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Monday, 21 October 2013

MAYDAY Nowhere 3D Movie (Lets Rock!!!!!!)

The trailer! I watched it after I watched the movie, haha.

This was the first 3D movie I have ever watched in cinema, wearing the speciall glasses (over my own short-sightedness glasses, haha, sounds awkward) which costed RM3 each. So in total we spent only RM30 for two tickets for this concert movie (is that the correct term?) instead of over hundred Ringgit for the concert tickets. I was so glad that Mayday came out with this low-cost method to see their perfomances! 

As Mayday is a Taiwanese band, so it is quite difficult to describe them in English for me. The band consists of five members who compose their own songs, very meaningful and inspiring songs, mainly about chasing dreams and living a worth-living life. They are one of my motivations and inspirations for not giving up in whatever I do. I will talk more about their songs maybe for the next next next next and next post (hopefully it won't be an endless 'next', procrastination loves to work on me, haha).  

You know, my roommate went for the movie twice!!! Twice without bringing me!!! (yeah both of us are big fans of Mayday, what a coincidence!) Yes I am blaming you for not comforting me when I thought I could not make it! But finally I made it too! Bwahahahahahahahaha...
(erm... you guys can ignore the last paragraph of this post, it is just an explosion of emotion)

The time I realised that the May Day Nowhere 3D movie was up in the cinema it was already late and was only available in smaller cinema like MBO rather than big one like Golden Screen. And the last movie would be on Wednesday! I was so disappointed as I have missed the concert in March and I had to miss this one as well. After dear knew about it, this was what he had done by joining other fans to ask for extension of the movie showing period!  Can you imagine how thrilled I was when I saw his message in whatsapp???

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