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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The End of My Teen-age

Finally I get to relaxed my tensed nerves for the last two weeks (which really affected my health and energy, ugh) to write something personal and non-academic. I had been producing environmental related posts and drafting for the next and next next and next next next environmental related posts-to-be. That is really exhausting that blogging became some kind of works instead of casual sharing. So I decided to get back my life (just joking, hahaha).

Two days ago marked the end of my teen-age that I have officially turned 20 without any count down as I was having a headache and slept two hours before 12am. Ok, that means I had wasted the last two hours of teen-age in slumberland (boohoo). The birthday I had this year was the most special one as I received several surprises and laughters from different gangs of friends. I attended the Eco-Leadership Workshop the day before 27th for one whole day and had a small gathering with bros (lacked of one though) and my dear at Manhattan Fishmarket in Midvalley. It was the first surprise that I received when two waiters with a macha cake appeared before us after we finished our meal. See Yen had spent a tiring day arranging this thing for me. The funniest part was Ang and YZ shared the surprise with me that they were also dumb-struck on the spot XD. That was a very wonderful night although I had fever after I reached my dorm and straight away slept until the next day (I even missed my mum's call, so sad...).

Just lacked of one more person!!! We were so close to meet up!
Ah I was too happy and forgot to take a close shot of the macha cake (I wonder since when I fell in love with this flavour). Four of us devoured the whole cake, wakakakaka... XD
I did not display my birth date on facebook as I don't want excessive attention from people (thanks to the notification which is so convenient, haha) and to avoid chances of getting prank (hehe). I spent the Sunday as usual (besides the fact that I had a test that morning) meeting friends here and there. Then I received a message from my cell group leader saying that that day was Feather's birthday. I was quite surprised that there was another person sharing the same birth date with me (I have another two friends who do share the same birthday as me)! At the end Feather denied that it was not her birthday and the chat box of our cell group became chaotic. I couldn't stop laughing reading the conversation in the chat box where Ting finally realised it's my birthday and started asking others to wish me but no one believed him. That really made my day!

The day after my birthday was quite enjoyable too. Ting and Feather accompanied me for breakfast at old flat (the guy bear the cost! XD) while Coro accompanied me for lun-ner (lunch+dinner) with a cup of chrysanthemum drinks (still not sure where she got it for me, hahaha) (update: she said that she picked the flower in UPM *gasp*). She even risked herself of getting soaked through the skin just to accompany me (touched). I am quite obsessed about having meals with friends, although it is quite difficult to have the matched time.

The another surprise happened when I started writing this post. Someone was knocking at my window calling my name (I lived in ground floor). When I opened the window a sudden outburst of birthday song flooded my room. While I was still looking out the window with surprise, Erika and SoonLi sneaked up at my back with five slices of cakes. Here came the sort of ceremony thingy where I spooned fed each of my fellow college mates the cakes. It was quite awkward but sharing is caring, right? Hahaha.
Them blocking the whole window. What a surprise! I really did not expect all of you guys turned up.

My wall started to fill with wishing posts as soon as Ting started it (LOL). Thank you everyone for wishing me especially those who sms-ed me. Sorry that I can't reply you guys one by one but really thank you for your wishes. You guys had made my dayS and I am glad to have you guys as my friends. Lots of Love~

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