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Friday, 18 October 2013

Dedicated to All My Friends

After being in University Putra Malaysia for about one and a half months, I finally got used to the pace of busy-but-not-really life there. It was a tough time for me as I am away from home, away from my dear who is currently studying medicine in University Malaya, away from my best and awesome friends in matriculation where most of them are in University Malaya, University Kebangsaan Malaysia and University Science Malaysia doing Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture, Engineering, Law and so on. Everyone is forming different social circles which rarely overlap and having different life. Some of us have to stay up late doing assignments, some of us have to stay overnight in studio rushing projects, some of us feel bored and lonely there. I miss all the good old times when we were just minutes away from each other. The slightest thing can trigger my memories about Selangor Matriculation College. Fried rice in cafe (just like the one we used to order in Orion), Wushu activities (just like the time when everyone is training so hard for the coming performances), cornflakes with soy milk (used to be my dinner in SMC) or a call of anyone of you (we will be like 'aww... How I wish we are just beside each other). We hardly meet after we have gone on our own ways, chasing our dreams. Even if we are from the same university.

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.       
- - - - - - -  Heraclitus

Unlike high school and matriculation life, we do not have a stable and consistent life where we go to the class and go back home according to the schedules. Time is flexible. We have to decide our class schedule at the beginning of the semester, then we have to arrange the time when we meet up with our coursemates to discuss about assignments and presentations. Being late to class does not seem to be a big deal for university students (I strongly disagree with being not punctual!!!) Replacements of class or exams might be held at night (when the number of buses is scarce, ugh) and most of the club activities are held at night (when most of us do not have class). Besides, our life is not limited within the walls of the campus but also the communities out there. Having the latest news about the world and our country at our finger tips is essential as we know which way we should go in the future. We explore our potentials and build up our soft skills when dealing with people from all walks of life. It is our choice whether to stay active in any field or not at all. University life is all about freedom, but you have to bear the responsibility about the choice you have made. Even though some of us can still be considered as teenagers (I am 19 years old, still in teen year, right? Haha), we learn to live like an adult who make decision for him or herself in the sense of time management, financial management and much more (including relationship).

Time and surroundings might change us that we would no longer be the same as yesterday. But we should not give our dreams up, just like the search of Laputa in the animation 'Castle in the Sky' by Hayao Miyazaki. Believe in your dream and go for it.

Wish everyone of us will reach what we want one day! All the best in everything and may God bless us!

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