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Friday, 4 October 2013


Blogging is one of my favourite leisure (sometimes I do it during non-leisure time, haha) activities where I write about stuffs I encountered in daily life and things that I wish to share with you guys. Instead of writing to newspapers as my friend suggested, I prefer to post my thoughts on blog as I can write anything I want without concerning what the readers will like to read about. Besides, I can publish the post straight away without having to wait (most of the times my writings got rejected). This makes blogging stress-less and enjoyable (but it can be discouraging if the number of views is very low).

Usually I blog about happenings around me which are very very close to me because it is easier to produce a post like that. As I am in university now, I might focus on university life. If I got inspired I will share things I like such as songs, anime or videos on my blog. It will take a longer bit of time but I feel satisfied after each 'masterpiece' is produced, haha. It is amazing that I successfully keep this blog going until now unlike my previous experience and I want to keep it going on and on. Blogging has become part of my life to unwind myself after all the burdening assignments and activities. I often feel energetic after writing a post, not sure why but it really gives me positive effects.

I read blogs from other bloggers too, especially active bloggers. Being active on blog is not easy as we have our own life out there, taking care of our study or career and family. This makes me admire them very much. It's them who motivate me to carry on with blogging. Blogs that I follow mainly are food blogs and my friends' ones and also some very interesting blogs that you guys should check them out (as you can see on the list on the right hand side of my blog). 

This time I would like to share the food blogs that I have been following. I do try out the recipes shared and most of them turned out pretty well according to my standard (pity my family who are forced to be experimental mice). As I am very concerned about the healthiness of the food (as much as possible), here are some active food blogs that I recommend which feature healthy diets. I didn't make reviews for these blogs, just want to share them as I found their blogs informative and interesting. 



P/S: I am not paid to promote these blogs.

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