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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Random in University

It's October! I have survived a month in this university with some struggling but anyway it's good to be alive, haha. This is a random update about my life here, so here we go.

People always think that students taking environmental science and technology will have a loose schedule and plenty of leisure time to do whatever we enjoy. Compared to critical courses like medicine and dentistry, we have more free time, however, as most first year students of environmental science stay in Tun Perak College which is one of the most active colleges in the university, we have a lot of compulsory activities to take part. It's not the event that tiring but the preparation of the event. We are going to have 'Masibu' (Malam Silang Budaya // Crossing Culture Night) this Saturday where the organisers are first year students of the college. I am one the performers for Sarawak culture, representing my block (there are five blocks in the college, namely Lekir, Lekiu, Tuah, Kasturi and Jebat, mine is Lekir) to compete with other blocks. As we have very limited time left, we have to stay up late and practise. Exhausting and somehow hard for me to enjoy the process although I love to dance because our progress was slow. So far I think we manage it well.

This is a normal Thursday morning which is 'free from class'. I have the tightest schedule on Wednesday but have class only in the afternoon on Thursday and no class at all on Friday (Yay!). Since it's already a month I stay in the college, I changed the cover of my pillow and mattress (laundry day!) and used the washing machine. The washing machine somehow left my clothes dripping with water, I wonder why. The weather forecast has been expecting rains these few days but it does not happen at all. I dry my clothes outside right now as I am in my room that I still can reach for them in case it rains. To hang our clothes outside while we are away to class is a very risky thing to do. I still prefer clothes smell of sunshine, though.

Next week will be the first test for most of the subjects I have taken and I don't get enough sleep these nights. Hopefully everything ends perfectly this Saturday night and I can have a life I really want and enjoy. I have decided not to force myself to participate in the activities that I have no interest in just for a place in the college next year. It is unworthy as university life is too short to be wasted.

I guess it's time for me to get some extra sleep now before I plunge into my study. Cheers!

My college! (sorry that the photo is not taken nicely)

View from my window.

Freshly-changed bed, haha.

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