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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Dogathon in UPM

Proudly organized by veterinary students of UPM!!!
This was the first time ever I attend animal charity event in my life, the 17th Dogathon held in Bukit Expo, University Putra Malaysia. I have been fond of animals no matter you are dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles or amphibians (opps, I mean, 'they'). In my opinion, dog is one of the most intelligent and communicable animals. They are just so so adorable that I can't help to pet them whenever I see one. Unlike cats, even if you are not the one who feed them, they are excited to see you, wagging their tail with a huge smile on their face (I'm not sure whether that is a smile or not, the end of their lips curl upwards as if they are smiling). With just a simple gesture, they will come bouncing to you and give you a big big hug. I never own a dog before though due to limited space in my house but I get to play with my uncle's dogs once in awhile. There are friendly strays near my house too. Dogs don't have to be a pure blood to become men's best friends. So adopt one! Mixed blood has less genetic problems and they are just as lovely as any other dogs as long as they are nourished with love and kindness.

The objectives of this annual event held by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM are:
  1. To raise funds for PRO-KASIH, a programme organised to improve the welfare of strays.
  2. To improve and highlight the role of veterinary professions in society.
  3. To provide an opportunity for dog owners, dog lovers and their dogs to have a gathering.
  4. To create a platform to promote responsible pet ownership.
I spent about an hour there with my friend, Xhirryne who is a first year veterinary student going around the event compound meeting all kind of dogs. There are a lot of Husky especially, shepherds, terriers, bulldogs, pugs and many others that I don't know the species. Their sizes ranged from the ones you can hold with one hand to the ones that can easily pin you to the ground. It is wonderful to see happy dogs with their owners. They are well-trained and friendly that I don't have to be too worried to be around them. Aww I don't know how to describe the feeling but it is really a great experience. This was the first time I saw so so many dogs around me. Whenever there is a chance for you to go to such dog gathering, grab it and you won't be regretted even if you are not a dog owner.

All the dogs there looked healthy and cheerful. How I wish all the dogs in the world can have the same life like them.

There are a lot of booths exhibiting pet products and services and also animal welfare organisations such as PAWS, SPCA etc. Still, for me, dogs are the main attraction, haha. I witnessed how obedient a dog can be. They are really intelligent, thanks to their owners who treat them like their own children (this is not hyperbola, I can see the tender loving care through the interactions between the dogs and their owners). Some dogs even can behave themselves without being reined. They trotted around their owners, sniffing here and there. What a lovely animal that exists in this world who are crowned as man's best friends.
Innocent looking cutie... ^ ^

I took a lot of pictures before the dog race started and got to pet some of them after gaining permission from their owners (beware, don't approach any unfamiliar dogs as we are not sure whether they are aggressive or not). They put a smile on my face and make my day. =)

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