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Monday, 24 August 2015

Family's Day Out - Purrfect Cat Cafe

Finally I am here - The famous Purrfect Cat Cafe in Penang!!! I rarely come to Georgetown even though bloggers and friends on Facebook have been taking photos in various cafes with unique themes in Penang because of the super crowded streets, limited parking space, blahblahblah... BUT, surprisingly, on last Sunday late morning, everything went smoothly as my dad was driving with quite some parking spaces available. The reason? People had headed to the shopping malls for free air-con instead of visiting the heritage sites on a typical Malaysia weather (which was proven true as we went to the Queensbay Mall and could barely get a parking space, but the weather was gloomy by then - shopping malls are suitable for sunny and also rainy days!). This was my first time walking along the streets in Georgetown and I was surprised by the concentrated number of cafes and inns found there! Definitely a good place for cafe hopping, you just have to park your car and start walking!

Purrfect Cat Cafe is located at a double-storey old-style shophouse at Jalan Muntri of Georgetown. The ground floor is a retail shop selling cute cat-related things such as clothes and souvenirs (hold back your squeak, ladies!) with a counter where you place your order before heading to the second floor - the place where cats rule! Each person has to spend at least RM 18 or use the KindMeal coupon to be entitled for the chance to meet the catizens upstairs. I think it is reasonable to have a minimum charge on customers because cats are not cheap to take care of! So make good use of your time there after you pay utilise every single cent hahaha! After ordering, here comes the rules:
1) Wash your hands
2) Remove your shoes

Wow, ok. And there is a list of house rules which you are required to read and understand, including do not disturb sleeping cats, do not hold the cats etc. The cats are not there to entertain the customers, but just to stay there doing nothing LOL. You will understand what I am trying to say here after you visit this place, hahaha. There are two parts on the second floor, the dining zone and the reading zone where the cats roam. The whole place is air-conditioned with no funny smell even though there are cats in the house.

The white wooden stairs that leads unstairs. Get to the top and show the waiter your receipt so that he can show you your seat.
My mum posing at the stairs. =P
This is where we sit. Due to limited space, there are only cushions and on-the-floor sofas with carpets. Basically you are sitting on the floor but no worries! You removed your shoes, remember?
Rainbow fruity cake with champagne set. You can choose any slice of cake available. If you don't prefer champagne, you can choose coke float or sprite float! Get 10% discount with KindMeal.my!
Parfait with bottled drinks set, you can choose any bottled drinks available. The parfait contains cereals, cream, ice cream and chocolate syrup, suitable for people with sugar-rush because it is really really sweet! By using KindMeal.my coupon, you can either choose this set or one I posted above.
I like this sign with Snowy the cat, their mascot! The expression is so cute!

You can see some cat-related quotes on the wall as you look around. The quotes sounded so so true when I finally met the cat. I was quite eager to see the cats so I went to the reading zone a minute after I sat down. And then....
"As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat."
"In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, he gave him the cat."
"Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in Nature has a function."
"There are few things in life more heart-warming than to be welcomed by a cat."
Curled-up sleeping cat~ Aww~~~
Another sleeping cat by the window~
This one was sleeping as well while hiding his face~
They must be siblings or couples, sharing the same couch, sleeping.
Wait a minute, did I come at the wrong time???
Wake up! It's working hour! (and they said no patting if the cats are sleeping T^T)
A grooming cat at a separated glass compartment. Although he is the only cat awake, I could not reach him.

Sleeping cats everywhere~ Well, this makes a good reading zone without disturbance from cats even though you wish that they will disturb you very much boohoo. I believe that the cats are pure breeds and grown-ups, so they are not as active as kittens (yes I am trying to comfort myself T^T). When I opened the sliding door carefully, one of them opened his eyes, saw me, then slept back. Others didn't give a **** about visitors coming in as well, curling up cozily, enjoying their morning nap. So... I didn't get to pat any of them except one...

Credit goes to my mum. Here I am at the reading zone, holding a 'cat'.

P/S: Last but not least, thanks to KindMeal.my for the promotion! You can download the coupon here!

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