on their website, you will hesitate-lessly click on the 'Get Coupon' button. Here comes the best thing: there is no need to pay in advance, means that you won't have the heart-splitting pain when you forgot about the coupon and the coupon expired, just get the coupon and pay at the cafe or restaurant! It might be a little too early for you to feel excited about this, there is the second best thing: you will get doubled discount if you share the deal on Facebook or Twitter!

If you have some friends who refuse to accompany you because they have a bad impression on vegetarian food, no worries! The food might contain milk or egg, which will be stated on the deal, and the cafes or restaurants might NOT be fully vegetarian ones, they serve some meals without meat to show support towards animal welfare! Change your diet is difficult, but no harm trying out new things even though you might be a meat-eater previously!

This is how you can get a coupon. Select an outlet (if there are multiple outlets), click on the blue button and choose whether you want to share the deal on your social media (I think I know your answer, hehe)!

Be a superhero!

This is another fun thing about KindMeal! You will get a superhero ranking according to your power level which depends on the KindMeal deals you used, interactions with other people on KindMeal and the sharing of your meat-free meals on KindMeal! As you can see I am a Batman on KindMeal, because I like Batman so much I didn't want to level up and this is not an excuse. Just kidding, I started following KindMeal not long ago, so please give me some time and I am sure that I will be super awesome!

You are a maniac in food porn?

There is a KindMoments section on their website where you can post meat-free food (not necessarily coming from the deals) and share it with everyone in the community! You can proudly show case your own meat-free cooking, or a newly discovered nice meat-free food you find in your favourite cafe while earning XP for power level to beat my superhero rank!

Those KindMoments that I shared so far~ Well I have only gone to this cafe, more to come!
(if you want to know more about this cafe, click here to see my experience dining there!)

Still not enough of all the goodness?

Then you have to stay tuned on their Facebook page or Twitter account! They have amazing gifts to give away sometimes. What will they give away? It is kind of a seasonal stuff. If I remember it clearly (of course I do because I missed it!!!) they gave away iPhones last time, working together with Digi. In August this year, it is something else! Dear Minion fans, please don't look away!


Before I end this post, there is something very very exciting that I want to announce here. The first cafe that works together with KindMeal in Penang is going to be launched tomorrow at noon!!! Keep yourself updated on social media, guys! Finally KindMeal is here in Penang!!!

Here it is!

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